Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kayak Day!

salam globbie!

he he ..I had a great day today. went out for kayak with my junior engineering boys. Fantabuluous!

we started off from the jetty a bit shaky...then off to the first pit stop nervously (for me) because the river is deeper than the usual's today. more than 100ft depth with God Knows width. We stopped at our first stop for water confidence. there, I saw my boys in various colours. I am Happy. to see THEM ...happy, laughing and giggling away. I have never seen them so happy.

and all of them were actually talking and mingling! and Jufri is just...amazing. He can actually TALK! ha ha ...and berak of course...Norm is no longer the shyboy...said nasri even...and zaidi ..TALKS too!!! oMg....hahahaha ...I love when I got what I want. and today...I got 'em way too much.

thank You Allah.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Of Courtesy and Ignorance

salam globbie...he he

i was in my engineering class this morning when I received a call. i have not been feeling good these past few days. yeah..I had a Heartache. As a result from constant stupidity. huh ..gile best ayat...

ok back to the phone call. i was about to start the lecture when my raspberry rang...huhu...then I heard my former elac's voice. told him i was in the midst of lecture and will return the call later. as i was invigilating the test...I took the chance to text him and asked what's up? and the answer was - nothing much, I just wanna hear your voice Cik Sha, I wish you all the best and be happy Cik Sha: and tears rolled down ma cheek. like Literally Rolling. One simple Thought, one simple Honest Thought...makes a HUGE different. That is a person who Respect the teacher and knows how to display the affection. at least to me that's what it was (is). Sincere and Plain.
and that was ENOUGH to make me feel like THE TEACHER OF THE CENTURY! HE HE

and when i told Ijat about that story, her remark was "mesti u nangis kan? u nangis tak? hehe yang local reti jugak nak ingat, yang dah pergi uk tak ingat-ingat pun ye ..." - TEBABOOOM~

the only words i managed to utter was "tu la tu.."
and I walked off to another lecture, where my other groups of students of the century!!! were waiting.

Thank you for Making me Feel so Special...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

tiada Bintang Lagi...

salam bloggie!

*sigh* I had a Fun weekend. Really enjoying my time with my friends. However when I walked into one of my classes today...I was kicked in the back with some stupid Lecturer who do not know how to Clean up the board. It really kills me. To see this kinda attitude at work. Pemalas GILER ko. tak de ethics eh? failed ke paper tu masa U dulu? bengong~

I ended up lecturing to my students on how to become an Ethical ADULT! ha ha ...aku pun gilo jugok...takde keje ....but I have to teach them to understand Life at some point...and being a good human is one of the traits. so Listen up people!

I spent at uber-nice belut meal shop with my buddy. it was awesome...pueh hati makan....i tell u ..( makan lagi yek? haha ...suka lar~)

now am listening to Dayang ...layan jiwang..almaklum on the losing side...khennn.......

And tomorrow? hari Melaram day! saje~ hahaha
and Liqa day.
and hopefully hujan day! hoyeah~

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Siam and Beyond

huhu salam bloggie ..

i think i met my chow yuen fatt today ...ngahahahahaha ..gile best! for the first time in my life (after a while!) I feel so vibrant and I can smile at people! hehe...( i meant to say ..FLIRT) hahahahah

having the opportunity to be on the Kingdom of Siam today was really a funtime I could spend with my friends. from the boatride, to the foods ..the bombing ...and crazy stuff to SHOP! the place is Awesome. No wonder people from outside of kelantan would wanna go's CRAZY cheap and FUN to buy they serve MUCH better FOODS over there. HALAL even! haaa...

I'm Happy.

Our next jalan-jalan cari pasal? Munduk town ....where? SIAM again! hahaha ...gosh I'm counting days...

Friday, September 16, 2011

If I Die Young

salam bloggie ..'s been couple of days now ...almost to a week huh ....well I was down with severe migraine. had to cancel my lectures and events. it was really...awful. and today I think I can be on my feet again ..Alhamdulillah Allah for This Blessing...

as usual my weekend routines are spent with a lil bit of joy and games and makan with friends...good food ..osom people ...err..sometimes annoying too....hiks! what to do ...its Life after all....full of whatnots! he he

and I'll be crossing over the border to Siam tomorrow. Meeting my Thai friends for a short get together and GUESS WHAT???!! makan-makan lah apa lagi ..hahaha ...jealous? hey's My Life and Money.....memang la kau ada...tapi kau takde aku dalam hidup kau...ngerti? hahahaha i'm badddddddd..... oh goes on. right bloggie? (angguk-angguk)

i feel so damn good today ..(after those turbulence in ma head..) and I just walk with so much pride and love inside. :) suka~ because today I rasa ...I am a human with so much Love inside and it is just a HUGE LOSS to SOME PEOPLE. period. ( oh- and It Felt so GOOOOODD when you didn't give it to The Wrong One...Alhamdulillahhhhh)

one might be wondering ..why didn't i put some photos in here ...cheer up a bit ...put some colors...yadda yadda yadda....hahaha learned me lesson hor more photos. not because am too gorgeous to share...but my life is Precious. titik. ( jangan salah pronounce lak hahaha haru ko beydah.....)

I honestly Feel a LOT better.

Monday, September 12, 2011


salam bloggie ..

