Thursday, January 28, 2010


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Due to unavoidable circumstances...World of Sha is Temporarily Dormant.

See ya when I see ya Bloggie...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Funky Friday!

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

what a longggggggg and fun day.  sometimes when i looked back at my life..i do not really have Weekends...I have only Weekdays! hahaha....public holiday is just another fun, lovely and regular day for me to cherish.  i guess i love doing that.  since my parents were no longer arguing with me of not having a weekend of my own...i think i am pretty much secured in my Own World of Sha :) - which I Like.
what's more to Life when One is already loving it ..every second...after all....I am responsible of what I Feel and Do.

One can never be satisfied with Life. right bloggie...Can I this day-to-day basis is Wonderful enough? hmm....can enough be called Enough? So far in MyLife, Enough gives me Smiles that I Want, Flowers my Heart...all in all...Make My Day.  What more do I want? I have Almost Everything Now, though It may not be Complete...Allah SWT made me Feel Complete.  :)  Am I no Longer Greedy?*sigh* I don't know ...but I Feel It. Can you believe it bloggie.... I Feel The Beat Inside and I can't Stop Smiling knowing that It Feels ecclecticly uber-Good, despite of Not being able to Hold it Dearly.  God is Great. Thank YOU for This.

If you notice bloggie...I no longer attach the photos here...again ..not that I am stingy...I juz do not have the mood to upload. plus tedious. and I'd prefer to write in my Book Journal and have my photos collection 'safe' in my PD.  I did save some in facebook....yet my PD is my everything.  Am writing this in the midst of getting ready to my work.  and I Feel So big inside...thinking that my Path is set.  I'm gonna walk it through, I know I will Cry more and Laugh more...but hey....I still woke up this morning...Alhamdulillah....

Shukur Allah SWT.
and I will Always Love You.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 First Move

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's 3 am and am still wide awake.  i slept earlier on and woke up few hours ago to TWO unfinished fiction and Curtis!'s kinda nice to see him at this hour...soothing and urghh...why haven't we met earlier? LOL. yikes.  don't mind me juz sleep-blogging i presumed. haha.

in few hours time too...i'll be helping bic out to move into her new room.  how i wish she did not have to do all this. but a PHEA gotta do what she's gotta do...i have to agree on the fact that those infos on her desks are mostly pnc and need locked room.  albeit the fact that i really do not like the idea of having a new bicmate....i guess i gotta make do with the only option I have left; which is to invite Ijat to join in. it's a plus to me since she's already in The Team.  I do not have to worry walking back n forth juz to have meetings or discussion with her. now that she'll be in the same bic with me...we plan to convert that area into ELAC's gallery and Headquarters! hahaha isn't that nice? huuu huuu....i knew i am making SOME people burning inside. oh well...reality bites with it.

i have finished reading Kinsella's and currently proceeding with Archer's.  I still have a week or so left to enjoy this so called ..short vacation.  Though, am pleased to received early birds messages from my elacians and students.  It's slightly comforting to know they still remember the way back here.  I usually kid around to them by saying come back in one piece....or don't forget to Find way Home ya kodok2...

Life will definitely be triumphant with loads and piles of works soon. Real soon. In the meantime, I am enjoying most of my time doing ..merely nothing.  The least would be spent on reading and the most kickin back n relax or cooking somethin in mom's kitchen.  The rainy season in this side is slowly fading and sun is out again.  it's good that i can finally have those comforters out and dry in the sun but's frikkin hot n crispy.  huhu....human...never settle for less huh...hihi...with the Bowling fiesta around the corner and potluck next thursday, I am planning a bbq with my friends out.  Serving gourmet homemade burgers is kinda awesome too dont u think bloggie...thinking of the homemade fries and the homemade ketchup...already! huh...yumz...

ok..think of something else. :) yes ...You. I still think of You. what to do. Who told You to be extra Nice.. and Sweet...and Kind...oh well...Stop! I think I should lie down and get some sleep.  There's a lot of things to do in the day and need to save up some rests.

Till then bloggie...muahs!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You are so Sweet :)

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

haighh....One Soul made me really happy today.  I took Lisa out ...smiling and squeaky (as always) and got meself ..mingomingo strawberry.  it's my First January 2010 sweetness. is too beautiful bloggie...not like it is a big deal....but really makes my day.  I just did not want to go to sleep yet.  if I can stop the time... I would. Hmm...YOU are so Sweet.  Never failed to entice my Life with Your Spontaneity and Charm. *aiigghh.....sengih sorang2 aku nie haha*

hmm...had a meeting with The Team today ..regarding Pergau and 2010 Calendar.  In fact managed to stop by SA to check on how is M doing. haha to my surprise, he bought me chips! ( haha of allllllllllllll things....chips?!- ary would undeniably laugh his head off if he reads this). Updated program calendar with M and off to Home and Made The Best bean noodle in cream sauce and crispy sausages. yummyy...( perasan nya puji masakan sendiri- oh requires confidence ...isn't it? - oh saratz...haha )

