Saturday, February 28, 2009

Serenity and Life

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

these are among a few that I managed to save from The Disaster that strucked me coupla weeks ago. I finished my session of 4 hours today with flying colors. Didn't even notice it was 4 hours. How could I talk? hahahahaha I'm a yapper alrite...of course's educational ..I really enjoyed it when they manage to understand the message I'd like to successfully convey.

Critical Thinking is NOT an easy subject. Sometimes I'm not even critical myself. hehehe ...bak kata Jedi "I'm only human" - who should've spelled 'fishermen' correctly my good as 'pique'. To teach jedi-subjects require a Yoda, and heck am not even close... however, Alhamdulillah ..experiences and stories of Life I've accumulated thus far, have helped them comprehend how to gear up and spark on the process. It could be a great a better New Life. who knows?

Looking at my Own Journey has somewhat influenced me on who I want to become and produce. They are my posterity. My Nation. regardless what...My Brothers and Sisters of Islam. bak kata Fadh.."Ukhwah Fillah selamanya..." tu yang buat air mata ku bercucuran ...amazing isn't it. I didn't know where the emotion comes ..but Allah SWT "crunched" it all out on me ....ominously putting me at awe wondering ..-what the heck is happening? it dropped like pearls onto my tudung...I could see droplets and it remained in that shape...MasyaAllah ..Dugaan apakah ini....terlalu Agung perasaan Itu...

My journey in this Life will not stop...nor will it take a halt. I'm not surrendering ..just yet ..though at times, I'm unquestioningly challenged. Looking back on the halcyon days of my obstacle years, I'm adamant... I can walk through this. and those. and that.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ode of Pisces & Virgo

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

i took a drive out last night. First stop was the airport...coz I love planes...and lights. However, airport does remind me of the most heart-wrenching, agonizing, grievous, tormenting and excruciatingly painful Moment.

I sat there for a while when my eyes glued to A FEW moving figures in the dark!!! Astaghfirullahalazimmmmmmmmm....kat airport pun jadi!!!!! how I wish there were kilat n petir. Seriously! there's one pair of both males....oighhh yucks! jerks!if I can clearly identify your frikkin gender...don't u think others or UP THERE can See u too?? Good God....makin serabut aku dibuatnya ..and I decided to take off. awfully disturbed...made me wanna puke! haktuigh!

writing about it is making me nauseous too! aiighh...then I decided to go to the hypermart's playland area where the lights are bright out to take a breather. whaddaya know ...another couple 9 o'clock. I just shut my eyes and take a DEEP breathe....leaning back and gazed the stars. Much Better! thank God.........I saw North Star...tremendously bright out...looking for my Polaris usual....I miss my polaris ursa ... I was either dizzy ..or the constellation was moving faster than normal...hehehe ...i kept seeing the same circle.....oigh..i was dizzy alrite... I focused on North Star instead and did my breathing exercise I learned in Qi Qong Shaolin class. haaaaaaa....nice ...then..came the ever-longingly-awaited sms " ...So, what happened..?" sweet and concern always ... i answered " I dunno how to put in words...I just miss my friends time like this ..and theyre just millions of miles away" - how I wish the Sender is my shoulder to cry on ... unfortunately-I cannot weep on This Forbidden Shoulder...I'd be tailoring my own coffin...he he

Though they are far away...I know they care about me. as much as I do for them. emails, phones, texts, video conferencing ...are not the same as in person. I remember all three of us ...lying on the lawn in front of mary lyon's...gazing the stars ...talking about our problems ..laughing ..and wiping tears of each others. we would talk and talk ...till a shooting star crossed and we'd be giggling and guessing each other's naughty wishes ...*sigh* those were the times....A time I can't turn to....

Then ...came another sms " pik..lewat dah ni ..balik la bukan kl ...lewat malam ada kat luar lagi..." - eh? I looked at my time flew...with This and that smses coming along ...I felt a lot better. I ploddingly drove home.....and the night sky is Beautiful - SubhanAllah...gosh really was beautiful last nite....and I couldn't find Pisces... either. huh...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Farewell Muhammad Fadhli Mohd Diah..

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Somehow the Gaza Talk the college organized today didn't interest me. Not because the issue is not important. ..SOmething is missing inside .. I supposed... *sigh*

Today of our team members is leaving. I used to sulk with him ..for quite some times ....because I was offended. Reason? I can barely remember...huhu....he is surely growing ...hopefully to become a better person ...a better leader...a New Person.

