Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RCT final phase..part II

Assalamualaikum bloggie..
am scared. I haven't been able to sleep last night. I slept very late ..and woke up to nervous, tearful and fatigue body due to overly stressed about the infection in my nerves.

DNH has taken out all the roots ...and few days ago when the weather was really cold ..i can feel the spasm all the way down there....

I cried in the shower today ..not knowing how to face my 2pm appointment. Am afraid DNH won't be able to close up the final phase....

Dear friends, Doakan semoga infection tersebut telah hilang sepenuhnya ...dan semoga DNH dapat sempurnakan final phase ini .....Jazakallahikhairan ..kathiraa....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Earth Hour 2009 baby!!!

Assalamualaikum bloggie...
It's TIME! it's HERE! finally!!! ...
Actually I plan to write more on this but I was caught up in courses and students' activity therefore, It was left with only the above remark hee :)
Earth Hour 2009 is about making a stand, by putting up the global votes to be carried forward to the Copenhagen Convention. its main purpose is to replace Kyoto Protocol since the u.s didnt want to sign that protocol to help protect this earth from the major global warming. It's for the World to "hear" the World's Votes and Voices.
Upon reading xeaa's comment ..it reminded of myself when I first heard this ...i mean ..do we really have to turn EVERY thing off? like ..how so? tak kene rompak ke bank nanti ...tgk kan iklan macam perghhh....fresno bergelap ...best siottt..mcm cool gilers...
logically ....all the prompaks and whatnots will be damn happy la if everything were to turn off..kan?hahaha ...so all the prampoks out there..>Fat Chance! ha ha
The LIGHTS that are intended to be switched off are the NON - ESSENTIAL lights ..for One Hour. What are non essential lights? the lights that will not affect the public or your personal safety. Dengan kata mudah tidak semua la bergelap...as LIMITED as possible ...to support this campaign...airport runaway tak leh off la ...sat gi ..terbabas semua flights ...huhuhuhu
My Place?
I plan to shut OFF ALL our lights that night ...(since bapak aku pun suka tengok news in the dark ..hahahahah we have been saving energy since ..FOR EVER! ...) except for the fridges, TV and 1 kitchen lamp. NICE! we already have street lights out ...so no problemo loh ....
I hope and wish for many Malaysians will support this. As part of the aim to get 1 billion votes in 1000 cities globally!
Is that it? 1 hour?
The Campaign is for ONE HOUR. However, this can be a start to a new beginning where we will realize how UBER IMPORTANT energy saving is. What we do daily ...and its impact to the climate change. Not just US ..but it's the Whole World issue. It's the initial start to start switching off the lights / computers / terminals / that we rarely use in the office...at home...business premises ...etc..
Why am I excited?
being a die hard eco ranger and damn..how heaty the earth these days ...make me realize ..I should start small...on my own. I "resurrect" recycling in the office and at home. I'm still preaching to the youngsters in my community to realize how vital this is to the world community. It's not easy. I got mocked. laughed at. poked fun to. macam-macam. rasa nak ludah pun ada ...hahahahaha but ...it won't deter my spirit. Small change will one day break into a bigger impact!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

wofsha on Leave

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

am currently involved with Item Building - gubal soalan pekse. will miss this dearly. see ya'll (soon- i hope)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...
the rct final phase treatment on my 4/6 didnt go well... (sad) there's an infection somewhere down there..the last visit ..DNH managed to clear all the passages ...YET ..somehow..when she wanted to do the close up juz now ...I was screaming and crying in pain. Like sooo...wishy washy tears. This time ..No local involved as DNH wanted to see how effective the last treatment was.

And, to my regretness-eversince-primary, DNH postponed the last phase. She "cleanse" the path...put some god-knows-what medication to sooth the irritation. Bizarre enough..i didnt feel any pain prior to visit her today. I was prescribed with antibiotics...and to be patient, not to worry much. (heh?) too late..I am worried sick! already..... hmmm :-(

Ya Allah..let it not be worse than this ....PLEASE..let it soothes...amin...

Friday, March 6, 2009

wofsha @ Wedding Course!

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I woke up at 5am..did my laundry...sejuk ketaq jemuq kain ...then off to the Kursus Perkahwinan at 7.55am! adoiii....sengal..when the supposed to start at 8am event ..was delayed till 9am!! urghh...Melayu suka Mungkir Masa....bosan...Shikin Accounting arrived early...and slept in the car! for having to wait for the delay. poor thing. I decided to take my breakfast ...and lepak for 30 minutes.

Now Lunch break ...ngantuk ..coz I slept at 230am... :( I don't even know how will I survive for the presentation later. Sorry..no photo...tak sempat nak melaram ..teheee :)

*the writer is extremely exhausted and about to pass out...

Day 2
The day resumed at 830am and not wanting to be stood up like yesterday ...I came in at 8.30am on the dot!! the emcee was about to ehem ehem and started as I stepped in. wah...I like when I don't have to wait!
Morning slot was fun! Health Issues and the Doctor is cool and nice. Dr Hafizah. The 11am session however was DAMN BORED. I meant the presenter tho...not the topic. He got pissed at someone who had bloodily forgotten to frikkin vibrate his handphone. aiyaa...typical Malaysian ..what to do ....choiii....I was starving and sad. My cat, Awouk ..passed on today. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....haku tak boleh la kucing2 ni ..memang aku sayang LEBIH dari lelaki. what to do.....Allah bagi aku Jiwa itu ... tapi aku nangis laaa...even tidak seraung tum-tum dulu ....still .. I cried.... haaaaaa :( the thot of him ....melted me ...again n again ..now I don't have his back to rub on whenever I teased "him". sigh....

