Sunday, February 13, 2011


assalamualaikum ..

hi bloggie ... i have forgotten u for quite a while. thing is..i do not have the time and energy to write longer posts. i am brain tired and missing someone dearly.

I have hurt myself deeply this year. I thought i am moving on. the only thing i did was keep on hurting my heart.

Dear ...I did not mean to keep myself away from you. I miss you too much. I am scared of losing you. I am scared it would be the same ten years ago. If only you knew, how I terribly miss you ...not being able to see you, to talk to you ...or even see your smile a Pain to me. Pain to My heart.

I am sorry ...I do not mean to do this to you. I thought it will help us both. But It is actually Hurting me. I do not know about you....but my Dear ...I think I have Fallen in Love with You. Deeply.

My Prayer to Allah is to Grant me to Love you for Love You as part of My Ibadah.

May He Listens to My Prayer.
May You Listen to My Heart, Missing You Dearly~