Monday, October 31, 2011

Five Eyes

salam globbie..


haa...kau ada? hahaha I LOIKE! cool ass grasshoppers! they have 2 compound eyes (yang BESAR punyo tuuu) and 3 smaller ones. they don't have EARS ( haa...kau ada kan...kan ...kan? haha). Though no ears, they CAN hear! haaaa ni kita semua memang tade...ada telinga pun tak berapa nak Dengar...inikan pulak tade I rite? sendri mo ingat lei~ and inside those plenty more smaller am speechless... *figgin' amazin' dudeeeeee" - AWESOME.

bila la ada Orang nak entice aku ngan citer2 cenggini? hmmm....*maut*

Truth or Dare?

salam globbie!

huhu i kicked off a discipline Ops and Cik Izzati was the ONLY person who wanna team up. or was it because she has to? hahaha ....i think she wants to. and to my dismay I have plenty of offenders and i did something real bad today. I threat a student for being RUDE to me. I kicked his ass real bad.

Do you know who i really wanna kick the damned ass? am sure you know globbie....oh yeah..u pretty damn well knew ..who the heck i wanna give a kick...

what i have encountered for the past days...or precisely written here as "experienced" for the past few days...were mind boggling. one discovers truth in order to know More Truth. EXACTLY.

to me..friends are for KEEP. Forever. Till Death DO us part. it's hurtful to see One Goes.

also, it is better than living with One.

Friday, October 28, 2011

boys or men?

salam globbie! hand..right hand is currently smeared with henna now. so red..i loike...

today he woke me up with his routine morning sms. huhu...sorryla're a boy to talk to u often will definitely upgrade u to a man..and i dun think i wanna be That Upgrader...tak pasal je la kan globbie...

i wondered why do i keep attracting the young ones!? haishhh...i must have woken up on the wrong sides of the almost my entire life! kann..?
hadoi..such a hazab day la when i hv the boy with me...and i cant get rid of him....huhu...he would be hurt if he knows i dont really wanna be there...but i am sure he doesnt wanna be there too...(then why was he there again?) yeah...dead meat. hahaha. if only he is a man instead of a boy...i might have considered.cewah..ayat poyo..

oh well globbie....i dont think he is the one anyways. after all my heart beat was normal when he was around. unlike ...some people :) kan globbie? That Person can literally rip my lungs apart whenever he is yupz....couldnt agree more. sigh....well now ..i haven't found the same beat anymore....i guess i need to venture even...further... hoh?

too bad...
the Moon is not the same ...nimor~

when Work and Ego Collide

hiya bloggie ..salam

this is the week where I think i juz wanna sleep it off..till next week. i have to learn to be patience ...and deal with those people who are really ...true..asses...he he ..

carut lagi ..haha takde makna nya kan ?
today one of my students was somewhat clingy to me. aku da bosan. i know am nice. and i know am good. but i dont have to tell the world la kan...and once i highlighted it will be an absolute curse to me....he was nice asking me this and that.....but he is just my son. nothing more than that.i have more works to do now than ever. MQA is killing...and tonite I juz dont feel like doing anything.

I juz wanna sleep.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life and Challenges

salam globbie...

tiba2 teringat ayam goreng hj tapah ...bleh dak? hahaha n food ..are so synonymous... hence the Fat. hee :)

for the past few days i have been busy with students affairs cases ...and academic affairs yang tak berkesudahan...and I came across a cynical ustaz ...the one i bumped at Pataya Village tu ...he had the cheek! to ask me rudeeeeeeee questions the other day that made me wanna drop his waterface la kan..but me being me....people can do or say whatever they want to usual...i will "bertahan" ...coz my Mak always pesan ....."jangan buat kat orang...biar la orang nak buat kat kita pun .." seb baik Mak aku yang pesan ...else...? haaa....some jackass can be SO ...frikkin' annoying.

there i was saving the worlds of my students ...and came this pancreas - heated issue of me n him. fak-fes u know...but then ..of course i didn't curse that to his face la...sbb My Mak dah pesan! huh....why did I ever listen anyways ? - Right!

i received 2 new cases to defend...mcm lawful act je bunyi kan ? more or less lah....and I am working too damn hard till I almost sleep at McD ...last nite...( ahuh....yet again...)

i believe Human changes. I believe in 2nd chance...3rd...or even 4th! it's all about TRYING and putting up EFFORT. am I rite? so when people want to change ..or Start to ...we Shouldn't Let go.

