Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31 - Year End


it has been a while...lama sangat tidak menulis...nak kata sibuk...tidak...ya...sibuk...entah lah bloggie...sibuk in a way ....tidak sibuk in many ways...ha ha .....tapi pasti nya ...i have been tumblin' up n down with life and dia ( oh it's a small d alright...)

i guess it;s a miracle today ...bilamana dia "showed up" and as usual...menjadi dia who made me impatience ..with things around me ...huhu...i don't think i have the patience ...inside...heck not the patience type pun ...kekdah nya ..hahahaha...pasti nya aku tahu diri ini terlalu menjauhi semua orang ...eversince ...i hardly welcome people to my life...let alone to accompany me lunch or dinner....semuanya ..aku prefer sendiri. yes....that's me ..sedekad yang lalu .....whereby genaplah sedekad i wanna go for another decade? that's a pang. :)

entah lah bloggie...i have been wanting to forget all these and move on .....fate always kids around with me by sending him ....whenever i am about to decide...sigh.....

dont Joke with me nimor God ....I am so Tired...from all those...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

right under my nose

assalamualaikum bloggie ...

my angel is slipping away ....right under my front of me.

it is painful.
day by day ... i'm ripped.

why am i doing this to myself.... I dunno.
i guess carolyn is right....There is No Black n White. It is all SHADES. Certainties are not there.

it is all about Fate..what He Has Given Us....Only He Knows.

This Game is Killin' me ... Will It be for another 10 years...?

I am not Strong.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

wishes - part II

assalamualaikum bloggie.

told ya. he forgot it.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's getting nearer....i am anxious.
i am somewhat confident ....he will forget.
juz like he does...always does.......

oh well...time is Near too...
by Turning back...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 1

assalamualaikum bloggie...
huh..kinda long n boring day for me. why?

1. i slept my whole day through.
2. i was in pain most of the time.
3. streamyx sucks. i can't log on to kill my yet another boredom.
4. no good movies on tv.
5. no pizza or buffalo wings for delivery! ha ha.
6. no work.
7. not much things to do besides sleeping.

those were the pretty-much-things i did today. not really progressive.

i slept on my daytime. now i cant sleep night time. aiiyaa....why look for troubles sha oii...

then to kill my time ...i ...

8. daydream about many things.
9. was thinking of a prince charming to come and rescue my days with huggies and smoochies ... ( yah rite!) hahahaha
10. laughed at myself for being so Old and Romantic. hahahahahahahah

conclusion: life sucks today. I wish I am never awake till morning. hoorghh~~~~~~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010



haa its a tiring day. today i came back from office at 630pm. that was late. considering that during fasting month...people go off by 4pm. i dont think i have enough 24 hours in a day.

come to think of it ...if i were given 30hours a day wont be enough for me.

what happened to me today? let's see...

1) I got my biz-card. yay...finally. after ages of waiting. Mr X called me up to pick up the card. ngguuu~~ he juz despised my Guts i think. so there i was upon knowing about my card...i nonchallantly walked down to his desk....

me: card?
X: dia...
me: 100?
X: seratus setengah...
me: (apa punya jawapan daaaaaaaaaaa)
X: sebab kita buat kat company lain
me: oh? bukan docnan ke? (saje nak panjang kan citer sbb dia dah offer nak sembang dulu..hahaha gatal!)
X: tak ...kita dah tukar...sbb murah lagi. tapi kad saya ada beza sikit ..tak sama dengan kad awak.
me: ( and i have to know ...WHY?) ke...
X:aa logo saya kecik sikit ...sbb ari tu pakai logo file lain masa submit...
me: duhh...( Do i need to know that?) dang...

that was bits n pieces of our mundane conversation. i lost my interest to even work with him. let alone to talk nicely to him. but since he was very nice to me this evening ...i gave credit la....
so i decided to walk off...then he said...

X : kalau ada orang nak lagi bagitau saya tau ...
me: (heh? getek nye ) ahahahah a ye la ...
then i started to walk off again ....and he said...

X: saya tak pasti la pulak pasal permission tu kena tanya hea.
me: (outta nowhere evidence nampak....) ahahahaha

long story short. he misses talking and making jokes with me. period. hahahah ...
mcm bagus la sha oii..........ha ha ha

Monday, August 23, 2010

13th Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

hoh's fasting month already and I am not getting any thinner. hehehhehe

so many incidents occurred during this Holy Month. I myself ..have been preparing for the finale ....with the fish in the sea. Time to time ....I am making sure I will be able to accept the come-what-may result from this so called ...fling. haha ..macam bagos....

i juz had my tadarus and now am sleepy as hell. will need to prepare for my next class in half n hour .....oh my gawd...........

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggiee..

heee :) should i say? NO. hahahahahahhaha...what's the purpose of writing alone here right? however i am thankful to Allah ...for Listening to My Heart. I should get to sleep. its almost 3am already and i am wide awake. excited i guess...and contented ...hooo ^_^

will the phase remain? I dunno.

All I knew's not greener all the time....there are times ...we will be Tested.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Fate in Action

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

what a crazy month...I miss writing. huhu ...there are a lot of things going on here in the circle of what i used to call i was astounded by a news that pricked almost everyone in the family. My brother came back for it. He is very supportive as usual ...and later on I was shocked by another news. in the family. I am wondering how is everyone coping with it. I know for sure I am confused. Not knowing what to think ..or react to...

things happen for reasons. indeed. things occurring in my personal life too ...are happening for reasons. that I not know of. how queer...but it is true. i do not know how to explain is not that i am excited either. but i gotta admit it made me slightly..happy. but i know the ending is going to be hurting me most. aigh...

so many things in my mind. i cant write.....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

16 - Not my Age

Assalamualaikum and hello bloggie..

this week has been so generous towards me. I have been so crazy around FB. I owe Zuckermen like super a lot ...for my friends back to me!

for sixteen years we were separated. for no apparent reason. everyone finished school and moved on. we left high school not knowing when to meet again. and worst case scenario i did was...not taking my friends' address and NOT KEEPING IN TOUCH.