Even after dinner ...i am still Godsmacked smiling like some idiotic fool. ahahaha...well doesn't get around this type of good vibes often you see bloggie...after is the new year week, still, so whaddaheck.....cherish it sha ...while you still have it...ho ho...
My bicmate is finally moving out from my precious cubicle.  She will be re-located and there I am now ...thinking who is the best person to fit that throne next to moi...( did I tell you I get to pick the person who can "reside" next to me bloggie? oh yes ..) I know there will be many "unpleased" people with my act....but's my Kingdom, I have The Say.  Though, am gonna miss laughing and joking around with bic ..I have to bite this bullet.  after all, it's only 2 cubicle away from me...not like 90 kilometers like M said. (geez...thank u...)

dear bloggie...damn it still smiling! ha ha ha Life IS a Rollercoaster. Indeed. There's Ups and Downs.
In the meantime, I'd like to treasure this Feeling :)


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Babble of 2010

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's only the first week of January ...but am already babbling to my KUIS students. :) what a nice teacher i am. thing is ...they started off new year with a blast in the xplorerace...and I would like to sustain that rather losing it. They had to deal with stern me. 2 of the siswis were locked outside the lecture hall ...because they were late. I haven't been strict lately with punctuality (with them) because I do not want to freak them out. But today ...they felt the pang. I feel sorry inside for having to be too rigid on them ...but it is about time I teach them a lesson. Time is not going to wait for you. Learn how to Respect Time. Especially when I have to prepare a Test paper and ended up having to wait for extra minutes a mak guard there. Nope. Not Gonna Happen. Ever.

They were pleading to enter but I refuse to accept. For the first time in their semester I am TOO serious. What did I get out of that? They FINALLY managed to memorize 165 words that I have been trying to make them understand how important those words are for their knowledge, took me 2 weeks yet it failed. and today they did it in less than 1 hour to understand the usage and its meaning AND spelling! It is somehow effective! so no more nice sha eh? It's tough being nice ...people do not know how to juggle that. after the lecture....guess what? I still pity them ..inside. ngeee :)

but i pretend not to care. *trying hard*

Looking forward to Next week. Bowling!!! with friends.

to farah: Happy 30th Birthday Dear sista! Have a Wonderful three O year :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Farewell 2009, Welcome 2010

 Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Have I not been excited for 2010?  this year I did not post any excitement entry about 2010. well...technically we muslims have celebrated Awal Muharram way before the New Year's mood somewhat came in early...Looking back...

2009 is fast for me.  i Found The One. But I lost it. Again. :) things weren't meant to be...and I am still smiling to see him in front of my face every single day. How am I holding up? simple- Did not Hold. Exhale. Done with. Been holding up for 10 years already's about frikkin' time to Exhale Sha. Good Woman. ( i wanted to type Girl..but then I looked at myself in the mirror...u gotta be kiddin me right?) hahahaha ...among other miseries in 2009 was when I had a work conflict with one of my teammates.  oh we "kissed" alrite ...but I guess we didn't make up. It happened for the second time ...recently. *sigh* 2009 too saw Lisa a.k.a my car, involved in minor accident and got scratches here n dented was ramadhan. i dare not bragged much about it.. huu...and 2009 too, a year where I almost...ALMOST loses ME.  2 major visits to ER and 1 diagnose. Have I not had enough? :)

Despite all the misfortunes, I am somewhat Gifted and Protected by Him Above.  HE saved my Life, Again.  HE gave me a wonderful moment in classrooms. He Gave me Wonderful Students (well...not all...) HE too...resurrected ELAC to my Life....HE Gave us ...Ma'Daerah Turtle Conservation THE BEST fieldtrip EVER.  well personally, That was my BEST moment, eversince my return 10 years ago. I can still remember vividly...THE MOMENTS ...I can never trade with anything...i mean it ..ANYTHING. Shukur Alhamdulillah for that Dear Allah SWT. 2009 too shared with me its Glory when I got to fly off to Sarawak for my Orang Utan Conservation Program in Semenggoh. It was absolutely amazing trip. and there's nothing better than sharing it with my Best Friend, sopek.  2009 too gave me one phrase of "The Most Beautiful Woman" in this World by someone I had never expected.  Thank YOU. I won't forget that (you bet haha)...

and 2010? 2010 flips it curtain with a Blast.  Thank You Allah SWT.  Our KUIS-Xplorace event went Great!  With the help of the Ever Ready Ijat, my teammate, it was A Success on 1/1/10.  What a kick-off. and Tiqa, we did miss you while doing it.(if you are reading this...don't cry..) but we DID miss having you around doing all this crazy things we are doing and will be doing.  May be one of those days you'll be able to sneak in ;)

what next?'s only Jan 2nd today, I'll be clocking in tomorrow morning to Work. Somehow I'm looking forward, very much forward...for all the things I did last year...I wish the setbacks could be Forgiven, For all the Glories..I Thank YOU Allah SWT, for Blessing me with Love and Friends.

And for all the days to come...I wish it'll be Merry and Bright. Amin.