No. We should Not.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

cepat la HOLIDAY!!

salam globbie!

haigh ...cant wait for the holiday weekend to turn up ... i need a SHORT vacation to thailand to makan2 and perabih pitih! haha suka lar~

and today ...of the many days Prof keeps harassing me on getting married! and the Old Ustaz Mohammad is urging me to go for umrah ...under his tour agents....haigh...PENINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG...apa la masalah korang ni ....sapa yg tak nak kawin? sapa tak nak pi mekah? abaq mai!

my morning was retarded.

and today I keep seeing people updating their facts and stories on thailand visit. HECK! jeles nye ..aku nak pi gakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk cepat la sopek balik....let's go perabih pitih....
haha and no am not gonna put up the photos in the blog as of plethora of net users are doing it nowadays. aku nak nek bot..nak pi perabih pitih..nak pi jolimakan...and of tosh ..joli kain ! am in the mood of making lots of baju kurungs now. melaram kak nam ! ha ha

its almost 2 am ..and am awake. what the hell am i doing up so late? chatted to Gapi earlier. sweet as always. feeling sorry for him to be overshadowed by his brother. i sorta like knew what is it like being that.... but gapi loves his brother very much and vice versa. it's the fact that gapi has to stay under his limelight stuffed him... oh well gapi ...that's life matter what ...Angah is still Angah ..who loves you to bits!

i wonder esok topic apa plak..PREGNANCY?!
sigh....mkn tak kenyang..tido lena..mandi basah lencun ......

apakah tanda nya?
ko bela hantu raya ke apa? kata kawan ku...*hazabbb*

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The M ....again

salam globbie ..

half of my morning was spent on being a defense lawyer. with red eyes.
to be tired of being lawyer..but i am left with no option. if i didnt help them ..who would? after all it is partially my job to ensure they are ...assisted? hurgh...i dont know globbie...

i am sleepy and tired from today. my prof adviced me to sleep at 10pm..till 2am..and wake up for tahajjud at 3 onwards....haigh....betui ka aku ni globbie.....

today too marked the day where prof spoke of marriage lagi...aigh...tak larat nak explain of why am still un-married at this point of time...
globbie..aku rindu kampung emers...aku rindu tune bagels...aku rindu salji northeastern...aku rindu kawan2 aku kat situ....bila orang asyik citer pasal kawin2 ni ...aku jadi lemao la...i am tired of listening to the lectures....kot ye pun nak match make aku ...jgn la ingat aku ni desperado....huuu ... tired of being matchmade too...why cant these people be at rest...and just leave me ...with the M issue ...alone....i already have enough serabut in my kepala...adding M is just another brain sedated mode....kesian kat aku weiiiiiiiiiii...tamo la cakap pasai kawin lagiiiiiiiiiiiiii....

sigh...apa nak jadi tatau la...

cepat la balik sopek..kita pi jalan2 makan angin kat siam..aku dah bosan duk sini..semua orang cakap pasai menikah ja....ingat aku ni hati batu ka? takdak napsu ka?hish....bengong ah....

sometimes ...i am restless...
most of the times...rasa nyesal gak balik sini...


Friday, October 21, 2011

to do list

salam globbie..

here's my to do list for tomorrow onwards..*sigh*

1) utm coursework
2) MQA files!!!
3) EP proposal! *die die*
4) 5S!!!!! forever tak siap2...dang~
5) new communication module for lower secondary holiday break program *die - sapa nak execute nih seme orang sabbatical? aku lagi? dush!! *
6) THREE write ups! ONE independent research!! and one helluva time to complete as the datelines are Nov 10th!!! (all FOUR of 'em!)
7) IF i survive those, I must be TOUCHED by ANGELS so many of 'em! and I DESERVE a complete thai meal at Pattaya Village / Mud Crabs Rendezvous nearby the river hut / Mr Cook ( the least...)

8) die! die! die!

Of Mice and Men

hi yaa globbie...

today had a longgggggg talk with Ayah. he's gonna buy a new car...hisgh...biar betik....tetiba nak beli kereta baru ...I already have mine..and i do not think there is a need for another one. but he insist. haa...sapa nak jawab ni beydah...takkan aku nak drive dua...buat hoover craft? ngaa~ oh far as I know ...there is no additional members in the family...none from me ..the I wonder why....ha ha ....

I was supposed to be at the office today ..despite it's Friday...but i did not go. haaa about Lazy and Lazy. hee :) oh ya!! last night I had dinner with my niece Pattaya Village...and I bumped into That Ustaz. ngohohoho~ getek eh? sabo je la abu....

i didnt expect it was him as i stared at him ..THRICE! ha ha IS (WAS) him. we picked a table and little did we know ..HIS was NEXT TO US! coz he was talking on the phone outside the a cheeky mouse...big ..fat cheeky mouse... I grin :) poyo-ish...oh shucks...nothing happen. REaLLy.....hahaha

had a SUPERB meal and scrumptious aphrodisiac...EEL! ha ha seriously...i will be back for more...and this time ..with no Ustaz around! -hopefully.

meals were too delicious ..we didn't snap photos. ( or was it malu at that Ustaz? ) dush! hahaha stop it~

it's point of going to the office....i guess ..the work is delayed to ..TOMORROW...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Save the Last Dance~

salam globbie........

i am sleepy. already. i woke up at 9pm..for some drinks...and now it's 1130pm and I should be going to bed ..real soon. If i wanna make it tomorrow morning.