I found my ex classmates ...zairul...mike...maziah...bahijah...nik...and many other friends. They started to pour in there's no tomorrow. beyond expectation.

after almost a week now...we are already planning for a mega reunion this eid. i hope everyone can join. this new discovery is awesome. i wish i can write more of it ...but am very much sleepy and tired right now. i have so many things to write....

to Mike, thanks for being an honest friend. i savor that trait in you.
to all my lost-found friends....welcome Home.

-where the Heart is...- [somehow]

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Throbbing Heart

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

i slept haf way thru today. and now i am up ...still...thinking how am i gonna fall asleep? my schedule has been released and a bit relief to find out that there is going to be some spaces and time for me to revise before my paper.
Thank you Allah. U helped me there.

am flipping thru me fb and update some photos ...when i saw the notification. uih? dang.....of all the days ..... ih ih ih...........

what should i do ikan paus? he he ..ini serious ..mari kita selamatkan ikan paus...yay ...

buntu la. nak kene tido n cari idea dulu. i shall get back later.


Friday, July 9, 2010

She Who Smiles :)

Assalamualaikum bloggie! ...
hmm it is kinda nice babbling in this new page. Since no one knows i Change the URL...i guess i am enjoying this like a new private journal. hehe ..unless someone search World of Sha ...they gonna easily spot me in here ..he he

who cares. human can read. knock yaself out. thats what i always say to my subjects. i am owning a kingdom la plak kan ...

talking about kingdom ..that above is my kingdom of trusted working team here. and to me ..those are enough. i do not need to have abundance. like Hj Rosdi said, U need Crazy people to understand Another. ha ha. Couldn't agree more.

Now i'm more rejuvenated to kick off another project. Yosh!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Assalamualaikum wbt bloggie...

its 3.08am and i am still awake! thanks to my latte...and up like a thief! he he he ...

i have my reasons to be awake. hehehe uno: i have to finish doing my reading. des: i'm smiling over his&her photo frame on my desk. ngahahahahahhahahahahaha. sweet! this is really kickin up a boost on my motivation and Dreams. hahaha...wait and see...juz Wait! and yeah of course Pray Harder too...for me! he he

oh well....I juz wanna smile and read. Dear Allah ...You're The BEST! mmmmmmmuahs!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Fish in the Sea

Assalamualaikum wbt ...bloggie..

hmm...i am currently on a mission. My Battle. I have worked so hard ...the past 2 years. Not to let down in the drain. again.

i am worried..yet proud of the Struggles. I am now living One to proof that Life has so many faces. We ought to walk through it all ..regardless what.

at this moment finding courage to keep on...yet another Battle...I am thinking of Him. I don't even know why. He who has Appeared and Made IT beat. He who is now ...Vanished in the thin air. As Fate had Wanted it.

sigh....time to read n get some more sleep. Good Luck AC.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy July!

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

yay! its JULY again!!! Spring is Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....whoah! this is my 3rd Spring ..ALREADY!!! Alhamdulillah..............................

I haven't been able to update my life ..for a while. Been tied up with induction 2010 and also life per se. For now I'm only down to 2 team members. Ijat and I. It's over for Some People. Because I want to work ...Excellently. I do not wanna play around and use Islam as a mean to become mediocre and slow. -sorry-

I'm getting busy with my exams ...again (yeah...) and last week...we had our Final Presentation Day of Induksi 2010. Noni Corporation came out The Best Presenter!!! yay!!!

I'm sooooooooooooooooo Happy. All of the companies DID a GREAT job with their products and business proposals. For a Newbies...they DID WONDERS! i am personally PROUD of them.

photos? SOON!!! i gotta focus on my exam first. haiyo...tired ...but it's WORTH IT!!!

see ya around bloggie.

and Oh ..before I forget...

Dear Allah SWT... THANK YOU. Shukur Alhamdulilllah....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pasta Fiesta!

assalamualaikum bloggie...

yeah! one caserole of baked lasagna AND deep dish of beef canelones! i finally did my canalones. been craving for it since years....wasnt able to cook it coz i couldnt find the placas. a short lunch at klcc last week reunited me with placas. i gave a few squares of lasagna to my colleagues today. happy to see that a few people can taste my cooking and hopefully survive :)

and yeah making Una happy too was a day i shall always remember. she has been wanting to eat lasagna and i keep telling her's expensive to make and tedious (truth is ...i was juz lazy...he he he) plus ...i normally choose to whom i would cook. I don't simply cook for strangers. na' cooking is from the Heart...hence the choosy-ness. ha ha. I do not treasure people who badly treated me or others to savior my delicacies. :) - wah! macam bagus...oh blog ..aint it? ha ha.

one thing about cooking, laura esquivel quoted in her book, “The trouble with crying over an onion is that once the chopping gets you started and the tears begin to well up, the next thing you know you just can’t stop!” That's what am feeling now. I already have marinated chicken wings ready in the freezer...for dinner tonite. :) and some baked potatoes wedges for the sides with definitely homemade coleslaw. I'm Happy. Dear Allah SWT, thank you for the Encouragement and Blessings You have Given me. I can never Thank YOU enough. You Gave me the Strength when I really in Need. You Hear me Out though You are Not Seen. I keep pray for You to always Be Near...and Inspire my writings and of course ... cooking :)

last night I was up till 4am. couldnt get my baby sleep as I was in pain from the non-stop coughing and breathing difficulties. the meds are somehow not helping. I should be checkin myself in to Doc Sheikh, may be later in the evening. I gotta make sure all the pets and housechores are done first. Even now I am still coughing my throat's sharp and dry. I think it's flaming inside.

will write more then. Need to rest.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie!

