Monday, October 26, 2009

Bumblebee's Moment

Assalamualaikum bloggie....

huwargghh...such a busy week. I can't wait to "run". So many incidents this week. Some were Good Some were so-so, all I know I'm thankful for having a moment to look back (eventhough I actually don't have much)

I spent 2 days ago at a beach kokak with little couzies. it was really nice sitting there ...glancing back to the ma'daerah days ..where ..everything was so "perfect" and Blissful (am never gonna get such a feeling ...ever again..i think...hehe)

Towards the end of 2009, am tied up with so much commitments and less time to think of my own Life. I miss (yet) another appointment ... :) not that I did it on purpose. I just didn't realize the time. A friend told me ...."rehat laa...take time yourself..." Oh so Indah kata2 Beliau. - tetttttttt...Not Seindah Realiti. Makanya....nggak ada off deh for the meantime.

jap lagi at 4 am heading for another presentation...yikes.. earlier on I was at the clinic with kodok and I kept yapping then savoring meself to TWO pieces of ayam bakar. Heaven. :)

tonite, ELACians will be sitting for their mock test and I'm excited to see how will they perform. It's gonna be a night where (most) Truths will be revealed.... jeng jeng jeng..

KUIS-Pergau event inshaAllah will be coming true ...(pray hard) Although am not as excited as before to go but I have responsibilities to carry out.

Did I mention am ecastaticly uber-frantic-happy? I found my LONG lost buddy via Facebook. What can I say ...thank you FB for reuniting us? it was an unforgettable moment. i cried. i miss her SUPER a lot. and Allah swt...juz Give me. Her. Cool. Alhamdulillah.

we've been FBing each other and write lengthy messages. seronok.

many things to write n share. Little time to Spare.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday 26 October 2009

Assalamualaikum wbt bloggie...

juz wanna wish A person who will celebrate his birthday next monday ...

Happy Birthday

I know I will not be able to wish you or even talk to you anymore. But at least now you know ...occasionally (i think i lied) I do think of you and hope that you are in a pink of health though your pink may not be as blushy and wonderful as it should be ... do take care of your "pinkness".
May Allah SWT Bless you with a Happy Heart and Warm People around you; to provide you Love and Eternal companionship.

Take care.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deepavali Vatekel!

Assalamualaikum bloggie....

it's October already? yeap! how time flies... and to all Indian friends who are celebrating the Festival of Lights, Happy Deepavali! then I thought of Mr Rama. He must have been feasting with his family in Negeri Sembilan. Cool...

One thing that I like most during this festival is the Food! :) the music too... and yesterday there I was enjoying every single Tamil songs. It brought back to the memory lane of UKM where I used to involve with Indian Students Society. seriously ...awesome. they brought me to their dance festival...and taught me so many things of Indian Culture. I even got to put on the stick-on "nande" on my forehead and my prof was having the toughest time ever trying to understand what was I. hahahahaha that was fun. I still smile..everytime the thought of those crossed my mind.... me and my crazy time back in college. Farah and Vedder would freak.

Now, it has been a years I think? passed ....and those moments will still make me smile....I did not regret the road I have taken. I'm Blessed with so many friends and moments. Thank God.

My conscience is thinking deep...of something that is seem distancing and hurting. I do not want to think of that as I know the impact. Yet... I still ponder. I don't even know why should I. Sometimes I blame myself for being too nice till I miss Reality.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

2 days ago I received a (yet) another visit from Grolier. Aiyo ..every year they must come ah? that's what striked me inside. No offense ..I Love Books. But Now I'm tied up with many things ...a visit and more talks of books ..will literally KILL me. *sigh*...

if people are nice to you, you OUGHT to be nice to them in return...that's what my Mak always reminds me. inside I was like ...mother...can ah if i do not want to be niceeeeeeee........waaaaa...tired la being nice ..when got prawn behind the mee.......hypocrite nama nya tu... and am sure you can guess la what i did bloggie....Yep...I became NICE. :(

Look on the bright least I got to meet Humans ( of better ways to communicate.....)
Was that a consolation Sha? uh....dunno la...just be nice la ...