I currently do not have a proper routine schedule as I am so messed up with researches and loads for current semester and those MQA files need to be completed. haiyarghh....How i wish i can stop the time...*yawn*

to even cleanse my colon out ..I would have to make an appointment with mr T...isnt that ...screwed? I do not know how will I be like if am married and have children. -phbttt...

in lecture earlier today, I was satisfied with my DDE's performance. Afiq..Ahmad Afiq and his opening speech of my DEAR cik Sha...awwww....sho shweet...the reason he chose the word "dear" is because I didnt like the word "beloved". It has become a cliche in most presentation WORLDfrikkinWIDE... so i told them off ....not gonna be easily bought with all cliches...and Afiq changes beloved to is indeed a pleasant honor ... *horgh* :)

and Rusydan was simply amazing with his spider facts...and Muiz ...bajet ensem as usual...syaafiq and his underwear madness...Uwais with his lovelife-pang facebook...and fatmi the cheeky, flamboyant nerd...ha ha ...everyone was amazing. suka kan? bila u get outcome yang indah and tak sakit pankreas cenggini.....rasa macam...with a huge tall glass of pineapple sorbet..tepi laut...horgh...hahahahha

by the way you know that hippo's milk is PINK?
haaa....kau ada? he he he

Sunday, October 16, 2011



am so into that.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

weekend oh la la

salam globbie ..

hoigh...finally! i got to lazy on a weekend...saturday to be exact. I had class till 3pm yesterday and dropped by at Pakar Perdana for a short visit. checked on my nieces...and had some desserts at The Warrior's Station, where coincidentally the game with Terengganu was held and I got stucked in the parking lot. Foods at TRW? hmm..boleh so ...didnt order the full meal course as I have already had lunch ...Chamim and I had ice creams instead. chit chatted a bit and there was this alphard-look-a-like parked next to mine ..DAG 10 vip the number...i thought he was just some frantic kelantanese supporter...there I was confidently approached him to move his car to the right as I might not be able to squeeze in later. ha ha to my freakin surprise..he walked in TRW and nonchalantly said to me.. " kalau tak lepas, I ada kat dalam ye.." LOL...nak gelak pun ada nak kentut pun ado hahaha ...but my face managed to control all and i juz said " thank you.." KAH KAH KAH...really ...

whoever he is....thank you for being A MAN ...a Gentleman...I'd say ....(no there's no flirting lines there....nice try...ha ha )

in the midst of the crazy kelantan game ...i managed to squeeze meself out of the hocus pocus...drove home ...(instead of McD) and straight home ...and spent my Saturday..loafing like tak hengat i still have KUIS coursework to key in the vault room way freakin early tomorrow morning before Hj Rahim kill me. hehehe I am literally the LAST PERSON key-ing in all those results. heee :) sorry Gen, my rebellious mode is Super-On. :)

now ...i guess i will burn the whatnots oil I finish tallying up all these marks...haigh....served me right. :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Goes around will DEFINITELY come around

Ya Allah ..
Kau Tunjukkanlah Balasan Ke Atas hambaMU yang "macam bagus" itu..

SesungguhNya aku redha dengan KetentuanMu.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Life...Upon You

salam bloggie..

my days seem numbered...for's numbered to meet his Creator...for me..numbered seeing him early as 1215pm I have been alerted of his seizures and rushed to ICU. my sister had gone nieces were as fast as a concorde jet...and I...didnt know really what should I do. I drove off after class to Perdana. Dad told me not to go to Azalea's as he is now in ICU. how should I react? I went there in silence.

I saw him. saw my sister first. earlier at the ICU ward some chinese couples thought I was a doctor. yikes...ada rupa ke? yucks...and I told them " visiting too.." and with a worry smile ...i met up with my sister and he was (again) rushed to ct-scan room. all along I have been wondering how does he looks like in that commotion...(macam dalam movie tu ke...?) would i cry?

we waited outside of The Room eagerly wondering. at that point of time ..I really need to talk to someone, However I have no clue of whom. well i can't lie to you globbie...that "he" did come across my mind...I Miss the time when I can talk to him about anything. Now, I can never do the same. Now, I'm just Alone. (How pathetic, aren't I?)- yea, I know... *sigh*

As I was putting some senses into my head (of how LONELY I was) The Door was opened. they pushed him out. (damn...sebijik macam dalam House...) I glanced in jugak...just incase ...u know... the kinda Gregory-House might be in there...for 2 seconds maybe? huh..tade pon... what was I thinking? sheesh...too much TV...astaghfirullah...

we rode the elevator up to the ICU ward again...and accompanied him. I saw his face. red and unmoving. a way ..barely breathing. saw his vital machine...and everything is soo...House...I was cold.or Cold maybe.inside. for a fleeting moment...I pictured myself in that bed. and there I was ...Crying, inside. Will I grow Old and Alone? I do not think I want to anymore.

I wanna wake up in the morning in someone's arm.
I wanna be sick and have someone's hand stroking mine.
I wanna open my eyes and see My Love is adoring me, no matter what.
I wanna spend my entire life with The One.

problem is : How the HECK am i gonna find One?