Monday, December 26, 2011

Sweetster Park Memory

Dear Bunny:

Happy Birthday. Will Always be part of You ..that Neither the Two of Us can Forget.

From : 8th Wonder.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


salam globs!

did ever occur to u that one day ...your past just ...simply make a turn ..and it points at ..YOU! ha ha ...i got my version juz now. in less than 30 minutes.....OH PIZZA! seriously ..i didnt expect its going to be that ... ( i dont even have a word to describe it ) but ..yes, it hit me dowh~

luckily i juz got my freedom! from my never ending piles of books and papers. so was i really hit? hihihihi........all i can say..........EAT-YOUR-HEART-OUT-SAKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

oh man! so this is what it feels like ..WINNING? nguahaahahah oh woman! ...if ONLY all women out there can feel This? betcha...they'd walked out straight up...and make those days...and kick their asses...

Merry Christmas to all Christian friends..
as for me?

I Won! and Mudcrab maggie is already on me Mind had a Great Dinner @ KengSom's with Family. I WON! muhahahahaha~

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Music of My Heart

salam globs!

i slept my day thru. hehehe ...kunun contemplate to wake up early and study. to my sangkarable not-surprised sangat....i woke up and checked on my movie download! haha and DONE it was ...I was so excited...teeth unbrushed, face like kejung ...quickly selected my playlist...and BAM! - A Christmass Kiss (2011) movie ngaaa :) I knew I wont be able to watch its premier on Hallmark's. Hence the early upload. in not-so early has already been aired in the states.

half of my morning was really.. "wasted" hahahahahah...but was good vibe...reminiscing ..over years and years of memories. it was ..Cold ...brutally Cold inside. *sigh*

then ..i decided to read my book n notes on The Bed. ya la i know meself in two days...i slept by the 30th seconds ...? hahahahah gile tido tak hengat...woke up around 4. showered ...and lapaq ....then i thought of my parcels ..and ijat!! it's her literally last day in the office today.

hoisgh...she was busy clearing when i called to ask her out for early dinner at zakini. a kid who now has turned into a woman. she bloomed alright. and i do hope she learns more and gains more in the long run ....she deserves this break. the chance to infiltrate herself with knowledge and love. Love of a being a human and salivating brains out ...for a lil wisdom. Wisdom of Life. or dengan mudah dan radikal ..bunyi nya equivalent to ..da'wah and Tarbiyyah....

I have never felt right ..typing or mentioning those words. Feels a bit odd...out of times. huhu....

i went to see the office was half empty....we did many things together...especially with ELAC. The ELAC that has crushed out our pains n bitterness to the last drop. ELAC that hold too many memories with them. ELAC that is Everything to us...( at least to was obvious)

Now, i am teamless. I have no team mate. zero. i feel like am on this Huge island ...all by myself. again. Working in this line requires gazillions of passion...miles and miles of Heart. sometimes, it Drains you out. when am on That Island. oh yeah..It Drains alrite. Hence, the decision on deactivating ELAC and tries to work on the current program, build their confidence, work on the discipline board (at least till february 2012) , mentoring the students ...on Advisory board....juz like 2006. :)

Oh has been a fun Ride.
spread your wings and prepare to Fly.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fly high Anchovy

salam globs!

huu..that's Anchovy in pink...or known by birth Izzati...or Ijat to many ..and Anchovy to us ..ELACians...

it's well-known farewell to many now that Anchovy is leaving for her post graduate study in Shah Alam and will be hibernating in Seremban for a month or so. huhu ...Many management officers asked me ..when is your registration date...and I said ..dunno. I lied. :) hahahhaha dang girl....if they know..betcha they'd hold u up...again....*must be nice kan ...people dont want to let someone go, hahaha wait til my turn....they'd throw confetties ..PISH! PISH!* hahahahaha

anyhow ..dont worry. i will definitely make time to see you off...not because i am celebrating you leaving's just that i didnt get to spend our last week in the office together due to my exam dates. there's a slight hollow inside for not being able to laugh in the cubicle for the last time *well...last for 2 years* haha ....and for not being able to cook that tempe pedas second round for u ...oh well there's so many things I need to do to wish u farewell..but i didnt get to do all...sorry banyak. i'll try to make it up to 2 years time then? he he :D tah i idup lagi tidak masa tu ...

