Tuesday, January 17, 2012

sickly 2012

salam globbie..

huigshh...brroooooooooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbb aacchoom! haa...this is what 2012 likes for me. it's aweful, dreadful and sickly year... Sickly too..if ya know what i mean globs...

to some life is beautiful..and that immaculate beauty ..is somewhat tarnished by sluts and slits and stupidity. plain simple. yesterday i came across Hj Rosdi ..a pious man ..who is our Monday Liqa leader. he'll be taking his Sabbatical soon. going home to his family and rests. i think he needs it badly. people are not getting what he is preaching and the youngsters are just killin him ..even faster than fate is! like seriously. i feel sorry for him. because i can understand what he is going through..pretty much like mine...the difference is that he preaches...I? oh yeah I whine...like super a lot. heee :) somehow I am well aware that MY whines ..are pretty much still logic...and not the bitchy-slutty type..*there I've said all those bad words in nice manner...aren't I?* hahahaha vongoks...as always :) heee....

seriously globbie, I am seeing people who refuse to Learn. As I told Hj Rosdi yesterday..how stupid can a person be ? why can they not Learn? i mean ..it IS a simple calculated risk...it isn't something majestic or so to say...'aite? and he replied me " Cik Sha, this people need more time to Learn..." and me and my stupid grin on ma face.. " Like HOW LONG?" I knew he wanted to "babble" me about the perjuangan Rasulullah and his sahabat during those years preaching Islam...but he KNEW too I will be saying ..." YOU wanna COMPARE these people with Rasulullah n Sahabat? they were in STONE AGE! WE have TOO many things around to IGNITE these kepala Otaks of OURS , demmit...*yang ni aku cakap dalam hati la bab demmit ni hehehe)" - Hj Rosdi KNEW i will never accept such comparison NOT because I do not believe in Rasulullah SAW...I DO believe in his perjuangan ..SUMPAH I DO. but i do not like people use that comparison because what if Rasulullah has iPad2 at that time? ...Galaxy Notes?..Tabs?..Emails?..Blogs?...Islam would have Spreaded Faster! and No wars to appreciate whatever the people in the Past had done! that's just about it. SOME of our people are not APPRECIATIVE. period.

those in the past they shed bloods, lost families, friends, relatives..wealth..every single thing to let the children of Now prosper. Unfortunately we did not See and Appreciate that. we prefer to tear up some stupid posters and got suspended for nothing ..and we celebrated people who were shouting on the streets asking for Justice ..we parade those who are not doing anything but breaking apart the Soul of Brothers and Sisters...like...WTF is that? Don't these people have a-mind of their OWN to like.......THINK? I do not have to be whatever Colors there are out there ..to THINK! I GOVERN my Own Mind. simple. What does Religion mean to you, when it is making your Heart Dirty and Stink? -exactly-

and you wanna tell me it's Perjuangan? this is the part where i'd say ..Kiss my Big A*S. *smirk*

it all boils down to the reeky-facts where the same shits happen in our working environment. people are not Bright enough. by that capital B i do hope you know what am Sayin' globbie....do not read me Literally, for Cryin' out Loud. Have I been too Obvious in some ways? huhu...
It's suffocating to be in a working environment where people (ok ..excuse me...SOME PEOPLE) are big-fat pretentious liar (that's another idiom haha)

what's worse is that it involves some OTHER people who wanna do things right..follow The Book and Live happily ever after. (cewah...ko ingat ko cinderella beydah? kapish!)