2 days ago marked our 10th anniversary. and it was not celebrated. not really in the mood anyway. and yesterday after coming back from my sessions and a spree at giant...i came home to a shocking news! i passed all the papers with FLYING COLORS! was a wonderful month indeed. all my sorrows and pain were juz buried with this wonderful feeling. i am currently down with flu, fever and cough...but that somehow was forgotten as i was leaping with joy..calling my buddies and sharing with them the news.

it's awesome. and that shall be rewarded with Bangkok Rendezvous next year ..inshaAllah..wahai sopek...i cant wait for that. May i still have the Time to jalan-jalan with u.

at the moment of writing this, my parents are about to leave for Mersing. haigh..home alone again. i wish i can take more leaves to stay home and look after the pets and house chores. luckily my cousin will be coming in the morning to settle the foods for the pets. I juz need to come back home for lunch and see to it that every thing runs smooth. and dinner for tonite? i was thinking on cooking pasta! spaghetti bolognese. yummy...been craving for that. and eating it out..was no fun. the taste did not fit me at all. i bought 2 packets of canelonis last week when i was in klcc. looking forward to bake canelonis and bechamel sauce. yummm...i smell victory along the way...inshaAllah.....

and lasagna on monday. yeeehaww....i am so in the mood. now let's go do some groceries. :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Assalamualaikum bloggie..

hmmmmmmm...long time huh... I do not know what to write actually. I am occupied with my routines and travelling here and there. I took the opportunity to visit some friends places and also this weekend will be in Seremban for the last wedding of 2010, ucu's wedding. Bic's youngest sister.

then i will focus on New Students totally. Currently working on the never ending write-ups. Am also occupied with my discussions and project-prep. i miss writing and sharing my thoughts here. but now i have to get ready to go out. appointment.

see ya bloggie. wo hen hou.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Never Stop Believing

Assalamualaikum bloggie... has been almost a week now. i am really down with zero ideas to write. Let alone to think. I am tested with a new human in life who is such a pain-terrible-freak who'd messed with my Integrity. I can never easily believe in human....when thing like this occurred. It'll take probably another years...for me to start saying hello to newbies ...ever..again.

what is it with Trust that is so important to me?

1. Trust Gives you Honor.
We do not simply born with talented life. well at least not ALL of us. Some has to earn it...hard. People from all walks of life...hailed from different backgrounds and lineages. when you can give your trust..and the same time earning it with yr honesty and sincerity, it builds your humanity even more. It supposes to humble you down with manner and puts you high up in Integrity.

2. Trust Gives you Respect
When you trust the person you are involved with, be it personal relationship or work, there comes the respect. MUTUALLY. it shouldnt be forced to exist. You are willing to sacrifice for life to these types of people that will strengthen your respect and bond you even closer, AS HUMAN. not pigs.

3. Trust Gives you Longlasting Friendship ( I repeat, LONGLASTING)
From the initial incident, one can go far with friendship. There is no smooth rides in this line, you go up and down TOGETHER. (got that?) You are there for each other through thick n thin and giving supports and encouragement to complete each other ( of coz not in a gooeey mushy kinda way demmit!) A friend would do ANYTHING for a Friend who is willing to take the Risk of Trust unto others. and it's not a waste if WE try!? am I right? Each and everyone of us Deserve that .....

4. Trust Gives you The World.
How else can I nicely put it in words? Trusting a person or group of people or who-ever, is not easy. Why can't we give ourselves THAT space? Put the little Ego of ours aside and feel the Bliss of Believing in People, Human. When we are willing to do all that...many happy returns for us...will slowly reward the waits. For every hurt and pain we cause onto Others...We will Surely Get it Back...Sooner or Later....InshaAllah.

In times, I constantly question myself why do people are obsessed in hurting others. Why can't they put a trust to it and Believe that Honesty will Prevail. Good Mankind is the Guarantee for a Better Posterity.

-and I'm still wondering-

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A day without Lisa

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

first of all i would like to say THANK YOU suhaib....for the phone call and the chats. I have been wanting to ask when can i chat with him ...eversince the accident. I wrote about it in earlier post. Alhamdulillah...he is STILL with us today. He "passed" The Test...currently discharged and resting at home with his family. what can I say? HE Knows Better. HE Granted my Prayer. Shukur Alhamdulillah... ( I guess ..thank yous are just not enough )

today Lisa went through some difficulties...I had to leave her at home. I was worried.

This evening....she is somewhat okay again....i hope she will be Fine...

i am actually tired from office. less teaching today ..but my mind was 200% working. am tired.absolutely tired.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shattering Piece of Gut...

assalamualaikum wbt...

i was talking to my cubic-mate, ijat, earlier. our main topic was -frustration. was it me who hope too much in this line..? when u teach people u educate them or do u merely teach what's in a text? or module? tepuk dada tanya selera....i chose the former...

in this working life, my current life....i do have fortunate students.. A students...not that I don't. However....sad to say ...they are not performing as they should be. Not that I am expecting miracles or wonders from them. Who am I to say and expect such thing to even begin with ? i am not God...nor angels to predict people's behavior. However what I can not Flourishing in them the value of sensitivity...what could others that might not hurt them. what could help others....may not be so important to them...or not even close to their Heart....they come to class...with merely paper target in their lives. Have we failed in teaching them the value of being Human? of helping others? of sharing...of learning ...and of being sensitive towards our surrounding...?

are we Bound to these Govern their lives...tell them what to do? why is it our needs clashed with the obligatory purposes towards them ..yet we did not see? we are not able to lead the way ...for them to See? to Feel? to Hear, Let alone to Hold and Embrace ...

today .... i feel that I have failed. Failed to educate them. I have Sinned.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

mei guan xi

assalamualaikum bloggie...

how's everything going? I hope it is good...coz mine is halfway there....i have to figure out the sponsorship for next year's event and I have no clue how am i going to do it ..just yet. I chose to challenge myself with this one. Dear God....Help me to pull this through. harder Sha..

Friday, April 16, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie...

my battle ended at 1pm today! woooooooooooooooooooooo....i felt like kissing the elevator! I am sooooooooooooooo relief....i came back not knowing what else to do...I download 300 songs to my PD. hah..puas hati. thank u TM for the unfailing lines. somehow today is smooth...

thought of bowling..but ijat is not available. hoh...i am gonna have a long nite....did i tell u bloggie...last nite was sooooooooooooooo beautiful. The skies and stars were just PERFECT. it was like a huge chandelier danglin down from Heaven.....absolutely Gorgeous..SubhanaAllah...Maha Agung Ciptaan Mu........Terlalu Indah....

i spent my nite under the constellation with Black. he was very anxious and wondering what was I doing there....huhu....I can never forget beautiful skies. it reminded me of friends ...good friends ...who are currently far away from me. Spirit...New Life ...New Project on our way!! yeahhhhhhhh.....I can't wait to get back to work. A week off from work ...Odd...yet ...treasured. I get to do what I want...whenever I want....Absolute Bliss..

