Saturday, January 31, 2009

wofsha & Anak Ikan TLDM

haha Assalamualaikum bloggie...

anak ikan? baby fish? hahahaha ...propa je tu ... I attended my friend's brother's wedding earlier on. alkisahnya...the groom work with TLDM and the wedding definitely got pedang2 ala2 TOM CRUISE (oh tidakk...) in that movie with Demi Moore (A Few Good I remembered). When Esi and I stepped into the area, we saw a group of uniformed men with swords ...and I went "Bic! aku gigil in uniform 12 o'clock!!!" That's just it. I don't know what's up with me and men in uniform! thanks to Maverick in TopGun ...sampai ke tua ni's still a fetish! hahahahahahahah...THEN, jeng jeng jeng....there is (was?) a Maverick in The Crowd ya'll!!! haaa...apa lagi ...auntie sha ni gigil LAGI "wan (esi's son) ..look..look...hensemnya dia wan..." Hazwan went "mana auntie..mana?" alaaaaa then I turned his neck towards the Anak-Ikan. hahahahahah CAIR cair ...oh tidak...hazwan just giggled at me ...the minute I saw the yummy food ...anak ikan kemana ...gigil kemana ..I was actually starving and cursing myself at the same time for not bringing the camera (of all days...)

Since I have like loads and piling of things to do updates of current photos and tit-bits from the trip have to be delayed. Now am scribbling down the itinerary for my classes' Field Trip. It's going to be hectic because most of the dates in the acad calendar have been crossed. masak haku..hingatkan ..sempat to go before the syllabus of that chapter commences.
And The Workaholic has returned.... :-)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

wofsha @ Putrajaya

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I'm Living Life to the fullest this CNY holiday. I have A LOT to write...but to spare more time on this ...feels like a such a waste when I can go and take photos outside and enjoying the sceneries. (hahaha) In the meantime, just to ease off the excitement will ONLY be updated when I get back to KB. I still have another plan with Nor to accomplish.

Oh yeah, last nite I watched Inkheart with Pa. Since we were both exhausted from our Malacca Zoo trip, I fell asleep and missed the earlier part of the movie! hahahah the plot was a bit ..slow tho ..and it's like watching Harry Porter+LOTR+the Mummy (urghh...) CGI pun tidak best unfinished business (hehe suka ati kibod aje nak ngata filem orang ek) all in all, I like the expected-sorta-happy-ending. out of 5 stars, I gave 1.5.

However, our Alamanda Dinner after Malacca trip was DIVINE! will post later, photos inclusive. Now, that's what we call "menteke". The last time we did this was during college years. To be able to do this again? oh's a Bliss!!! ha ha ha 2 persons ordering milkshake,blended vanilla, hot choc, banana split, 2 iced water...and whole table full of foods? it's history...will let the photos talk.

I haven't seen Pa for ..several years(see..I even lost count). Distance and work have somewhat contributed to that. we share different fields of works and FOOD got us together BIG TIME ( u should see to believe). It was Great. For those who have dearly-beloved-good-friends out there, no matter how far you are (or close) always find a moment / time / space / chance to "tell" how wonderful they are YOU.
btw, this is our hour ago :)

Take care bloggie, will keep ya'll posted soon!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

To Miss K

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

this entry is tailored for Miss K, my colleague who's about to leave.

I know you are in the Deepest time and space Ever to Decide...
I know we didn't have much time (at all) these days talk...(that's why I chose not to talk)
I know you are striving your very best for your two Beloved Angels
I know you are busy ( so am I)
I know you think I might not be able to understand the Commotion of your Life...
I know I want you to choose the Best workplace to Serve and Have a good Life...

I know you know why I didn't want to talk to you, Yet (just in case you don't know or wondering the wrong thoughts - I didn't talk to you because I know you have A Lot in your Mind at the moment)

In sum, Pray to Allah SWT and you Should Know better with HIS Guidance and Mercy to Color your Life...
I will stop saying "I know" because truth is, I don't really know what's inside your Mind..
All I know is How to be a Friend ...
YOU know I'll always Will..


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dr Straight-Face

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I went to see DSF at 9 today, as usual...she's like....mute. Not even telling me what to do...only the nurse said .."filling ek?" "sambung, ek?" and I nodded..(dalam hati...agaknya la ..mana aku tau weii) Then she moodily sat next to me and started to "splash" water here n there in the midst of the drillin ...(inside..I was "ko ni ..PMS ke menopos ka apa....) The drilling was stronger this time and I thought it reached my Brain am berdengung inside...