I remember when he apologized to me...*sigh* little did I expect ...I will not see him anymore...for Good...I am not supposed to shed tears......I know am avoiding his "goodbye" too..unfortunately....he needed to submit his last mkk to Bic ..and there I was at my terminal....arghh....I hate goodbyes....parting sucks....

There was a moment just now ...and It's better we didn't say it.....

So there it is ...Goodbye Fadh...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's 1.30pm. by 3, am heading for my appointment with DNH. my second phase of rct. I'm somewhat excited and looking forward for the treatment...

this morning around former boss ..bugged me over the phone when I was dreaming and thinking of not coming to work. the minute i answered the phone he went " Oiii...ko tido ka...apa ni....orang lepas Subuh tak tido...bla bla bla blaaaaaa" - adoiii ..apa la malang nasib haku kene bebel pepagi hari un-romantic! dah la boss plak tu hehehehe...seb baik ex-boss. if current boss...hehehe ..would it affect my appraisal? tehihihi :) I nonchallantly answered him " boss...orang sakit gigi neehhhhh...jangan la berleteerrrrr...." - and he laughed AT me. I still call him boss ...eventhough he had left us almost 2 years now. He's my confidante, my friend, my laughing-stock and my Boss. A man with loads of experience...and craziness. He changed a lot of my perception over this place...and he TOO taught me a lot about this place. the O Wise One. That's what I call him.

We caught up the good 'ol times and whatnots till 815am and he freaked "oiii lama giler cakap ngan ko ...ko la tepon aku plak..." hahahaha fat chance la boss...aku dah nak gi keje ni...some things never changed! I miss having him around, Superior yet friendly (of course we spoke formally in front of others hahaha stock cover line baekkk punya kaki gebang)... *sigh* I miss the time working with him and Azie. The air was ...Different. People thought I had an affair with him..CHOIIII...nauzubillah....he's like a big brother to me. - apa ke gila nak affair kalu dah cakap pun aku-engko...kan? bongek tul...

Last night ..was enchanting. am a softy. Right on! I can easily accept apologies, am the melting-type with apologies. especially when a person does it the right way ...vehemently-touching! the words are just ...Right ...the Tone is just ...Correct...and the Mood is just ...There.....*sigh*
and I am plain...Strucked...oigh...demm....
Good Friends are like stars....You and I? ...what A coincidence...*bummer*...Are we A coincidence?.... aiggh....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

wofsha & Qira'ati

Assalamualaikum bloggie....

today at 215pm my bicmate - esi had to attend last minute meeting. I got the opportunity to fetch Wanie - her daughter - from Nursery and off to Qiraa'ati at 245pm. I was excited. She was - blur- seeing a different car fetching. After a while, adjusting to her consciousness, she said:-

"habis tu..petang nanti Wanie nak balik dengan siapa ni auntie sha?"

Me: you can choose la ...nak balik dengan hijau ke ..merah ..merah?

She got even -blurrer- Then I decided to stop teasing her brain...

Me: Wanie balik dengan Ibu la...ibu meeting sekarang ...sbb tu auntie yang amik

"oooo ni auntie nak pegi hantar abang pulak yek?"

And I was like "eh ..bukan ke jadual dia dah tuka? Auntie forgot dia ke?!" Cuak aku.

"eh...tak tak...abg qiraa'ati petang..tak tak...wanie lupa..hihihik.."

Me: lerrr....seb baik ...else kalut dah makan blom?

" dah ...kat skolah (nursery) cikgu Na masak hari ni.." dengan bangga dia sebut nama cikgu dia...kagum aku dengan aspiration bebudak kecik in this age....

Me: hah?! your teacher cooked? sedap ka? dia masak apa..?

" dia masak nasi..lauk" duhhhh...padan muka aku...tanya lagi soklan senget..dah nama nya Malaysia ..staple foods maaa....rice loh ....dush!

and I went ..OoooOOOOoooo...not that I understand what really happened in her nursery...anyway it was an enlightening conversation.

Me: wanie..u'll be in early ni ..jam baru pukul 245pm ni ....wanie awal 15minutes...nak buat apa sebelum tu? - dalam hati ..jangan la di buatnya suruh tunggu sama ustazah dia ...argghhhh...tidakkk...

"alaa...tak pe...wanie duduk la situ ...beli-beli..." amboihh..beli-beli..kecik2 dah shopaholic hahahahahahah. da namanya perempuan .....ate's in the blood....