Hati ini terguris ..kerana kau sengaja Menyakiti
Hati ini terguris... Kerana kau sengaja Menghancurkan
Hati ini terguris... kerana kau sengaja buat ku Menjauhi
Hati ini terguris... kerana Kekejaman kau
Hati ini terguris... kerana kau terlalu Egois
Hati ini terguris... kerana kau telah lupa akan Budi Pekerti
Hati ini terguris ... kerana kau terlalu Yakin Diri
Hati ini terguris ... kerana kau tidak lagi ku kenali.
Jangan pernah Kembali.

Kini Detiknya

salaam bloggie ...
salam namaste! huhuhu ...dah kene sawan hindi lak dua tiga hari ni ...sabo je le ye....heheheh

I have an okay weekend.....down with terrible migrain and mense cramps...i opted for Bowling ease the pain. how? dont even ask me...went out with ijat n usen to melontor. havent seen usen in a am choked with schedules and him with his as well. let's wish him to reach his graduation line with first class. i bet he'll be flying! ha ha ....right sein...

and tonite i did something that will definitely hurt my ego. oh yet again~ bla bla bla...i keep telling myself .. i have reason for doing so. YEAH RIGHT. hahaha ...oh well..once the program is done. i shall revert to square one. now that am busy ...i shall try to be professional. huhu ....crap~


tomorrow is a-nother day. Day of me not wanting to be there. but I am starting to love my students for this new batch. what can i do? love conquers ALL.

~things I do for Love. *sigh*

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


salam bloggie ..

i was really starving. the heat juz added up every single thing.

next thing I knew I was already at the mall. ( really?!) hahahahahaha.... it was fun. loitering alone and stuffing yaself with good food. I found that Life is very Rewarding lately. :)

thank you Allah.

Great food. Good time. Good Cheese! (kantoi! hahaha great Beer~ (Root lah) and Magnificent Cheesecake...Raspberry....errmmmyummzz..... better than loving a man...

seriously~~ LOL

Sunday, September 4, 2011

a year Comeler



hmm...biasa je...nothing peculiar....

oggoshhhhhhh.... hahahaha

have a Happy Life...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Somalia and Forward

salam bloggie ..

many have been alerted thru the news ..of the demise of Allahyarham Noramfaizul, Bernama's staff in somalia. My condolence to the family. It must have been Hard for them. No money can replace the Life of a Husband, no grants can replace the Life of a nothing can replace the Life of a son...but when it is time...It's Time. Not a Second late...

I do not know why am personally Touched by this. But upon reading the news and coverage about him, it's just wrenching~

Those Who Left Are Now Heading...There~
Us Who Live Need to Move On and Find our Way...There~


Friday, September 2, 2011

How annoying is ...annoying?

lol..what a crappy title..

hehehe salam bloggie,

am about to go to bed when i decided to jot a few lines in here..
i am starting to be very dependent on Luke eversince I own it ..and it makes me somehow addicted to type in works and also my thoughts. :)

oh well...i came across a very annoying person. huh..not that i pray for that person. it just happened that person appeared. and started to annoy ...people ( me to be exact) hoh~

oh well ( see how i have been sighing?) i annoyed but i had to deal with it. suck-it-in isnt really in my plan...but dang ..i hate it when i have to.

now am in the have-to mode. hoh ..can't wait for tomorrow to come so i can do my laundry, conquer the lines, folding, ironing and by the time u knew it ..I'll be in Office ..IN NO TIME! huhu!

will look forward to key in all the marks, dealing with all sorts of troubles, checkin on my PAs, working on all those progress reports....licking the stamps...( yeah...i do that too...) and oh ..dinner reservation! macam takde mood je pown ....sabar je la anggerik...

huh..mata sudah ngantuk...better sleep order to splish splash the world tomowwo :)


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eid and hu-ha

salam bloggie..

haaa...what a relief! i personally do not want any more guests coming. can ya'll come next year? it is wickedly tiring and mind blowing to be home during this time of year. glasses pecah ..pinggan berkecai ...what the hell...? can't they eat and drink properly? really i knew why people opted for paper plates or polisterine's during eid. as for our house...all kaca!

sakit taya. first day of eid i was swamped with piles of things to do since 3am! huwaaa....people were coming non stop and i tak tahan anymore to clear the whole pinggan mangkuk closet ...for the sake of it. then have to wash all of them ..dry...stack ...aiyo ..even masterchef's kitchen is more organized than this!

I seriously cannot tahan this kinda life. how to marry? no need lah....tedious ang mo! i cant wait to go to work and kiss my office. altho i didnt love it much either...but it is a NICE escapism....good place to hide ...and not be known of. hoh! ...ponet amat sei...

and yesterday was swell too..running errands here and there...congested traffic ..crazy kelantanese drivers! look at me ! am whining! was obnoxious...occay....

and I thot of rewarding myself I went to kfc kb...just to spoil myself....and no...i didnt ...get to do such...i was a double bummer! i felt like gobbling all mfc's pizza to release my dissatisfaction ..but i didnt. thinking of how much fat will i accumulate...i change my mind. but really...i just want a quick meal to keep meself happy. that's all. and no..kfc had to kill me.

coming home, i was still fumed. browsed kfc portal and lodge a complaint. there! puas hati. 'nuff said. he he

right now am exhausted from the heat and crazy kelantanese driving ...

i wanna sleep.