I wish u all the best in grad school, kick ass! and enjoy college life again. whenever u get to eat better chicken chops! do brag it to me...hahahaha ...

till 2013, cheers mate! thank you for putting up with me ...all these years.
Jazakillahikhairankhatiraaa....for ALL.

Day 3

hi globs!

sometimes ure up ...sometimes (although i wish to type all-the-time) ure down~ sigh..that's the beauty of life. i saw his face his face...his words...i still miss, he he did i know ..coz i still remember his favorites...susah kan...jadi robot kan senang..ingat bateri je nak idup...

I'm praying for Allah to take that 4% back. I want to forget. thinking or reminiscing ..will only bring tears to my heart...
oh ya...i bought new perfume...takde keje ..prabih duit...ho ho ho...been waiting for it for so long...Bloom is in my hands....suker! and i plan to lay low ..til 2012 ..hoyeah...a year where I wish everything will turn out GREEN...or gold ..perhaps? heee :)

i learn a lot about friendship this year. like so different from what i had previously..and it is uberly shaken inside with all sorts of galores of mixed feelings. hmm macam mixed research gitew hu...
the best thing of knowing a person, is to NOT put too much Faith in believing. coz when you're's way...d.e.e.p.

i guess experiencing that in this kinda weakened dinasour age...frustrates me a lot. let's just say I wish too much for what a human can accept a friend for. and that too denigrating the part of my so called life...- trust.
It's quite remorseful to be in such situation, but hey this is World. It aint over till the Almighty high above Sings?? oh well..that is just an expression, do read my between-the-lines if you really want to understand me. Alas, I wasnt demanding either. After all, I ain't perfect Either. hai loh~

there's a lot of issues for me to write in here ..but i guess i didnt want to sound ...biatchy. hehe :)

i better go to sleep.

carpe diem~

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dunia Dunia..

salam globs!

today my life is so upside down! kisah nya ..aku dah panic. .sbb aku tersalah tgk dates! minggu ni starting ahad sampai jumaat aku exam! and aku ada classes yang aku made everyone promised to attend sbb aku tak nak skip weeks...hahaha mampuih dan minggu ni jugak sharmin nak hantar sales utk eclairs and chicken pie.. mampuihhhhhhhhhhh

so tadi ..with thick skin ..i had to brace myself to let sharmin know about my mistake...that i have forgotten its my exam week!
i studied 3 chapters out of 10!! gile dok? bengong whole day .. I couldnt focus. my panic is attacking me inside. slowly. aiyoooooooooooh.....

i dropped by the office to check on my notes and assignment to be delivered to class by ijat...PUN to no avail....* talk about screwing up life real baddddddddddd...*

last but not least aku tolong orang order barang online ...hoigsh....takde keje tul..! bengong...

now ...i wish i am married to tengku muhammad faris i do not have to think of all THESE!! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ya Allah ....please save my night....give me Strength for tomorrow...and kekalkan la ilmu dalam kepala otak ku yang senget ini..>Amin...ya Rabbal A'lameeeenn..........

serabut je ..Kawin..serabut je Kawin! ...ingat senang ke?!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Congrats TYDPA.

Congratulations to Sultan of Kelantan, HRH Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra Ibni Sultan Ismail Petra ..on the coronation of the Deputy of YDPA. you are so..chomel. I guess everyone is complimenting and thanking him for the new duty. May he prosper and wiser in attending all the chores of the country and K-State. sigh~ you are still...chomel... hahahhahaha *abih dah aku..*

indeed the Rose who will be Next to him is lucky and Lucky. *sigh* boleh dok nok jeles? hehehehe oh well..>Life goes on Tengku...Fare Thee ..Well...AllahuAkbar!

huuu~ tetap chomel ...come what may.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


salam globs!