When we arrived at her school, she salam with cute...felt like a mother Already! hahahaha eiii..there was this tingling feeling inside yuck and wow at the same time ..hahahahaha...and the Ustazah opened the door and brought her in. whooaaa....the look on that ustajah's face......eeeuuuwwww..luckily esi has given her pocket money earlier ...ha ha ha

That was an Experience I won't forget. sheeshhh *blush*

Saturday, February 21, 2009

wofsha & Whatnots

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I woke up extra early today because Nor is back in town! we had breakfast at PC and halim, her buddy didn't get to have his. coz the abg roti canai forgot his order. Man he was pissed! hahahaha...pity him. I was scared that he would flip the table off ..( like some people Fortunately ..he didn't. He just sipped on his teh beng...and puffed his ciggy...[tho I don't like much being around smoke...I gotta bear with that....oh tidakkk...]

And I stopped by office see how things were with u-know-who's program. to my surprised he arrived in fashionably late...- transportation problem. oigh....and this was not there...some of those were not here ...bla bla bla ....I decided to leave. Don't wanna get caught up in that's not my program ..else I'd have to justify my presence at that point of time. Not Good...

I continued my sleep and got up to a pile of laundry...and washed Lisa. She's frikkin' dusty from the off-on rain and roadside construction.

I passed by a bakery yesterday ..full of donuts...colorful donuts...wicked awsome ...but am not really a fan of donuts (really pa...hahahahahahah) coz over here in the east coast's wicked sweet! What I do like is - BAGEL. I could just live in this World with Bagel alone...Bagel and I.

you can eat it with creamcheese.. with eggs..butter...even Kaya or plain strawberry cameron highland jams :) or you simply just dip it in plain tea o or kopi o ..time hujan could be the best replacement for Ubi Kayu during monsoon ya know it when it's hot ...oooooo Yummylicious.....

Where to find? kl ada la kot ...over here...I've to learn how to make it. huh....sungguh tidak rajin when it comes to kneading...oighh...all in all donut ke bagel ke ...i can consume as long as it's not sweet. what i normally do if I miss bagel too much ...I go to my favorite bakery in UdaMurni and buy sugarless donuts. There's this place that sells donut sugar-tailored to its customer's preference. As for me, no sugar auntie.. :) I loike.....

Why am i rambling about makan? coz i need to clear my mind off someone :) ha ha ha

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hayaki and The Last Samurai

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I woke up and I decided NO WORK! I received some good news from Pa lastnite...Alhamdulillah ...well pa...hang ingat tak aku cerita about me going to another field trip yang waste management tu ..? the dvd shots corrupted...again ..orang yang sama ...blew it ..and AGAIN No Apology..given....WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE POLITE MELAYUS? why so Gundu???

haaa....and to repulse on the same mood was a big no-no to me as I have other things to focus on ....i just told him right to his face " Don't talk to me you have too much hurt me in so many damn ways ..." hahaha macam bagus je ayat ..but then am really ...annoyed.

I left home for sejarah melayu and minor migraine...decided to nap and fell asleep. This morning I don't know who am I merajuk with ..I just don't feel like showing up to work ...(else I kill somebody)

I went for a head therapy instead! Got a haircut + damn nice massage! = oh feels sooooo temporarily light-headed and flowinggg......those Magic Hands... he he Alhamdulillah Praise be to Allah for the Idea. :)

Meeeeeemang Berbaloi.....and I almost got a parking ticket for excessive meter limit ..hahahah ...just in time. Else I'd take a photo with that meter guy ..SNAP! saya dari Sinar Harian Encik, encik pemenang bertuah kita minggu ini! - Tahniah! *lol*

:) I don't know why am Smiling ...but AM SMILING.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Little Too Not Over You

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

This Archuleta's song is playing in my head and mp3. hehehehe ...kinda right on the dot-song. Last nite I stayed awake till ..God knows when. I was carried away by Sejarah Melayu ...(right on...)

Earlier I spent my night with someone. :) [ jangan fikir bukan-bukan, it's strictly PG rated. haha]... Anyway, it was Nice..... ( sorta....)

