Friday, February 26, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie...

from now on i am no longer sharing this with public. no offense ..but one of the reasons is ..i do not have ample time to manage and write as before. workloads are getting higher n piling on my desk.. and most of my ideas to write ..sank with my thoughts when i go to bed. i am getting more restless these days.

i am vulnerable too.

pathetic. as sokna would say it. but i really am. i got too sensitive over simplest i getting my menopause..? oh god....

mr lee told me sensible. huhu.... i called me self..weirdo.

actually today i am really pissed bloggie. not today ..since last night. what my students are doing to me is preposterous and i cant take it anymore.

i am not nice..neither friendly.nor assistive. towards ppl. i chose whom i wanna work with because i do not like to be hurt in return.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who am I Kiddin'?

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

YAY! i surely have a concrete reason to be saying that. YAY! ( and no's nothing to do with The Knot) huhu

I am so excited to write..merely because I had only 1 class today and I managed to release my stress by gayuting with bojan on the phone earlier on. finally i could get it out of my chest. huh...

As I was clearing up my desk for the ever-hardworking secretary and her buddy came by....and we had a short...discussion. i was sighing most of the time. i pity them...yet...adoi....oh well...then I rushed to docnan's trying to get some quotes for the plaque. along the way my yappy mouth was blabbering and potpetting till she can't say much sitting next to me. pity her...having to escort the yappy me... hee :)

then i resumed work ..not realizing there's Pesat Gabungan tonite (Halaqah kinda gathering) They were expecting 700 I think. oh have 350 is Grateful enough for me.

Then I thought about the things that made me really pissed today. such a hypocrite. I knew it is somehow gonna turn up this way. but I refuse to believe...I do not wanna look down on people. berdosa ngko....

now siapa yang luka? aku jugak. hakghtuigh.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Good Things Come Last

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

yeah still awake..nope ..I woke up at 12...and now working on my presentation.  need to refine few sections and i should be happy with it.  My partner did not expect I would come with abundance of slides in 6 hours time ...oh well.. i sometimes adore surprises. especially if it makes the person in your life.. Happy. Why not? right on...

that's not what i intended to yap this wee morning....i actually smiled earlier on ...when i came upon a Truth...that somehow hurt ..yet it wasn't that bad.  there's a jittery sweetness to it.  It's kinda funny when i keep on voraciously stumbling to Truth these days. pretty spotty huh bloggie...oh well...i can still thoughtfully embrace those "surprises" at least.  i am thankful to Him..for Giving His Mercy upon me.

I'm comfortable expressing myself this way.  it does not really matter ..who you's all about Feelings ...of Me. So Goodluck wofsha in less than 6 hours...fuh...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

KUIS Final Exam Week

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

i didn't get a chance to snap some photos when my babies started their final exam today. oh well it's only day 1.  they have till march 6th to fight.  so many things are going on this week for me.'s another repetition of this and that...and sometimes ...the miseries repeat itself too. hoh....isnt that .."nice"

my teammate, c-ijat got me hooked up to Ne-yo's song ..Never Knew I Needed. so kena the batang hidung. and juz now when we were talking to each while listening to the song...i said to her " weh..suddenly i teringat kat jet-jet" hahahah now that is freaky bloggie..uhuhu

oh yeah before i my colleague in the photo...syikin. Congratulations on your engagement dear. More Blessings to come. Amin.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good to be Back

The Reclining Buddha - I was tired of waiting for them to her butt has to be in this photo hehe..

Assalamualaikum bloggie.... has been a while isn't it bloggie.. Life has been excruciatingly busy and it seems like it won't stop. I miss writing here, dearly. I have not been able to keep in touch in any of my journals due to workload and programs of 2010. i did not even get the chance to visit my acquaintance's blogs too. seribu ampun dan maap ..for not keeping in touch.

oh well...Kem JatiDiri ...has drawn its curtain. and It was fun. I had fun with Guppy. Amazing, shy and exuberant kid. Those youngsters have a lot of potential in them. and I am juz glad ...eventhough I was not 100% there, but it's good to know what are my future students like. heh...

oh yeah ...Happy Chinese New Year 2010 to all. I almost forgot. I had fun dung dung cheng places and got to visit few places too. of course with my good friends. Actually I planned to go alone...but hey last minute change of plan...Let me check my PD ..if I have a copy of those trips.

This Fella is the so called...Guard of the Temple....the Story was Long....I shall ask Guppy to explain (if he remembers hahahaha)

This is actually on our 2nd day, before we sent our beloved Godson, Guppy back to his camp. A cakoi stall which was soooooooooooo Good.

Am tellin' ya...this drink..RAWKS. it didn't only Look Uber Good with the Crimson die-die Red-my-favorite..
It also tastes Awesome!

wofsha is no motorbike fan..but this Honda Scooter is to-die-for! so Sleek baby!

This Standing Buddha is Wickedly Tall and I juz Loveeeeeee the Stairs. Seriously. With the Breeze and serenity...I juz wanna grab someone to Love. hahahahha..cewahhh

The Sitting Buddha. Seriously, Uber-Grande.period.
and we were walking under his Tusch. -"Nice"

Guppy's Camp - Evening Riadah

The photos are as abundance..and will always be my personal collection of memories and good time with my friends and families. It's not a bad start of 2010 but am telling ya bloggie....this is the busiest year...thus far.

Look forward to bugginyapping here again, till then...
Muahs...Still Love You.