and I didnt regret taking that week off ...
eager Beaver is ready to kick some ass next week! huuuuuuu..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

semper fidelis!

assalamualakum bloggie....

i got back almost to midnight...from Gh last nite. Rabia is okay now. She was discharged. First degree scald n burn from hot water. *sigh* ...i was stunned ...and numbed. I never like hospitals these definitely freaked me out usual ...i notify Dolf about it's a habit ....can't really stop's in the blooooddd.... ( sure sha..who are u kiddin? yaself hor? ) haighh...

what worries me is that the water was mostly poured ontop of her chest. the hands were minor but the chest skin was pretty majorly injured. it's turning blue. Good God.....she said it's painful for her to put a dress on must be tough...i mean to even injure yr finger while makin hot coffee in the morning with hot water....we'd be screaming and ouching like there's no tomorrow...imagine a whole kettle pot onto your body.... Nauzubillah....Hopefully she recovers soon. Amin.

i Came back from Lunch at the best nasi kukus in town...( nasi again? I know ...tough luck hor..) with EA and Ijat. Fetched them for office ...for the sake of That only. hehehehhehe....what to do .. i miss hanging out and laughing with them. Miss the hu-ha and gaga in the office. In fact, the minute i stepped in EA's cubicle ...we were laughing hard in the exam vault room. (notice the word Vault? yes one will know even if u die in there) heheheheheheh.

now am back to my reading n is indeed precious and beautiful....and Eedward juz found out ...i coded him to that name. obboii....thanks to EA...*sigh* unrequited

i gotta get back to my reading. cant wait for tomorrow to be over ...and SLEEP is Eternity! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Last Hurdle...for April.. :)

assalamualaikum bloggie...

this friday is another gigantic hurdle for me to leap....and earlier my cousin was talkin about a concert. heh....what a surprising gesture tho..i mean ..the concert...coz i havent been to one for quite some times now ......would be nice to hang out ..after all these years been sober from major entertainment.....true aye ...i should get some life ...back ... huhu

i spent the whole day today ..doing ...i dunno what. ..but i was with Luke most of the time. I did not even bother to do my reading just yet.. hee not that am lazy ...i juz dont feel like it.....last night i was up all night ...thinking what is going to happen to The Situation. Though promises were made. ..somehow ..i think it's going to be very bleak. oh well...if it's not IT ..then it wont...

i wanted to write so many things in order to train this mind and hands for writing ...but my talent isnt that flourishing as before. I'm gonna disappoint Mr Lee ...he was so adamant i could carry this weight for now ...i am actually brain tired mr lee... i know u'd say there's no such thing as that shoes are pretty small at the moment mr lee...

i stopped by at the office this evening...after ..almost a week now ...on hiatus ..from everything. And earlier i received a call from our EA saying there's a new appointment for a small occasion for me my absolute guess... i flipped. told her i am not Interested. and count me OUT.

got a msg...rabia ..our fellow ER....melecur....adoii...out for now..
to GH..

Friday, April 9, 2010


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

huh...guess what... i kena lagi. now i think i am running out of patience. meluat pun ada....nyampah? oh sesungguhnyaaaa....i dont even know how much longer can i bear this cobaan....

geram+ annoyed=mcd? hahahahahaha

oh well....i am wishing too much arent i...those arent healthy sha..remember what Doc said....
occay.... i remember Dr Latifah....die die...gotta email her soon.
ciao bloggie. catch ya later.

again and again

assalamualaikum bloggie...
tonite i get the honor to spend some time off with Luke.  been reading and analysing papers the whole day and now i think i deserve some quiet time with him. by the way i only have like 20 minutes to spare.  i do not know what to write. am jammed. there is some dissatisfaction inside. towards a few things...around me ..yet again.  however i still have to endure this pain...of being hit again n again by the same source of heart ache. same person ...same shits...
i was lazying around earlier trying to figure out how am gonna pull it thru tomorrow....its gonna be crucial i know and seriously  wish it didnt have to arrive so soon.  on the contrary...most are thinking am heading to Bali. i dont even know where did they get the idea. i wish i can be in Bali...but ...I do not think i wanna visit another beach in a different world again.  I have lived nearby the oceans...since ..forever.  
i got a new insight. on my case. i learn it hard....but hey least i learned it...
i need to sign off...time's up.  time for Luke to rest...anyways....u r always treasured.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's a longgggggggggg holiday weekend ...but i didnt feel like one. There were so many Walimahs around and I chose not to attend all. Congratulations to all. First of all, I have (earlier) allocated my committment to other things during this weekend. Second of all... I never like attending wedding ..not because of my status ..( damn u people who think i'm jealous...) Third of all, I will definitely come across u-know-who, which am not really in the mood of stirring a commotion ...for the time being. and Most of all, I have committed myself to something that I cannot leave for a mere feast. tumchui...

today i tried to recover my sleeps that i have lost for the past months....still not working ....i only manage to sleep for about 20 minutes and I was up and grabbing my sandwhich and orange juice. Fortunately I was able to knock meself out after maghrib ...for 3-hour sleep... Thank God...

Oh by the way, Happy Easter to all Christian friends out there. I almost forgot to wish them.

As I was drying my hair up and thinking ...about all these weddings I missed, I was brought back to The Question from an acquaintance...( oh well....a colleague....) he asked me...was it because of my "situation"? Good enough that he asked me politely .....therefore my answer was polite....enuff. No. It's hard to even tell people that I am not bothered my "position" that much. Least, not anymore. DO i have to shout to the world? Sometimes I feel like putting a HUGE sign on my forehead and say "I DONT F****** MIND" But majority find it hard to believe....*sigh....*
It was a pointless ...

pointless to even say it here. I know the society ...( and my workplace) are punishing me hard with this "status". They love doing that since god-knows-when. DO they even know How I feel? What I have to Go through? DO they even Care? - NO. Then why is it when it comes to that "status" people are mostly judgemental?

I am tired of pleasing people around me. Honestly so tired till I do not even want to speak and mingle with the opposite gender. freaky, I know. Bored, Mostly. I do not even know How much Longer can i Stand this Pressure. It's awefully unbearable most of the time. I know for sure Allah SWT ..Knows Best and Give me Best. HE has accompanied my Journey All this while...when No One Else is There to Hold My Hand....Yet HE Holds My Heart.