I'm tight up with loads and today I managed to convince Ridha, our corporate team that I DO NOT WANT TO TEACH THOSE OUTSIDERS! Not that I'm not interested - I just DO NOT HAVE THE frikkin' TIME. My weekends are mostly occupied with my ambition and my weekdays are slumped. I can only blog around 6pm above ...and God I miss blogging! I cannot NOT blog in a day. I just need to POUR my heart out ...ya know ...Here... :) Plus, if I don't visit my new friends' sites, I Miss them! nak jugak baca or menyibuk walau seketika....Walaupunnn.... so, Corporate so-called people, LEAVE ME ALONE! hahahahahahahahahahahahah

Even Mrs Aishah stopped by my cubicle to 'nudge' me for karaokeing sesuka hati haku ...lagu si archuleta ni ...hahahahahah. I need something to boost my marking spirit hahahaha plus blogging! hehehe sorry ek Shah, by the way I mean it - Nice NEW backpack! I loike....

I'm just a little too not over youuuuuu.....hahahaha *sigh* damn I Miss You.

oh ya ...en_me thank you very much for the sweet angelic thought of yours ...Terima kasih banyak-banyak ...daun keladi ....kecil tapak tangan .....posmen yang tukang tadahkan ..INshaAllah....hahahaha no shy la me kan en_me....nanti sha emel kan en_me ...'preciate it mucho.

I'll never understand (true...why la i put myself into this mess hahahahaha)
I can't seem to face the truth ... I'm just a Little to Not Over YOU. am heading home ...early uolls....because I have Sejarah Melayu to read on. haaaaaa...I need to solve the puzzle that ecclectic, sophisticated lady ...gave me. of ALL days ...and person ...haku jugak yang nak di test nye.....oighh.....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Human Connection

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

today I got to spend my day with Wanie. Esi's 6-year old daughter. Spending time with kids ni ...sbb they are sincere...and they treat human.. :)

Some people say, when we're stressed or sad ...or just di landa sayu seketika ....look back ..reminisce on the good times we've had ...flip thru photos collection ....listen to music ....recite the books .....

Now am looking at the remaining photos of me and Farah yang seciput itu melaka zoo... :)
photo with nor in lrt ...ada dalam memori kepala otak ni je la....dengan baju chomel itew...hahahaha.....

terubat la jugak now we're off to play ground! I suka :) sangat...

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Revival

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

I've been excruciatingly occupied with the FTs. Now, we're in the midst of preparing the report cum presentation. ME? recuperating from rct.

now this Hati pounding. I just got The Sms. ya Allah Ya Rabbi...jangan lah Engkau ..hidupkan dia kembali ...jangan lah Engkau Hadirkan dia dalam apa jua Bentuk ...Aku Mohon Pada Mu Ya ALLAH...biarlah kenangan Itu Berkubur ..SelamaNya...Hanya Engkau Yang Maha Mengasihani Lagi Melindungku ..Amin...

I'm facing or should I say ..meeting...or acquaintancing...knowing...A Person ..who has almost ALL of 'his' qualities. It's TOO good to be True...and Life is (still) joking with me I presume...This is just Temporary ...(that's what I have been saying to myself ...eversince I met him) too cannot be....Please Dear God ..Help me ...Jangan Diuji lagi Hati Ini dengan 'dia'....hantarlah aku ke Gaza, ke Afghanistan (mcm Sheridan...) ke Mana sekalipun.. aku Sanggup....tapi tidak dengan Dugaan Ini ....aku tidak Mampu Ya Allah ... I don't know how am I going to walk through this Life ...with This...

I have stopped Dreaming....I just wanna resume the remaining of the Time .......

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ToothFairy..Dr Nor Hani

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I was missing the whole day from office. I had an appointment with my Dentist...No....NOT's the Boss herself ..Dr Nor Hani -DNH...and she is SUCH an ANGEL.

Thanks to the keropok and broken tooth..I have to get RCT - Root Canal Treatment. It's painful but my toothfairy is so wonderful didn't hurt much - only when she was about to pull (oh yes..literally pulling ya'll) the nerve, I was flipping like a whale (don't imagine....) But after that it was smooth....haaa...luckily it's not DSF who performed that task. Else...ya'll be reading my eulogy... :)

The process was quite long ..I went in 2.30 came out 4pm. Imagine ...I was numbed at half of my face and tongue. At first I was laughing coz I didn't feel it after the Junior Doctor injected me. Then, then DNH saw my blue face. and I hyperventilatingly asked her " come I can hear my own heartbeat? it's like shaking too...?! and the nurses were walking to and fro passing me...the junior doctor remained calmed ...and DNH rushed to my side and ..oh kay .."i'm gonna level down your head ....and see how you feel..alrite..." and then she said " how do u feel now .." Me "oooo...still hearing that beat ..." and the cuak face of mine ...worried her....then she started to chit chat with me....she took a large framed diagram...of tooth and its process...bla bla bla bla..........guessed I calmed down...instead of she initiated the pathway for the process and let the junior resumed, she carried on till the end. MY Lifesaver! I should have brought the handycam! When I started to relax and the local anesthetic kicked in ... I was Will Smith's swollen lips in Hitch! hahahaha oh boy.....DNH asked me how are u now? I said "woohooo...i'm Whoppie Goldberg! hahahahahahahaha mangkak betui aku ..macam orang mabuk jadi nya....and she laughed and started drilling .....