I thanked the Nurses for being nice n kind to me. There was one Senior Nurse who greeted me warmly and recognized me from last visit hehehe ..thank u auntie Nursy.

Now? back to office...but still "berdengung" I can hear ocean...uih.....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ticklin' DDE

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

"if u don't know, u don't love" = in BMelayu, Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta. Precisely! I had class with DDE earlier today and I'm surprised at how cooperative they are. Cheeky but Polite. I have already informed them about the Field Trip. They are UBER-excited. Me? Can't wait to see the "products".

DDZ is more or less the same. They're giggly and bubbly upon the news of FT. Some of them were spotted grinning with lightbulbs in their heads. Nyami-Nyami was absent today, I didn't get the chance to "nail" him in class. Am said "dia tak bleh mai Cik, taya dia PANCAT!" and I was like .." Hah?" and the cutie Hariz went "Pancit laa nko nihhh, ada ka pancat...ciksha mana tau" hahahahaha -they went. kena aku. adeii.....Am is a bit of a dreamer, yet he scored. (luckily)

Both sections have the King of class. if DDZ has Nyami-Nyami (named after the River God of Zimbabwe hahahaha by us!), DDE has Arwizal, Azlan and Shahir. Adeii....those people make me feel Alive in class. Not to mention the rests. Both have been very cooperative and I wouldn't mind being tired and spent extra long hours in the office catching up with my tedious and lengthy paperworks.
Now, i'm heading home. Makan puas-puas! Tomorrow will see Doctor Straight-Face @ 9am. huwaaaa....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DDE- Group 1

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

haa...the E.E section went well.. Alhamdulillah Thanks to Allah SWT. Tho it's my first time with them, it didn't feel awkward at all..(surprisingly...hehehe coz I knew they were scared of me....en_me...syhhhhhhhh) I managed to make them laugh and eased off a bit and today's section (too) was smoothly done. Syukur Alhamdulillah sangat2.

I have another Environmental Project for them. This time we're going out for a field trip in nearby areas. Place I've chosen? - Landfill /Waste Management Site. (hahah I know...but they have to learn to "appreciate" trash on this Earth!)

Instead of me spending time alone, I Might as we all spend it with them. kan? This will be the week after I lepak-ing with kawaiidesu. InshaAllah, we will work on Recycling and Landfill project. I'm so excited! wuuuuuu..... *mexican wave*

Monday, January 19, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

fuh! thanks to the interview, now I have 1 hour to myself ...tick tock tick tock...I haven't taken any photos lately...I miss doing it. I miss seeing people and cultures.

Last nite I watched a thai movie. klakar habis. thot was a horror movie.turned out comedy horror. antu & ghostbusters pondan. hahahahahaha...giler..released!

I was in my Academic Communication class this morning. Joke a bit coz I was tired actually. I made them walking to n fro the library to search for newsclip. :)

I love a class that can laugh. A quiet class scares the heck outta me. Will be going for Engineering student session afterward. Those students haven't known me well yet. Will I be getting laughters and happy class? We'll see..I'll keep uolls posted *winks*

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I need 2 more of Me!

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

whoaaaa........... I miss blogging! It seems that Now I have to Make time (more of a Stealing time) to blog! kasihan kan? I had to sneak out for a bite, and sneak back in classes. The minute "they" saw me they started begging for authorization of sections and whatnots ..."cik ..please this ..please that..." whoaaaaa.....tu la sapa suruh register lambat....some of them even had the cheek to bug me outside of my classes...eiii...

I woke up to the by-Election's result (actually since last nite laa kan..walaupunn...) a not-so-surprised result. had it coming. PADAN MUKA those yang bongkak and budoh-summong. No offense Pa, but the ill-politicking these days is too strong hence the frustration over the result. Mohd Said (shame on you for sharin' the same name of my Idol! dush!) it's about Time you look in the Mirror of your OWN reflection. Needless to say.. alahai D.a.t.u.k Farid, it's not a harm to learn to be humane...a better one (better luck next time?). The Wheel turns ya know...knock!knock! The datukship should worth Something...dontcha think?... All in all ...ANYBODY can be a Menteri Besar, BUT How Besar you are to your People in Governing to their needs...Use da Brain can Power lasts to a human anyway? In the End, you are facing Allah SWT. Stop bull-shitting around a citizen of Malaysia I Profess my Sickness towards people who keep their blind-eyes on the needy ones! who ever you are ..YOU SUCK!
I'm not surprised if One Day PAS/PKR/DAP wins more over the stupidity of MY OWN MALAYS.