On that note, I am definitely hearing Hj Rosdi at the back of my head saying "Cik Sha (dia suka benor panggil aku gini)...... Kita hidup ni manusia ada macam-macam warna, macam-macam sikap dan perangai (bila aku baru je nak buka mulut and mencapab) nanti dulu...bagi saya habis kan....( hahahhaha ) Sudah menjadi lumrah, kita di jadikan dengan pelbagai kerenah ..untuk saling melengkapi...( aku pun akan mula la berkata dalam hati ..U THINK?) saling tolong menolong.....saling nasihat menasihati (TENG! TENG! TENGGG!! ) supaya kita dapat menjadi Umat yang mendapat Redha dan Kasih ALLAH SWT (part ni aku taleh kata apa da la ..sbb confirm Betui :) )

tapi kan globbie...part Redha Allah tu betui laa...tapi manjang aku yang kene ...where got Road? ada je orang cari jalan nak kenakan nak kadambabu kan aku...because? am much lower than them? apa hengat ko bagus sangat ke? please do not think i didn't know your bad shites, all these whiles. No one knows because I...this CIK SHA is a NICE,FARKIN' KIND-HEARTED PERSON KIAH OII! i am not the leaky type who'd potpetting for no apparent reason (do notice the word APPARENT there...hihiks..apparently kisohnya kan) PLUS, bukan jenis aku nak hodohkan orang yang sudah sedia ada HODOH...reti? ko tanggung je la ngan Allah SWT...Kendian. settle.

Moral of the story, Be honest of who you are (may be not all...but to a certain degree where it won't bite u in return hehe ) No matter who you are ...how you do things around you ..Inshallah ...Allah Listens and He will Reward YOU for your Kindness and Goodwill towards People. Bersabar (although aku ni pun ilang sabar gak kadang2) and One Day you will get a much better and Rewarded Life ( jangan tanya aku HOW LONG sebab aku tau ....tu seksaaan Dunia...but trust me I've only Lived 20cents of it...and I did not plan to stop...just yet)

They can keep Tormenting us with all shites in the world ...but they Have to Answer to HIM. may be not tomorrow...but Allah Promised ..ITU PASTI.

so what if you lose it once in a while...go get some haagen daaz or a good treat of Ben & Jerry's (super Vanilla...oh yeah!) at Cold Storage, OR simply take a day ( or TWO! haha) annual leave...(like i did..today ..haha) and lazy your asssssssssssss around the house with good food...good cable tv and simplicity of life....naked! ( hahahahahah just kidding....hazab ko...kene panah petir...padan muko! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

what i meant was ...go pamper yourself..do whatever you like...go bungee jump, if u can afford it ...spa...bowl...shopping retails...whatever shites u want...THEY CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU!

eat your heart out sakkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


salam globs ..

2 days ..of holiday weekend ...jumaat n sabtu ..aku tido mcm naga tadak gas. hahahahha siyesly aku tired and kaki aku da jadi cam elephant...sembab for no reason ...actually i knew why ...sbb aku duduk di meja ngadap komputer 24 jam sehari ...kowt...hahaha kat opis duk ataih kusi ..kat umah duk ataih kusi ...basically my blood didnt go anywhere...and aku sembab dowh...mula la panic....so MT 3 ekor ni pergi la berjimba kat al jabbar dr jisim tu ..hahaha more or less la nama dia..lupo dah aih ...we were "electrocuted" for 1 hour...hahaha sonok gak ...men sizzle kan bontot2 gajah di situ ..hahahahhaha....taleh blah when i was electrocuted by Rosy...adoi..sakit gilo...seb baik tak tekench..hahahahahhaa ..memang gilo! and that was pretty much benda aku buat...hahaha

lain2 semua tido bangun makan tido bangun makan berak! haaaaaa indah nya idup ..biarlah aku ada satu gunung kinabalu keje menunggu...file MQA lagi satu tak settle...semua aku leave it ..
pi mampos la...ada subordinate pun cam harem....

in the meantime ..i still have 12 hours to sleep. before tomorrow the doomsday comes....


Friday, January 13, 2012

magic Wand

salam globs..

haish...the opening of 2012 wasn't that great for me. it's shitty. heh~ well..i dont wanna be called as ungrateful...coz in no way i meant that...i was frustrated. (or may be still am).

2012 marked the year where I found that my Trust has been Betrayed. big time. big this one Biatch. really...when it hit me first...i did pray for the worst. to be Punished upon her. but then again..its wrong to ask for such thing from Allah...