As a conclusion ...She RAWKS! I wouldn't mind visiting that place every week if she's there to attend to me ..hehehe macam bagus je la kan ...who me? hahahahahaahha

I'll be seeing her again end of this month to proceed with the second step. My perception has changed! thanks to DNH...Thank you God for Answering my Prayers. Alhamdulillah...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recycle Center - FT

Assalamualaikum bloggie..........
mixed papers..first touching the ground, it'll be sorted according to class and types....interesting ..Do you know that colored paper has less quality to be recycled than plain whites?a haaa.....Do you also know that recycling newsprint saves 34%-60% of the total energy needed for virgin newsprint?

Do you know that One ton of recycled plastic saves 5,774 Kwh of energy, 16.3 barrels (685 gallons) of oil, 98 million Btu's of energy, and 30 cubic yards of landfill space?

Do you know that Recycled corrugated containers saves 24% of the total energy needed to manufacture corrugated containers from trees?

Do you know that Plastic containers are recycled into plastic lumber for picnic tables and park benches, carpet fiber, clothing, automotive parts, paint brushes, and more plastic bottles? huhuhu...eiii.... hehehehe

Do you know them? of course you don't..hehehehe these are my DDE 1 ..with a few people who simply love nature and proud to be the Eco-Rangers. oh yeahh...

they look young...well..they Are young ...However I do Hope One Day, they will grow up to be The Eco-Rangers and protects the Earth for posterity....

the bundles of papers, cardboxes and plastics to be transported to Sg Buloh for further trades.


It's not easy being human, let alone the nature. every now and then we see pollution here and there. Some of us don't even bother to know what is going on to Mother Earth to-date. From my experience, when I speak of Wildlife Extinction and other environmental issue, most people would sneer at me...gave me that look of what-da-hell-are-ya-talkin'-about, poking me with all the "joke" they could think of ...and to the extend of screwing up my project and not even a proper apology ..given. Are we mortal? Are we the Greatest? I ain't great, ain't no Mother Theresa either...but look around us...those who cares are becoming I too late? I'd say ..It's Never too late...
We can start on a small scale as in our our own sweet pace and effort...Locate your nearest recycling center and start isolating your trash...
I have ...
Shall we..? :)


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Today, one of my girls, Ahwana came in and asked how am I doing. I guess she saw my swollen eyes..

so sweet of her. so evil of him. so dizzy...

Monday, February 9, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

i hate ignorance. I hate people who cannot LISTEN to orders..and I hate people who like to play DUMB on me.

I'm mad. geram and feel like punching someONE's butt-ugly FACE!

p/s: this above mention character is very much alive and working in the same office as me.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've been tagged!!! Tidakkkk...

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

hadoii...the most thing I fear of in blogs is TAGGING! Why? coz time isn't mostly on my Side...huwaaaa....But ...I have to......

Ok...Hussaini we go........(dengan berat hati dan tulangnya hahahahahaha)

The Age of a coming birthday
wofsha: I rarely answer, not because I am shy of my age, but People didn't believe it (betul....) Most of them think am 25 or 27 hahahaha ....NO people ...(much older than that....and keep on guessing ha ha ha ha )

The Place I would like to Visit
wofsha: of course as a Muslim am Yearning for Mekah. And that is my TOP Priority. Also, I do have another place I would like to visit... Cumbria. Dunno where is it? (google la...sapa suruh tag hahahahaha)

The Favorite Place

wofsha: hehe ..I love any places ...if there're ocean/ lakes / waterfalls/rainforests...suffice to say..Nature. Not forgetting, I like vending machine! for no apparent reason hahahaha..especially like the gambar up there....more options and healthier snacks also available. So places that provide this type of vending's, I suka.... :)

The Favorite Food
wofsha: chicken sandwhich in particular....homemade. more vegetables..the better...and mustard+ ketchup yummmmmmm....antu sandwhich sejak kecil... I practically love to cook ALL my meals. Only when I'm travelling or visiting my friends I telan all...tak banyak songeh. Some of ala-carte melayus I like are paprik ...yumm....and bandung....and ladna...aaaaa asalkan halal...oh ya mom's cooking (yang ni memang ...out of this world hehehe)

The Favorite Things
wofsha: of many other things...this is one of them. I love books, for reading of course. Among others, Vitamin E, TV, my music, my car, my Tigger, my recipe collections, my...banyak lagi la...