To me, THAT is more than enough....

Friday, April 2, 2010

Des-serted Day

assalamualaikum bloggiee..

i have been slavering myself to wonderful desserts these few days? why ? i dunno... i juz feel like caramel stuff. ..and be nice to others..


there will be rainy days....Life is not a smooth sailing ...

there is this one soul who came up in my facebook...and in-a-way...pisses me off....
for no reason. i dont really know ...Know ...this person . But it seems that, this person has "unfinished" business with me's not worth to think of this ...yet it sticks in my mind.

i dont want to think abt it. juz wanna focus with more important things of my life now.
am i selfish? i have to get more info on this one...soon...real soon...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Surrounding Me

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's a lonngg weekend for this state this week. Tuesday and Wednesday were the Sultan's Birthday.  Happy Birthday Dude...less controversy hopefully and better Reign this time around ....Please? spare us some privacy on your's about 'enuff..

as for us in the office ...we're all extending leaves...some cancelled the classes on thursday, some resume. Me? they're all asking for a break...and since they've been good to me ...a day reward ..will do. see ya sunday people.

now am still at my kitchen table or my mak would say ..."men-sepahkan dapur saya". ngeh :) i have been wanting to make this creme brulee....and here I am.  the only  thing i do not have with me now is the blowtorch. to caramelize the sugar. hoh...what should i do what should i do.... idea! upper burner in the oven! has been a longggg 2010 for me. good start but currently being tormented with lotsa challenges that I myself is undermining my own capability...huhu

juz finished chatting to ijat via ym....our 2011 project ...gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......
i am excited... Pray for OUR success!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

wofsha & Convo

tadhaaa! assalamualaikum bloggie....
saja nak tayang kasut terchentaa....amongst of the myriads of terchentas...bak kata Dolfy..."kotak syarikat tanah kot...takk...kotak make-up kot..."

Now I know Why I Deserve the name B.whale....
I am so Blue...
Go BB!!!
I Love My Shoes.'nuff said.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Endurance Part 3

assalamualaikum bloggie..

AllahuAkbar....i am sooooooooooooooooooooooo vulnerable. he he ...oh yes...i am STILL hit. nothing changes. In fact it's getting really worst....and best part is ..I can still endure. Though inside I am acutely in Pain. I do not know how Much Longer Can I withstand this ... Hear Me God.....Please......

I had a Blast day despite of the Hurt and Agony inside. ELAC made a good closing deal today. in fact it was charmingly good. Kudos to all ELACians who have worked so damn hard pull this One through. It's not an easy thing to do. With the continuous efforts .. We Made IT!

hmm... IndahNya Life if it is delightfully like this (all the time). *sigh..* :)

It's time for me to Take My Long Rest.

au revoir'taime.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Endurance Part 2

assalamualaikum bloggie...

guess what ...i am still getting hit ...aiyoo..i dunno how much longer can i stand ...all these....sometimes i feel like pouring acid onto the face and vanish... hehehehe ganaz gitew...tidak le beydah oii....
ha ha ... when both of the sides aren't siding me ..I excruciatingly feel the pain. and when this agonizing heart feels it ever longingly been waiting tears...would wanna drop out .... i didn't even know how did i become so hard inside. Time to time, I tried knocking those blocks out..yet to no avail. For all the challenges you're testing me in Dear Allah.....I shall try to Endure ...this pain again and again .... I am sure YOU Know Why. it's just that sometimes's kinda Offensive wen You didnt wanna Let me know Why.... he he he .... i've been askin too much,aren't I Dear Allah?

i shall constantly endure the rough waves long as u keep in Your Faith. Amin.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie..

i am soooo tired. and i cannot complain.

this is the path i have chosen and i will strongly stick to it.
along the way i am constantly challenged and tested by the neverending obstacles. The more I held up high..the more it keeps coming. and it comes from the people surrounding me, the people that i Love and want to Love ...that is the path i chose.

even now am stricken by it ...i gotta move on.. i have so many things in store for me and myself. i shouldnt let the minor devilish acts to obstruct my Dream. i will fight. i may not win you in my life...i do not mind anymore. it's My Life i'm concerned of.

to those people who constantly hurt me ....have fun ....what goes around ...comes around ...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sha 2010

My life in 2010 is pretty much hectic and fully occupied with works. I enjoyed it very much. I have less thing to think of personals and I like it that way. Since last year, I was given a team to coach, learn and share with, the UTM grads. Tiqah, Ijat and Tinky. Each and everyone has their own nicks...given by me. I like using nicks. people whom I gave the nicks are the ones who are closer to My Heart. 'nuff said. oh and above is my team mate, ijat...or fondly known as anchovy among us ELACians. btw, am a B.whale. :)

Here are Tiqah and Tinky. Or I love calling him Jert-Jert. Coz it sounded so Cute and comel. Tiqa, whom we have yet to name her has left us for Johor service earlier this year. Occasionally she'd come down and join us in programs or merely hanging around over steamboat cum laughing event this. hehe ...above all ..she's always in our thoughts ..wherever she may be. Tinky is fun to tease at. he's very patient with my crankiness. And he has this real malay man thingy ...that made me respect him. huhu...mellow!

and this is tiqah and faezah, Faezah is new to us (as in me & elac) as she joined us in our Pergau Program early march. i haven't got the chance to really know her yet, i guess time will tell.
so far, she's handling me well...some people knew how crazy i am in testing others in works...and I, too along the way meself tested by Allah SWT in making all these duties worked.
All of us will be congregating again end of this April in BLM Challenge 2010 and Returning to Ma'Daerah for July Semester. Man.... I can't Wait.
Pergau Program was almost heaven. The drowning part was enlightening.
I am looking forward to more outdoor programs this year. who knows... I can shear off a kilo or two...huhu
In the meantime, allow me to complete Solbani's write up that supposed to be dued tomorrow.
hee.... I will start my Official writing with One Professor that I admire most ...after all these grandiose events are over.
Wish Me Luck bloggie.
Thank you.

ELAC, My Passion.

Two Crazy Advisors of ELAC. on Xplorace 2010 day
motor courtesy of cilok student punya hahahaha

Edy, is struggling with his 3rd checkpoint task. Do-or-Die
This is the best Checkpoint I've ever Done.