Yesterday, I had a meeting with ELAC's committee. I halfheartedly poured my dissatisfaction towards the performance of the club. well...everyone did too. The President's remark, stabbed me right the lungs, heart, kidney, name it ...all hit...dushh! That's what I have been feeling and he just completed my sour-face. -Nice- I seriously think I need to lie down at that point of time. Never knew my head could spin that ..uber-fast. frantic. Can I stop the time?

One after another problems ...peeps through my daily teaching routines. I'm lethargic ( bak kata ary ..penat je ..citer penat takde citer lain ke?) not physically tired la my dear brain is tired. my patience is running thin (if only the fat that perish) and I do not know how else can I help these people. Conflict of interest and philosophy have somewhat diverged our methodologies and those poor souls were undeniably affected by it. Why do we wanna ruin our own Roots where we could have flourished and sustained its posterity? Why must we burn The Ethics for the price of Nothing? Did we not see? Are we Deliberately Blinding ourselves for the sake of impurities we Take as Dignity?

Truth is bloggie....I couldn't find The Answer.. Still.
I pray for Allah's Mercy .... to Lead me in this Misery....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie....
Last night, wofsha received an sms from celcom.
" Sebaik-baik Iman adalah amal, sebaik-baik amal adalah insan, sebaik-baik insan adalah yang pemurah, semurah-murah sedekah adalah Senyuman, sebaik-baik senyuman adalah yang menyenangkan Jiwa"
Can our smiles Comfort the Souls? heee :) saja godek-godek with the photos taken on raya celebration and thanksgiving reception at Farhan's house.

macam-macam gaya wannabes...ish ish ish korang.... my engineering boys

hah....iyo lah tu...suddenly everybody wanna wipe the plates kan pa'an kan kan kan?

I Love this One ...heee :) with pa'an's Umi...smiley-licious...

the Chicken Rice day with the boys...huhuhu Mr. B ..we matched la that day ...huhuhu...very the..

The Boys ....being the boys ...and the camera....ish ish ish....

My sweet bumblebee pa'an in the middle...with wang and tok ki...
Stay Pink Bro!

SMILE! for the camera... Yeah!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tahana Syurga Cinta

Assalamualaikum bloggie ....

last night i was down with pain. had to swap my night session to tiqah's and friends. I miss my group and worried they couldnt perform well. I tried to sleep no avail...what to do ...

then i remembered earlier on i subscribe to payperview astro....i should be on already apalaga ...wofsha pun menapak ngan remote...tuned to 952...taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Syurga Cinta is on air....wa ha ha haha pain i was trying to laugh....because i remember my kenalan blogger who spoke highly of this movie. he liked it a lot. and suggested me to watch it ...and i remembered telling him .."nanti la gi kl hang belanja" kunun didnt happen pun ....and he did tell me " tunggu ko nak datang baik ko beli je la cd" which ...didnt happen also I "bought" the ppv astro la. ahaks...

i missed the movie by 45minutes ...i turned on and it's a crying scene...already?! sedey's like every minute of watching that movie ..i can hear my kenalan ini talking telling me the of that movie ..again. ha ha ha

what I learned from that movie?
pretty much the life am going thru now.

what's the tagline I like most?
"Hati dan perasaan saya untuk orang yang betul2 menghargai sahaja...bukan untuk DI PERSENDAKAN" - lebih kurang la ayat dia ....can't memorize as I was really in pain while watching it. hu hu..

What do I think of the film?
3 out of 5 la...I like the Religious Reminders from the movie a lot. that I gave 5. osom.

What else do I think?
Jodoh the coolest Ever.

So what am I waiting for?
wait la I have always the meantime ..Live Life with Him ..Next to Me...or at least ..Learn to Find Him....then I shall find The Rests. Amin..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Day

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

It has been awfully tired weeks. I was up to my neck with the schedule and programs. The hari Raya programs were reek. So many things to be done and so little time to work on ..due to ...attitudes. I decided to focus on the most important ones...and IGNORED the rests. serve them right.

I spent my last days with my mentees..before I'll see them again in Skudai for graduation this November 22nd. Am so excited. Will I be there? that's the problem...think and decide later la sha hor can't think straight already. so many things to be done.

As always, there are abundance of photos ...yet ...little "effort" to put it up :) heee...

to sopek: dude ..miss u and can't wait to shop kek lapis ..soon! real soon!