Nickname I Had
wofsha: don't ask me what's that about. I browsed SHA and one of it is that. I kinda like it :) - well okay ..not kinda....yes I LIKE IT. My nickname is SHA. It's the initial of my full name - backward. :) My one and only nick since college is AC (derived from the first syllable of My Name) but when I joined this new office, one of the senior managements has already used it. So, due to respect, I changed it. Now, am Sha to many..Adik to my elder brother ( at this age! I know ...klakar kan???) but am always AC to Farah a.k.a Pa in Putrajaya, Vir in Jakarta and Isabel - which I like it VERY MUCH.

Name of My Love

wofsha: To answer THIS part is REALLY hard for me. Oh well.. I call him Bunny and he calls me Sunshine. BUT, now he's gone. Fate is not on our side...and currently I'm engulfed with works...research...and my Mak and Ayah. and ...talking about love is not much of my forte....... Next!

My Hobby
wofsha: Cooking-baking! and cakes. I adore this so much and my Mak always nags me coz I like to mess the whole kitchen (after that I clean up laaaaa)

My Bad Habit
wofsha: consuming junk is one of 'em, chips...burgers...super ring! hahahaha to name a few ...especially time nengok movie this year reducing....

My Wishlist

wofsha: as cliche as it sounds, yes peace on earth. peace in the office ..peace in politics, economics....everything....everywhere....humankind has denigrated a lot of morales values in them.....ill-treated the MotherNature.....burning forests and extinguishing animals from the planet, indiscriminately....May One day, we live to realize...we will Return and They Will Speak.


Took me hours to complete this, as I've lunch appointment and other routines :) Anyway, I'm glad I did this friends, no more tagging hahahahahaha


Peace! :)

wofsha & Award

Assalamualaikum bloggie....
I came in at 810am. (huhuhu...) First thing I did was, kiss my monitor good morning and check on my emails :) I received an award! whoaaaaa....i've never got this stuff...hence the not knowing how to claim it hehehehehe....THANK YOU AL HUSSAINI...jazakallahikhairankathiraa....for the nice and friendly all your friends ...i'm still smiling ...(hihihi ada jugak owang nak bagik me awards ek....kewl....Pa, Pa, Nor, Nor, McT wuhhh.. haku dapat award yay yay ...ha ha ha ha)

Here it is ...tadhaaaaa....

Suka! :) I Like...and i'm still smiling ...sorang-sorang at my desk.. Aizuddin the math teacher is teasing me ...."haaaaa...nak tgk skrin dia....nak tgk skrin dia.....buat ape tuuuuu" hahahahaha I turned off the monitor quickly!

Virtually, I received an award, in Reality, one of my students (20minutes ago) gave me a muslimah sweeeeet......terima kasih utk semua orang ..virtual or non virtual....all of u are so KIND....(ish...cair...cair...melted bagai...huhu)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Paper and Plastic Recycling + Tiger

sha suka tiger...

Assalamualaikum bloggie....

I am in love! - Dengan Nature. again and again ..hehehehe actually we just came back from our field trip to RD Papers Sdn Bhd. The cleanest and efficient center I have ever seen in KB (imagine...ish ish) It's bright out and wicked hot...and heat will weaken me ..hehehe ala-ala superman ngan cryptonite la ni ...(wallaweey...haha)

again, there are TONNES of photos...esok la I load..hari ni i dah flat...coz I slept at 3am last nite(thanks to astro..) and woke up 3 and 1/2 hrs later....and 2 hours after that I was at the recycling site...bayangkan.....betapa groggy and spinning nye kamek...haha...I managed to visit wofsha before I left and was dying to comment on hussaini and few of my friends' pages BUT tak am qada-ing :)

saja nak tulis ...Saya Suka Tiger!!!

Facts about me in relation to Tiger:

  • saya suka makan biskut Tiger Susu

  • saya suka Tigger dalam Winnie the Pooh tu

  • saya sanggup usung Teddy Tigger separuh dari tinggi saya melepasi scanner lugage kat airport semata-mata kerana - Saya Suka!