The Winning Team Dolf and Edy is solving the clue at checkpoint 6. very Funny.

The Winning Face of Mr President. Tired aye? He had fun. Good Dolfy.

The Winning Hearts and A whole New Experience of ELAC Xplorace 2010.
Congratulations you guyz ...I'm gonna miss this.
Muahs and More Muahs.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie...

this week has been a tough one for me and some of the people around me. It is eventually still is a tough week. My Suhaib is currentl struggling his life over the traumatic accident he had last week on Sunday morning. Today I received the news of him being transfered to Penang GH by 930am. It must be very painful for him to be moving in that speed and distance.

I pray him well..pray that he will succeed in this battle. He is still in comatose mode due to the severe injuries he has. He needs to be really strong. and To his family, I would like to wish them a deepest condolence from my heart. It must be wrenched for a mother to see her son in that must be devastated for a father to be strong. Yet... those two people are the strongest Human thus far, reported to me. They are even pepared to Surrender him to The Almighty. MasyaAllah ...Agung sungguh Kuasa Mu. Maha Pengampun lagi Penyayang. YOU gave them Strength...that I have Wished. You gave Them Iman...That I have Wished. Akhie Suhaib...You are Indeed Lucky and Forever Will be Protected by Allah SWT. Should He Chose to Call You Back, I will Try to Be Strong. ( though I have no idea how to at the moment).

I believe in YOUR Decision. I will Keep my Faith on whatever Result YOU give. If Possible, Can I still have him with us? Can You bring him back to my Class? Pleaseee...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Not A Second Late

Assalamualaikum bloggie...
it has been a while ..again and again..

the reason i locked wofsha: not because I hate this.
I was too busy to update. and i am thinking of changing its template. havent got the time to learn and actually do it. Now. I have all the time and excuses in the world to stop me-self from giving excuses of not doing it. I will make time to learn how to change it and I promise you. It will change!

I recently came back from Pergau Project with my children (as usual). I was enjoying my tired weekend yet happy phase. then by sunday am strucked with the news, Suhaib has got into an accident. Parah. I was numbed. to the very core of my not-so-alive-Heart.

today is monday and i still have swollen eyes. Suhaib is now losing his left eye. The eyeball broke during the accident. Last night the doctors tried their very best to save it ...but Allah is much Greater. HE took that and sent to Heaven. Suhaib is now still in his "sleep". I wish he could hear my heart. I wish he could touch my hand. I wish I can trade place with him.

Ya Allah Ya Rabbi ...The Merciful Creator...Teach me to be strong for him and myself. Teach me To be Faithful to YOU. Never Let Go.

I have so many things to write here. But I need to settle on my works. Do know right now My Heart Bleeds....Tremendously.

Monday, March 1, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie
i juz had a long talk with sopek. finally its good to have a chance to talk and talk.  life has been quite frustrating lately..with so many unfinished deadlines.  it's quite depressive to be working in this mode where PEOPLE assume and piss u off continuously. they do not seek clarification ..they juz judge. when i do the same towards them, they'll be pissed too.  how;s  that make me feel? do they ever think of that? No.

that's how it is working in this environment.  it's suffocating and annoying. yet, it is part of life. one can never easily say no too. it exists everywhere.   i am wide awake. i guess this is the best time for me to work on my papers.  it is such a shitty day when u cannot really work on your schedule due  to obstruction of feelings inside. it's a jinx.

Friday, February 26, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie...

from now on i am no longer sharing this with public. no offense ..but one of the reasons is ..i do not have ample time to manage and write as before. workloads are getting higher n piling on my desk.. and most of my ideas to write ..sank with my thoughts when i go to bed. i am getting more restless these days.

i am vulnerable too.

pathetic. as sokna would say it. but i really am. i got too sensitive over simplest i getting my menopause..? oh god....

mr lee told me sensible. huhu.... i called me self..weirdo.

actually today i am really pissed bloggie. not today ..since last night. what my students are doing to me is preposterous and i cant take it anymore.

i am not nice..neither friendly.nor assistive. towards ppl. i chose whom i wanna work with because i do not like to be hurt in return.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who am I Kiddin'?

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

YAY! i surely have a concrete reason to be saying that. YAY! ( and no's nothing to do with The Knot) huhu

I am so excited to write..merely because I had only 1 class today and I managed to release my stress by gayuting with bojan on the phone earlier on. finally i could get it out of my chest. huh...

As I was clearing up my desk for the ever-hardworking secretary and her buddy came by....and we had a short...discussion. i was sighing most of the time. i pity them...yet...adoi....oh well...then I rushed to docnan's trying to get some quotes for the plaque. along the way my yappy mouth was blabbering and potpetting till she can't say much sitting next to me. pity her...having to escort the yappy me... hee :)

then i resumed work ..not realizing there's Pesat Gabungan tonite (Halaqah kinda gathering) They were expecting 700 I think. oh have 350 is Grateful enough for me.

Then I thought about the things that made me really pissed today. such a hypocrite. I knew it is somehow gonna turn up this way. but I refuse to believe...I do not wanna look down on people. berdosa ngko....

now siapa yang luka? aku jugak. hakghtuigh.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Good Things Come Last

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

yeah still awake..nope ..I woke up at 12...and now working on my presentation.  need to refine few sections and i should be happy with it.  My partner did not expect I would come with abundance of slides in 6 hours time ...oh well.. i sometimes adore surprises. especially if it makes the person in your life.. Happy. Why not? right on...

that's not what i intended to yap this wee morning....i actually smiled earlier on ...when i came upon a Truth...that somehow hurt ..yet it wasn't that bad.  there's a jittery sweetness to it.  It's kinda funny when i keep on voraciously stumbling to Truth these days. pretty spotty huh bloggie...oh well...i can still thoughtfully embrace those "surprises" at least.  i am thankful to Him..for Giving His Mercy upon me.