at 2am I headed to ER in one of the specialist hospitals here. by 4am I was screaming to A person. I was personally offended by his remarks. I wasn't supposed to be there even. but, humanitarian act, melted me. I chose to be there. for the sake of my Family. and yet...It was even tougher than I thought, it was.

by 5am I was home and slam-dunked meself onto the bed. tired and agonized I chose to sleep first till 930am. now it's 11-ish, I'm not at the office yet. I do not feel like IT. I have been thinking, over and over again. It's pouring outside....and the weather is somewhat nice in the east coast (when it rains) as compared to KL-side. the level of moist in the air is somewhat celebrated here than KL. poor those kl-nites who had to deal with flashflood, where I was lucky to have left the place an hour earlier. else, i would have been stucked in the water too. and imagine that~

3 former students of mine dropped by. former elac to be exact. and they were talking on pursuing their undergrads in TU. Teesside University, Middlesborough, UK. -nice-

I don't know, whenever I heard of TU, i am no longer excited. that name was once upon a time nice to my ears, now seems like a plague. tu la...orang tua2 slalu pesan...jangan galok sangat...pah ni gak mu rasa la.... ~ now I'm rasa-ing la...padan muka aku....tak dgr kata orang tua2...heh~

not hoping for reciprocation, but a little thought will do. when we don't get it? bershukurlah dengan hidup ini. as for you can never ask for all...and if it's not meant to be yours...let it go. life is too big to live alone. cherish it... I once said to myself and the people i've met.

Now, I got to live it. been re-living it for plethora of times. ngua ngua ngua....

I gotta stop mocking and cursing. I want the Old me back...not the very Old me ...but the Old me ...


Saturday, December 10, 2011

thi di thisud...

salam globs.

after THAT stressful day. I decided .. I should spend SOME MONEY for MYSELF!
and where did i end up? NARATHIWAT!

hahaha talk about perabih pitih and menjamu was an ASS-SOME day. It started out at 8am for me to fetch ijat n meet up with Sharmin My Niece at Pengkalan Kubor Imegresen...we head to Tak Bai for shopping spree n perabih pitih...then we decided to go to NARATHIWAT! hhahahahaha ...gilo ....little did i expect it's gonna be that boring journey....30-minute drive from Tak Bai...and by the time we arrived there....all 3 of us (ijat, me and tikah) were ....AAAAAAA!!!! WAAAAAA!!! horghhhhhhh!!! cantekkkkkkkkk!!! and the rests were history ko senah .....masa tu la kami ter fikir...apsal la kita ni tak kaya.... * now we know* hahahahahhaha

we shop-hop till our knees were wilted! like so farkin' literally. hahahahha ...then off we went to the beach! (i dont even know how to pronounce it) for apa lagi.....MAKAN lah! tak hengat....bloated with fanta ijau..merah...abih semua kaler ada dalam perut...and my bladder pulak ..tak reti2 pegi skolah...asik nak tekench ja...minum a sip pun nak tekench! horghh...bad bladder....i had paprik ayam+daging =A MUST...sharmin had cambo...ijat kue teow..and tikah...all sorts of BALLS. hahahahah ... i think sharmin had photos taken ..will update with her later. as for me. aku tak larat beydah weiiiiiiii....the heat killed me. BUT NOT during shopping though. horghhhhhhhh~

I had a fun and stress-released day. seriously. thank u Allah for TODAY.
ada baaaaaaaaaaanyak tudung baru ....baju baru ...hahahahahaha...

Friday, December 9, 2011


salam globs.

for the past two days ive been feelin sick to my stomach. at people.

i'm tired of people who always find reasons when it comes to helping other people but demanding more than anything from others ...for the sake of their ass.

i'm tired of people who like to play God.

i'm tired of people who are simply self-centered bitches / bastards.

i'm tired of people who are lazy- ass and always cling onto others.

i'm tired of people who take advantages over others just because they are NICE!

i'm tired of jack-ass!

i'm tired of shitheads!

i'm tired of assholes!

i'm tired of pinheads/ dickheads / nutcases !

screw It!