  • saya pegi zoo melaka dengan terujanya mencari sangkar Tiger!(walaupun yang saya jumpa dulu adalah parrot! arrghh...tensen...hahaha)

  • saya (suatu ketika) tergilakan Tiger Woods! hahahaha (kini..Tidak LAGI)

  • saya suka dan bela BANYAK kucing (now dah kurang...) Ada dulu saya namakan Tiger! tapi dah Arwah.

  • saya suka tengok kat animal planet pasal Tiger kat Thailand yang di bela oleh buddhist monks

  • saya pasti kalau Tiger tengok saya ...dorang pun akan sukakan SAYA! fleshy hahahaha

Sekian Terima Kasih.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Photo ...Freaks :)

Assalamualaikum bloggie......Once upon a festive, trafficky, packed with singaporean cars weekend, 2 bubbly,crazy, fun-loving, diesel, cheese-to-die-for friends decided to......explore....

Food they consumed along the journey....namely ...the uber-licious Chicken Dumpling Soup
All credits go to The Noodles Station.. :)

hahahaha...I almost forgot la xeaa...sorry here is the springy noodle...yang sha dah lupa apa nama IC dia dalam menu hahahahahaha......nyam nyammm...thanks for reminding ...actually ...Pa punya ladna noodles dah ada in previous entries....nak letak banyak in one post....*maluuuu*hahahahahahaha

the wicked-gooey-yummy shiitake mushrooms on ladna.....heaven on a went to the last drip...slurrrppss...
actually ..there're a lot more foods involved in the making of this shooting *lol* due to unavoidable embarrassment (or later..circumstances..) and adhering to the Sihat Campaign, I decided not to show off (hahahaha)

the believe-or-not, second impeccable Chicken Dumplings Soup....aerial view with a dash of scallions....*drool....droooool.....*

a typical but savory appetizer ...with a sprinkle of black pepper....crunch...crunch.....only missing was ...thousand island dressing ....or..maybe....bleu cheese dip ....(daydreaming...haha)
these were The Orders.....

the Blessed with rezeki and stuffed...with
Sha simply professes her Love & Devotion to Vanilla...and Pa is proven, Certified Chocaholic

hehehe..mengedix @ Putra Perdana ...
I hope you enjoy our ceritera rakyat...jumpa lagi ! *wink*

Thursday, February 5, 2009

When Cik Sha "Babbles"

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

hmmm....sometimes I wonder how on earth did i Endure all these discipline problems with SOME of the students. I also wonder come Seniors always have a bunch of "them". Dealing with seniors this semester ...bores and tires me a lot! Absenteeism is one thing, lack of self respect is another. When I was in senior years...we were notty and hu-ha-ers, yet we still have the limit. oigghhh.....

I have a few whom I HAVE TO face here ....the ever-so-annoying Amirul Ashraf, the i'd-rather-die-than-talk-to Zulhelmy, the God-knows-what Ab Aziz, the still-can-talk-to Sufian, the how-i-wish-i'm-dead Shafiq AND the havent-seen-since-registration Faridul Fariz. Adoiii....juZ now right in front of Zulhelmy's face I told him " ni saya rasa nak bunuh diri dengan awak nih...mana ada lecturer yang nak bantu awak in translation? saya sorang je yang bodo tau dak? orang lain ..harammm...buat le sendiri ...saya ni tak larat nak kasihan kan awak dah...awak larat ke nak tgk muka saya every sem? tak penat ke? saya penat tgk muka awak ..tau tak?!" haaaaaa 5 kilometer dengan jayanya aku beletiaq!and the bullets went on and on...I was almost panting, babbling in one breath! ha ha ha ha ......geram...tak sayang masa depan usual matter how lengthy my babbling is ...I end up helping them ....*sigghhhh*

after I babbled at Shafiq at 430pm (the others were at 5pm)....I told him "I'll be in the office late if you want me to check on your Sunday if you're not done ...I won't be able to help you as I am moving on with Data Analysis and you have to ask your classmates (yang more or less the same tu) how to tabulate data". A few minutes before azan maghrib ...there he was ...hopping up the stairs ...with a pile of papers in his hands. Amazing...I'm somewhat astounded and touched by his Allah-just Bestow- Effort. Shukur Alhamdulillah....somehow ..the formula worked! I didn't expect it will turn out this way, I guess my time (longest spent in office as to home) is Worth it. Alhamdulillah. Shukur Amat.