I'm comfortable expressing myself this way.  it does not really matter ..who you's all about Feelings ...of Me. So Goodluck wofsha in less than 6 hours...fuh...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

KUIS Final Exam Week

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

i didn't get a chance to snap some photos when my babies started their final exam today. oh well it's only day 1.  they have till march 6th to fight.  so many things are going on this week for me.'s another repetition of this and that...and sometimes ...the miseries repeat itself too. hoh....isnt that .."nice"

my teammate, c-ijat got me hooked up to Ne-yo's song ..Never Knew I Needed. so kena the batang hidung. and juz now when we were talking to each while listening to the song...i said to her " weh..suddenly i teringat kat jet-jet" hahahah now that is freaky bloggie..uhuhu

oh yeah before i my colleague in the photo...syikin. Congratulations on your engagement dear. More Blessings to come. Amin.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good to be Back

The Reclining Buddha - I was tired of waiting for them to her butt has to be in this photo hehe..

Assalamualaikum bloggie.... has been a while isn't it bloggie.. Life has been excruciatingly busy and it seems like it won't stop. I miss writing here, dearly. I have not been able to keep in touch in any of my journals due to workload and programs of 2010. i did not even get the chance to visit my acquaintance's blogs too. seribu ampun dan maap ..for not keeping in touch.

oh well...Kem JatiDiri ...has drawn its curtain. and It was fun. I had fun with Guppy. Amazing, shy and exuberant kid. Those youngsters have a lot of potential in them. and I am juz glad ...eventhough I was not 100% there, but it's good to know what are my future students like. heh...

oh yeah ...Happy Chinese New Year 2010 to all. I almost forgot. I had fun dung dung cheng places and got to visit few places too. of course with my good friends. Actually I planned to go alone...but hey last minute change of plan...Let me check my PD ..if I have a copy of those trips.

This Fella is the so called...Guard of the Temple....the Story was Long....I shall ask Guppy to explain (if he remembers hahahaha)

This is actually on our 2nd day, before we sent our beloved Godson, Guppy back to his camp. A cakoi stall which was soooooooooooo Good.

Am tellin' ya...this drink..RAWKS. it didn't only Look Uber Good with the Crimson die-die Red-my-favorite..
It also tastes Awesome!

wofsha is no motorbike fan..but this Honda Scooter is to-die-for! so Sleek baby!

This Standing Buddha is Wickedly Tall and I juz Loveeeeeee the Stairs. Seriously. With the Breeze and serenity...I juz wanna grab someone to Love. hahahahha..cewahhh

The Sitting Buddha. Seriously, Uber-Grande.period.
and we were walking under his Tusch. -"Nice"

Guppy's Camp - Evening Riadah

The photos are as abundance..and will always be my personal collection of memories and good time with my friends and families. It's not a bad start of 2010 but am telling ya bloggie....this is the busiest year...thus far.

Look forward to bugginyapping here again, till then...
Muahs...Still Love You.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Due to unavoidable circumstances...World of Sha is Temporarily Dormant.

See ya when I see ya Bloggie...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Funky Friday!

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

what a longggggggg and fun day.  sometimes when i looked back at my life..i do not really have Weekends...I have only Weekdays! hahaha....public holiday is just another fun, lovely and regular day for me to cherish.  i guess i love doing that.  since my parents were no longer arguing with me of not having a weekend of my own...i think i am pretty much secured in my Own World of Sha :) - which I Like.
what's more to Life when One is already loving it ..every second...after all....I am responsible of what I Feel and Do.

One can never be satisfied with Life. right bloggie...Can I this day-to-day basis is Wonderful enough? hmm....can enough be called Enough? So far in MyLife, Enough gives me Smiles that I Want, Flowers my Heart...all in all...Make My Day.  What more do I want? I have Almost Everything Now, though It may not be Complete...Allah SWT made me Feel Complete.  :)  Am I no Longer Greedy?*sigh* I don't know ...but I Feel It. Can you believe it bloggie.... I Feel The Beat Inside and I can't Stop Smiling knowing that It Feels ecclecticly uber-Good, despite of Not being able to Hold it Dearly.  God is Great. Thank YOU for This.

If you notice bloggie...I no longer attach the photos here...again ..not that I am stingy...I juz do not have the mood to upload. plus tedious. and I'd prefer to write in my Book Journal and have my photos collection 'safe' in my PD.  I did save some in facebook....yet my PD is my everything.  Am writing this in the midst of getting ready to my work.  and I Feel So big inside...thinking that my Path is set.  I'm gonna walk it through, I know I will Cry more and Laugh more...but hey....I still woke up this morning...Alhamdulillah....

Shukur Allah SWT.
and I will Always Love You.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 First Move

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's 3 am and am still wide awake.  i slept earlier on and woke up few hours ago to TWO unfinished fiction and Curtis!'s kinda nice to see him at this hour...soothing and urghh...why haven't we met earlier? LOL. yikes.  don't mind me juz sleep-blogging i presumed. haha.

in few hours time too...i'll be helping bic out to move into her new room.  how i wish she did not have to do all this. but a PHEA gotta do what she's gotta do...i have to agree on the fact that those infos on her desks are mostly pnc and need locked room.  albeit the fact that i really do not like the idea of having a new bicmate....i guess i gotta make do with the only option I have left; which is to invite Ijat to join in. it's a plus to me since she's already in The Team.  I do not have to worry walking back n forth juz to have meetings or discussion with her. now that she'll be in the same bic with me...we plan to convert that area into ELAC's gallery and Headquarters! hahaha isn't that nice? huuu huuu....i knew i am making SOME people burning inside. oh well...reality bites with it.

i have finished reading Kinsella's and currently proceeding with Archer's.  I still have a week or so left to enjoy this so called ..short vacation.  Though, am pleased to received early birds messages from my elacians and students.  It's slightly comforting to know they still remember the way back here.  I usually kid around to them by saying come back in one piece....or don't forget to Find way Home ya kodok2...

Life will definitely be triumphant with loads and piles of works soon. Real soon. In the meantime, I am enjoying most of my time doing ..merely nothing.  The least would be spent on reading and the most kickin back n relax or cooking somethin in mom's kitchen.  The rainy season in this side is slowly fading and sun is out again.  it's good that i can finally have those comforters out and dry in the sun but's frikkin hot n crispy.  huhu....human...never settle for less huh...hihi...with the Bowling fiesta around the corner and potluck next thursday, I am planning a bbq with my friends out.  Serving gourmet homemade burgers is kinda awesome too dont u think bloggie...thinking of the homemade fries and the homemade ketchup...already! huh...yumz...

ok..think of something else. :) yes ...You. I still think of You. what to do. Who told You to be extra Nice.. and Sweet...and Kind...oh well...Stop! I think I should lie down and get some sleep.  There's a lot of things to do in the day and need to save up some rests.