There, I've said it. :)

My life moves on despite the result of the by-election. Kuala Terengganu moves on, too (they better..) I still have hectic routines and I'm looking forward to my post-CNY holiday heee :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tooth Filling Ep.1

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

whoa..I have been excruciatingly busy with works and my teeth! It was a painful journey. Plus my Doctor is ..Cruel. She does have the evil eye look. hehehehe...and not to mention a straight face..macam Hassan. *lol* muka yang menakutkan bila tak senyum ni ...

So today I had my fillings..yang sengal nya ..aku lupa dia re-fill my right side...huwaaa and dengan suka hati nya I ate nasi sup ayam (minced chicken la..) then after that rasa macam ..eiishh...tertelan mercury ke aku ni ...huwaaaa........

Now am in a worry mood. Next thursday is my appointment with Doctor Straight-Face. If she found out what happen to my filling, she'd surely give me That : ( tak sukaaaa....

Now...feel like sleeping ...

p/s: passive for few more days....or weeks...

Monday, January 12, 2009


Assalamualaikum ...

Good bye to :
1. McDonalds
2. KFC
3. Pizza Hut

3 foodchains that I love to spend on hehehehe....I was watching Man U vs Chelsea last night when suddenly ..." eh can ah?" hahahahahahah Man U UK maaaaa he he he he ....Anyway having lived in this remote area, we dont have starbucks, ben&jerry's, haagen daaz or whatnots. I'm somehow lucky not being tempted to spend on those products.

The Student Affairs department is organizing a rally..against those Israelians actions. Then I thought, they'd still kill those palestinians indiscriminately. Not that they scared seeing us burning their flags.. kan? Although, I AGREE on the BOYCOTTING. am doing it! Successfully!

I was having lunch with K and we talked about Palestinians issues. I almost lost my appetite. those people arent lucky as us. we can still sip on our sirap limau and nasi goreng paprik...*sigh* pity them.... I do Wish ..One Day those crazy, sick and sick-er Israelis will pay for The Price. JAHAT!
p/s: I watched a morning show on RTM 2 yesterday morning. There were 3 hosts, trying to have a selamber morning show, KUNUN nya ...and one of them was saying " I'm sorry ...(dgn gedix nyaa) I can't really miss my starbucks" that dialog was paraphrased. eii...sial je ...macam la bagus sangat if the local Coffee ni dah tak bagus sangat...MACAM BAGUS! bodo! why don't u just keep your damn mouth shut! no need to make a remark of how gedix u are with starbucks la...die! like that face can come up on national tv ah? sei lohhh...what a biatch! keep your damn-opinion-to-yourself! don't air it! Learn how to behave on Live Show..else brambush!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Registration 101

assalamualaikum wbt..

it's a lousy day! i am really annoyed by 1 student. my hati got really hurt.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pa'ah's Day


Have a Blastful Birthday! Wishing you the best Of Life and Happiness......

Monday, January 5, 2009

Inauguration 2009

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Mr Obama is counting his days to noon January 20,2009. Will this mark a new beginning to Hope? He must be uber-excited to sit. Well..United States of America..Change, U-Should.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Birth of a Life

Nurul Alisha
Children are not going to be just "the children" - they are going to be Other People's Husbands and wives and the Parents of Our Grandchildren.
Assalamualaikum bloggie...
That's Godzy's newborn. Baby Nurul Alisha. For every death, born a new Life - I remembered H told me. True..
I'm having a block for coupla days. Tired actually coz I've been sleepin' late. I'm focussing on work ..and Nothing Else. Not even personals...
C ya around...
Good Luck Kuala Terengganu!

Friday, January 2, 2009

A.C quotes...

Life was Meant to be Lived, and Curiosity must be kept Alive.
One must Never , for whatever Reason, turn his Back on Life..
- Eleanor Roosevelt
Assalamualaikum bloggie...
Pouting my lips as usual, I ponder. My thought wandered to a person..2 actually..I wonder how are they doing now. I wish nothing but the best ..for both of 'em..
I made myself busy with laundry and Spring Clean. I wonder where is Cik Pa? I doink-ed her in YM but to no avail. Wehh...makcik ..mana hang? Chinese New Year ang cuti dak? I feel like visiting.... :) we haven't "menteke" together for a lonnngg time....
Among the Manis things today
  1. I cook and eat sesuka hati moi..
  2. became a P.I for Ayah..I had to secretly snap photos of hardcore poor's house (kesian...rumah dia ..sorry cannot show here..nanti Ayah marah coz this is official stuff)
  3. all my clothes dried up ...Alhamdulillah...
  4. movies...@ home jer..he he
  5. that's about it ..I juz feel Manis ...dunno-lah *blush blush*

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Trippin' Ep.2

Assalamualaikum bloggie......