Whilst in the midst of writing this ...another senior colleague stepped in ...with all sorts of gundah-gulanas....( Oh ..My ...God...) I a punching bag? well.... i guess today I am kind enough to be's too obvious that person was desperately in need of ears...what a pity..... and Now..I endlessly think I have various problems....the rests of the world out there are not much of a different......

Human needs each other ....(betul..betul..betul...)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photos ..Again :)

I'm sure ya'll know what are these ...ahahahaha
Remember Madagascar? hehehehe....

Pa and David...sit and stand..same height wooo....

Pa cukup suka dengan ostrich a.k.a burung unta...ek?

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I'm trying to find that Silver Lining matter how hard the turmoil is .... :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Absence makes the Heart grows Fonder

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I'm grinning alone. I have been mostly invisible all these years when I joined this place. to my surprise I have someone smsing and another colleague ..noticing the fact that I was gone too Long ..last week. hehehe ...kesian kan sha? hehehe ...truth is ...I have lost touches with many friends ..whom were very dear to me and really ( i mean REALLY care about me). When I was working in Terengganu several years back, i was surrounded with mostly hypocrites and wannabes. Only McT my ex-housemate, kind enough to accept me the way I am. Thank you Gu...Wuh... (hehehe)

And, little did I realize, there are actually (REAL) people here who noticed my absence AND they conveyed it with grace and sincerity... Somehow, it melted me ...awwwwww.....I have been very cautious previously...( i supposed...) little things as small as thoughts could melt me. hee :)
The power of Ukhwah ....( I guess ) is making me even more sensitive towards my surroundings, my people and bondings.

Oh yeah .. I forgot to mention, DEE and DDZ were excited in planning for their FT and today in class, Arwizal is down with fever. He was quiet. Poor baby... he looked like a soggy toasted bread hehehehe and pouty face ..slam dunked on his flip chair. Azlan as usual the Sotong of the class...and the rests were so bubbly and giggly. I'm glad I didn't leave them too long ...( yeah ..I missed them ....schmucksss hehehehe)

Nyami-Nyami sat at the front line today. Cheeky as ever with his trademark. Nabihah and her OOOooo melopong look...when I explained about evaporation of underground rubbish. All those ...have made me realized....I love them and melted-to-pieces By their Gestures....(syyhhhh...don't tell them) haha...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

When wofsha Meets Kawaii @ Malacca Zoo

Assalamualaikum bloggie...
I had a lonnnnggg day today. Eventho am pretty much flat and occupied with loads of work, I'm lucky because my Sunday isn't as hectic as other days. Plus, I got even more excited to write about the trip to visit my friends in KL (oh well..Malacca too..."cousins"). I came in seeing my fellow friends in here are so "teruja" with anak Ikan TLDM hahahahaha ..i thot i was the only one obsessed! Nuar *winks* Unfortunately, dear beloved friends, I cannot put up the photos I do not have 'em. :) I didnt bring my camera to the wedding. What I DO have are photos of me and me and friends and cousins Malacca Zoo, Putrajaya and KL. heeee...what to do ...It's like 5 days were not enough.....rasa nak pergi Lagi ...heeee.... Above is the photo of SLEEPING tiger...kawaii and I must have not showered enough the tigers were ALL sleeping when we were there. FOR THOSE who'd like to go, AVOID 4pm-ish....semoa animals qada tidoq...except for the Sun Bears. They are awfully cute...macam I hahahahah

since the animals were sleeping .....nothing much to shoot ...we became fully obsessed with ourselves! ha ha ha ...the photos are like thousands ...abundance. I've just burned a cd to be mailed to kawaii tomorrow....I'm planning to get a new portable HDD, dah semua kaki snapping 8G pendrive ..will NOT do. I'm hungry ...ate lunch ..but not really fulfilling ...coz the vietnamese pho bo shop was closed. huuuuu...stucked in the office ...hungry thinking of blended vanilla....aaaa si donut still has not recovered from flu. poor kiddo...he's walking around with a face towel ...hahahaha look soo ah-beng wan...when i asked him to dry his his jedi-tone he went, "dry my nose, I shall .." adeii..sengal....hehehehe...altho I find it..cute...hehehe kawaii...don't say it ....keep it! hahahahahaha a rose will still be a rose....kan sha?

When al-hussaini mentioned the word terubuk..kecur air liur kata kita plan next trip to Sarawak plak??? nak???? bleh gi hutan sana ..lagi real animals dia ....perghhhh....esok stat simpan duit lebih skit laa...huhuhuuu

ish...ish ish ....angan-angan itu Beautiful. heee =)