Till then bloggie...muahs!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You are so Sweet :)

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

haighh....One Soul made me really happy today.  I took Lisa out ...smiling and squeaky (as always) and got meself ..mingomingo strawberry.  it's my First January 2010 sweetness. is too beautiful bloggie...not like it is a big deal....but really makes my day.  I just did not want to go to sleep yet.  if I can stop the time... I would. Hmm...YOU are so Sweet.  Never failed to entice my Life with Your Spontaneity and Charm. *aiigghh.....sengih sorang2 aku nie haha*

hmm...had a meeting with The Team today ..regarding Pergau and 2010 Calendar.  In fact managed to stop by SA to check on how is M doing. haha to my surprise, he bought me chips! ( haha of allllllllllllll things....chips?!- ary would undeniably laugh his head off if he reads this). Updated program calendar with M and off to Home and Made The Best bean noodle in cream sauce and crispy sausages. yummyy...( perasan nya puji masakan sendiri- oh requires confidence ...isn't it? - oh saratz...haha )

Even after dinner ...i am still Godsmacked smiling like some idiotic fool. ahahaha...well doesn't get around this type of good vibes often you see bloggie...after is the new year week, still, so whaddaheck.....cherish it sha ...while you still have it...ho ho...
My bicmate is finally moving out from my precious cubicle.  She will be re-located and there I am now ...thinking who is the best person to fit that throne next to moi...( did I tell you I get to pick the person who can "reside" next to me bloggie? oh yes ..) I know there will be many "unpleased" people with my act....but's my Kingdom, I have The Say.  Though, am gonna miss laughing and joking around with bic ..I have to bite this bullet.  after all, it's only 2 cubicle away from me...not like 90 kilometers like M said. (geez...thank u...)

dear bloggie...damn it still smiling! ha ha ha Life IS a Rollercoaster. Indeed. There's Ups and Downs.
In the meantime, I'd like to treasure this Feeling :)


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Babble of 2010

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's only the first week of January ...but am already babbling to my KUIS students. :) what a nice teacher i am. thing is ...they started off new year with a blast in the xplorerace...and I would like to sustain that rather losing it. They had to deal with stern me. 2 of the siswis were locked outside the lecture hall ...because they were late. I haven't been strict lately with punctuality (with them) because I do not want to freak them out. But today ...they felt the pang. I feel sorry inside for having to be too rigid on them ...but it is about time I teach them a lesson. Time is not going to wait for you. Learn how to Respect Time. Especially when I have to prepare a Test paper and ended up having to wait for extra minutes a mak guard there. Nope. Not Gonna Happen. Ever.

They were pleading to enter but I refuse to accept. For the first time in their semester I am TOO serious. What did I get out of that? They FINALLY managed to memorize 165 words that I have been trying to make them understand how important those words are for their knowledge, took me 2 weeks yet it failed. and today they did it in less than 1 hour to understand the usage and its meaning AND spelling! It is somehow effective! so no more nice sha eh? It's tough being nice ...people do not know how to juggle that. after the lecture....guess what? I still pity them ..inside. ngeee :)

but i pretend not to care. *trying hard*

Looking forward to Next week. Bowling!!! with friends.

to farah: Happy 30th Birthday Dear sista! Have a Wonderful three O year :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Farewell 2009, Welcome 2010

 Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Have I not been excited for 2010?  this year I did not post any excitement entry about 2010. well...technically we muslims have celebrated Awal Muharram way before the New Year's mood somewhat came in early...Looking back...

2009 is fast for me.  i Found The One. But I lost it. Again. :) things weren't meant to be...and I am still smiling to see him in front of my face every single day. How am I holding up? simple- Did not Hold. Exhale. Done with. Been holding up for 10 years already's about frikkin' time to Exhale Sha. Good Woman. ( i wanted to type Girl..but then I looked at myself in the mirror...u gotta be kiddin me right?) hahahaha ...among other miseries in 2009 was when I had a work conflict with one of my teammates.  oh we "kissed" alrite ...but I guess we didn't make up. It happened for the second time ...recently. *sigh* 2009 too saw Lisa a.k.a my car, involved in minor accident and got scratches here n dented was ramadhan. i dare not bragged much about it.. huu...and 2009 too, a year where I almost...ALMOST loses ME.  2 major visits to ER and 1 diagnose. Have I not had enough? :)

Despite all the misfortunes, I am somewhat Gifted and Protected by Him Above.  HE saved my Life, Again.  HE gave me a wonderful moment in classrooms. He Gave me Wonderful Students (well...not all...) HE too...resurrected ELAC to my Life....HE Gave us ...Ma'Daerah Turtle Conservation THE BEST fieldtrip EVER.  well personally, That was my BEST moment, eversince my return 10 years ago. I can still remember vividly...THE MOMENTS ...I can never trade with anything...i mean it ..ANYTHING. Shukur Alhamdulillah for that Dear Allah SWT. 2009 too shared with me its Glory when I got to fly off to Sarawak for my Orang Utan Conservation Program in Semenggoh. It was absolutely amazing trip. and there's nothing better than sharing it with my Best Friend, sopek.  2009 too gave me one phrase of "The Most Beautiful Woman" in this World by someone I had never expected.  Thank YOU. I won't forget that (you bet haha)...

and 2010? 2010 flips it curtain with a Blast.  Thank You Allah SWT.  Our KUIS-Xplorace event went Great!  With the help of the Ever Ready Ijat, my teammate, it was A Success on 1/1/10.  What a kick-off. and Tiqa, we did miss you while doing it.(if you are reading this...don't cry..) but we DID miss having you around doing all this crazy things we are doing and will be doing.  May be one of those days you'll be able to sneak in ;)

what next?'s only Jan 2nd today, I'll be clocking in tomorrow morning to Work. Somehow I'm looking forward, very much forward...for all the things I did last year...I wish the setbacks could be Forgiven, For all the Glories..I Thank YOU Allah SWT, for Blessing me with Love and Friends.

And for all the days to come...I wish it'll be Merry and Bright. Amin.