Dear Allah.. I am hurt. way to deep. I cannot pretend the case did not exist. I cannot pretend the person is not there. How am I going to walk thru it...without this hatred and sick feeling inside?

to be honest..am sick to my stomach..for whatever happens...I pray Allah Gives me Patience..(berkeping2 patience aku perlu kan buat masa ni ..) Give me Lights Ya Allah ..Give me Strength.....

I'm Weak~

Thursday, January 12, 2012



Friday, January 6, 2012



salam ...globs...

balik je keje muka mcm tapai...turun gi keje 730am...muka aku ni mana reti pi awal ...salu aku masuk 930...ikut jam uttarpradesh! he he ...today i feel like FLIRTING. hahahahahah ...takde keje cari keje ...and MrX fell for it.

anyhow...i am still ngantuk.
esok jelajah siam...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


salam globs ..

di kala aku mengisi malam2 ku dengan file2 yang perlu di semak untuk graduation bebudak ni ...tetiba aku di rentap..it strikes way deep to my Heart...i don't know why sometimes people find it Hard to understand and respect other people.

living in K-state is way Different. I once thought...mungkin diri aku ni yang sudah berubah...dan aku yang perlu memahami budaya ibunda ku ...supaya aku lebih menghargai Peluang yang telah Allah berikan pada ku.

I chose to ask Allah and hidup menjadi orang Timur. kerana aku Orang Timur.. Orang Islam. tetapi ternyata ...islam di sekelilingku tidak memahami ..akan erti pengorbanan, akan erti penghormatan...akan erti sebuah kehidupan. Mungkin tidak semua....tapi yang pasti majoriti tidak memberi aku peluang untuk Bernafas, untuk Berkongsi Alam ini.... I do not understand why...I can never will...letih bila orang menyangka aku ni bukan-bukan...sedangkan aku work my ass off to live in this culture.

apalah lagi salah aku...Ya Allah dengan mereka-mereka yang tidak henti2 menghina dan mencabar ke Egoan ku....

Getek 101

muhahaha salam globs!

i was so getek today. i tested u-know-who with my new perfume. hahahaha and I WON! i love winning ..( when i win.. hehehe) apsal la mata aku nampak dia sangat macho dang! hahahaha i guess my eyes are blinded oredi lah with all those shites...it's a fling after all...

today awal gile masuk opes...hahaha ...as usual ada la orang2 yang terkejut " weh awal ko ari ni ?" hahah aku pun ..biasak la...da kene sound semalam khen.........." kene warning lagi aku ngan Boss..hahaha gara-gara in and out sukha hati aku yawl...muhehehe...what to do ..sapa suh buli aku..sapa suh wat aku offended..sapa suh TIDAK ADIL? hhaa...kan beta suda buat perangai....seb baik aku tak resign...cewah ..ayat taley blah...ngahahah

whatevor it is ...today is hectic. i was places. kerja byk. files to sort..pnp to check ...deadlines..one after another...somputtt....

my new pnp files belum settle...cita2 tinggi..hahaha ..aduhai...tomorrow is thursday..cepatla fridayyyyyyyyyyy....

Munduk Here i comeeeeeeeeeeee
Mintak2 la air surut ...boley perabih pitih he he

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


salam globs!

huyeah~ it's finally here and am another year older...huhu and i have a new 2012 fling! believe it or not it happens so fast...and I can't believe it still...whaddaya know...Allah is Forgiving and Fulfilling ..HE got rid of nuisance ..and replaced with...ensem! hahahahahah However ....it is not meant to be permanent ..as I think it is just my temporary bonus.....a new year ..fling...heheheheh

he is Sweet, Romantic ( in his own way) and Charming. Indeed~ hahahaha I love this Feeling. Thank You Allah. You Know me Best! aja!

today the management announced the salary increment. i'm happy? no...bershukur ...Yezza...

i have been getting good momentum lately...Ya Allah ...can You keep it Coming? :)

Loving it.