Did I tell you it was magnificent? ho ho ho Jalan-Jalan memang I like...and too bad previously am not into blogging ..else I would have TONNES of photos from my previous journeys (in a box) My Mother would kill me If I selerakkan those boxes Ever again ... :) heee...

Let's Follow the Signboard.....kiri belok....(yang coklat..bukan biru taww)

mako sapa lah kito ke Pantai Cahaya Bulan adik kakok weyyyyy...eeyy...eyy...
( read in Mak Yong's Tone....hua hua hua hua ....dare enough?)

Chak!Chak! we were breezily greeted by The Wind and Yenbowww....There...It's a Rainbow! weeeee...slideeeee....terasa macam @ Oz World...wuhuuu...
Again this is amateur-ly taken as I was thirsty and had to gulp on my lychee heee :]

senget-ly taken. without the cars, it could have been dinotopia! hehehehe...I love the sky..
am a SKY freak.. (coz am no good at human portrait he he ) furthermore, sky makes me ..exuberant.

Again... A Bliss
after a long day in hectic, trafficky town...I wanna retire my day with....this...

Am Glued...
Noticed the water?oh yeah....banjir is coming soon...after all's The Season.

The River
This was shot at Riverside. Heaven on earth :] what can I say .. I simply Love the Sky.

and these...

and more of those... *grins*
And that's a Wrap....Jumpa Lagi.
It was an Experience. It was Lovely. It was Fun. It is (still) Cherished.

it's a Tourist Day!!!

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

It was a Beautiful day. Mr Sunshine rose soaring high...and I got to be a tourist in my own town! hahaha. It's too wonderful till I couldn't even describe. What more to enjoy a sun-shinny day other than with your buddy!
And The Journey Begins....

Serene...The Riverside...I'm mesmerized by the sky...melopong with Nor ...SubhanaAllah..Maha Indah. This is our first stop. I jalan-jalan like a tourist. Walaupun...hahahahaha was really funny...not that I haven't been to this place before, but I found it rather ...peaceful and harmony to be caught up with nature. tu tempat jetski rental...boleh la vroom vroom..but since it's hi-tide..takde makne nye not book thy Death...let it comes Naturally .... ha ha ha ..

This is the Marine Jetty. hahahahaha guess what?...trespassers are not allowed. Being adamant and notty as always...we managed to go in.."Encik..saya ni lagi di larang masuk ..lagi la saya curious nak tengok ..boleh ek? ek? hahaha and the officer smilingly (or was it reluctance?he he ) allowed us in..hahahahha I love being Cute! There were 3 speedboats and I'm not Charming enough to make 'em allow us pose on it *lol* plus the current scares me man...wicked not ready to be'ah

A Juxtaposition
Nearby Jalan Padang Kota Lama. Ancient Chinese settlers I presume since the buildings resembled the influence. Condo ..tepi sungai..not-a brilliant idea..we'll see what happen in 10-year time.

Makan Time - Colek "malah" and fishballs
The gerai is at Pasar Lama MPKB No 4 people! they serve DAMN GOOD PHO BO NOODLES and SOUP!
The noodles WERE SUPERB!!! Nor and I had TWO bowls EACH! hahahaha believe it or not. We were starving from the walks and talks, hence the slurrpiness of da bowl . Tak caya? scroll down...

In Vietnam, this is a MUST. Excuse the shadow...I was really starving and to get up to find the right angle ..NO WAY! First look - damn ..this remind me of Mars and friends. Second look? erk..there was none...I just makan and ENJOY the taste...SEDAP GILERRRRR!! both of us were squeaky and felt like screaming how tasty the meatball....OH the Meatballs and the lauk were soooooooo friendly to our throats hahahahah..Gerai No 4 yer kengkawan ...jangan lupa Pasar Lama MPKB, kat arked tu (atas) ada banyak cheaper stuffs ..compared to Pasar Katijah ..and Katijah's DOESNT have Wicked- Uber-Delicious-PHO BO NOODLES!!!!!! rawk!

Sesungguhnya... We were Really Joke man...
for RM 3.50/bowl, it's worth e.v.e.r.y s.i.n.g.l.e d.i.m.e!

Tapau -Time
apa lagi....tapau la ..dah sedap sangat....dah la siap tambah ..buat macam rumah sendiri hahaha even the owner was happy feeding Us! the two-local-freaks-who'd-die-for a good meal!
The trip did not end here...there's a lot more photos and story I wanna share in here. I guess I shall open another entry ..(excited nak post this one first *lol*) To sum up this first half, I am glad I took the day off and savoring friendship...Tremendously.