The encore of the course...hilarious. The audience were asking some blunt and naive questions...about sexual intercourse...and I just had to laugh....coz it's wicked funny and lucah...come to think of it ...adoiii....what to do...dia tak reti nak filter the scenario....merah muka presenter to answer his question. As for me ...pecah perut bawah meja dah masa tu ...kah kah kah ....what a day....what a course...and I haven't been sleeping more than 2 hours since the past 2 weeks ..and I'm about to explode. Nasib baik Allah is there to soothe me...and Bic who's been very supportive with my presentation data.....a Friend in Need is a friend indeed ....isn't it?

By the way, Congratulations to Hussaini for the posting. He's lucky to have gotten Sarawak...and SEE YOU next year when I manage to persuade Kawaii to marathon terubuk kat sana beb...he he he..I wonder what happen to xeaa? elluu cik adek....where you got................ he he :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

To En_Me huhu terima kasih

Assalamualaikum bloggie...
I like...suka sangat...

It fits me ..juz Fine....though not cik sha ;) hehe

uhuks...lights ready...1....2....

taaraaaaa! 3!
Terima Kasih ....
Next time ...we'll go for Chocolate ahaks *winks*

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Landfill Story

Assalamualaikum bloggie....This is the story of KAMI at a Landfill....on One Fine day....
We were greeted by THIS upon entering the dumping site
the so called Pusat "Pelupusan" Sampah
mountains and layers of garbage, trash, domestic waste...u name it ...they GOT it ...

like an embankment of wastes ...this place is like selompat katak to A beach area. Right across THAT bund, waste hills, whatever u wanna call it..

My giant Kamil is trying to be in the shoes of those villagers nearby..who make their ends meet by collecting and sorting trash. These raggady-shacks are everywhere in this "site". People DO make money out of this ood-jobs. Some even found money/ jewelery, unused watches, tv sets, and etc...there's one collector who gather RM 1 notes (found in those PILES of WASTE) in bundles ...Human DO throw their 1 ringgit away meh? whoaa....tak sayang duit sungguh.
Another man's waste, is another man's wealth...we never know ...kans?
My curioused Arif, "happily" tripped and fell into the SEWAGE waste (which is simply mixed with plastic bags full of trash!) He didn't see the ground of which he thought was solid...he stepped on it ...and the rests were just history...people can hear me babbling 5 kilometers away ...for his careless act and STINKY smell!!! We were very lucky not to have him stucked with us in the bus trip home. He managed to get a rinse from a nearby shower belongs to the Waste Management Plant. rupa dia lepas jatuh macam bapak Lalat. sbb all lalats in the world ..kerumun dia ...YEKKKKKKKKKKKK

it's a vast place...and hot ..and dusty...tis only a quarter of it ...

Kamil, Mukram, Hariz Spa Q hahaha, Am, Dan dan Arif ...
bercanda...at the beach right across the dumpsite...ewwww..

The boys are heading back..home. Finally...

This is like the sweetest thing they could give me.....bukan bodek...they came up with this ..themselves. I'm not involved with any slithering extortion in producing this. ha ha

Thank You.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Field Trip - A Presentation

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

am nervous. Tonight is The Night. After almost 7 weeks of hard work and patience...they are now ready to present.

It's kind of formal thing. and I'm nervous. I have to give the opening speech! haaa..am mellow with speeches. I'll melt- as always! hahaha ..ishh...I prepared my text earlier and it sounded so ..angelic! ha ha ha ha so not me..am used to less-protocol-like....and tonite ..I have to set an example ..of giving ...a Moving Speech...I hope. InshaAllah...Wish me Luck!!

btw, people ...thank you very much ..for your heart and kasih sayang as human to this humble servant of God. we are strangers ...yet I don't feel like one ...being with you all ...virtually..feel like knowing ya'll ages.

terima kasih di atas keharmonian Ini. :)

p/s: en_me...received the souvenir ....terima kasih banyak ...tak sempat nak buat entry ...yet...coz i plan something..inshallah berkesempatan nanti ..akan ku tayangkan di sini ..eheks.....for the time being ....peluk tidur aje laaa....ahaks ...voley gitew kanss...

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I have a list of things to do...before deadline..else I'm DEAD!

  1. Peer Rating assessment - Due Date : March 2
  2. Final Exam Question for Internal Program - Due Date: March 3
  3. Check Hall for Presentation and Sound Check - Due Date March 2 ESOK!
  4. Philo's questionaire n Report - Due Date : March 3 LUSA! die die
  5. Marking summary - Due Date : March 10 Nasib baik....
  6. Report SS - Due Date: Today! Submitted - Alhamdulillah
  7. 10% Mkk Report - Due Date : March 8 (patutnya last week hahahaha)
  8. Report Performance - Due Date: dia tak bind lagi..so I have time! hahaha gile aku
  9. Personal Research aku - Due Date: Eternity...bila la nak siap yang ni ....
  10. Quality Assurance for Griffith: hahaha boss aku dah buat diam...dia tau aku dah tahap dewa nye suffocated...seb baik tak press aku..haaaa.........

Ya Allah ..PLEASE help me overcoming all those...No HUMAN can HELP me or will help me.. ONLY YOU...