Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ini Budak....


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Kcynodia

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Around 330pm...I came across kcynodia's birthday notification in his blog of course. As fast as lightning...i asked ary "Ary. smalam birthday lid.26th wish tak?" I was expecting he'd say No i didnt know EITHER....yet...what i got was "wish dah" IF i can hear his selambakodok statement ...i was like come i' m the last to know? and the answer from him is oh-so-oblivious...the i-didnt-know-u-didnt-know thingy.......DOWH....

anyway ...hussaini..


May you have a wonderful and memorable years to come...may this friendship lasts forever ...thank you for being a nice and kind friend to wofsha. :)
p/s: bulan november free dak ....nak plan terubuk marathon ni ..hehehehe

Wofsha took a Peek @ Tadau Kaamatan

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

Happy Kaamaatan to all Kadazandusuns ethnics in Sabah (and my students too!) I have never been there.. and always been dreaming of one. Of the many places in Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak are the 2 top places in my vacation list. It has constantly been in my see and explore the rich and vibrant cultures of the West Peninsular.

As a result from Bambazon telemovie in RTM yesterday, I was glued. hehehehe...and asked myself ..what is it all about. and Kudos to Linda Nanuwil in that telemovie for such a beautiful song which I didn't understand at all. I texted my friend about it but he usuals ..failed to answer... I guess he was busy or pretending to be busy or it is just him ...who's not melancholic towards culture....yeah ..him and his called....walhal ..he can be pretty sensitive and too melodramatic about "certain" things ...hoh ....enough about him ...let's talk about Tadau Kaamaatan.

It's a festival of the spirit of the Rice. Amazing how the ethnics are still strong in their ancestoral beliefs and customs. whereby some of us today ..have forgotten to speak our own dialect just because we have lived ...KL..(bukan new york punnn) for a few damn years. I really ..despise this type of human. mct told me yesterday of how one of her housemate's moronic slang attitude...yeah ..kelantam? hahaha Good God ...for a person who went to Unibasiti ...I found that as uber-ly stupid and ignorant. back to Kaamaatan heheheh (kalo steering to mengata..sungguh best hahaha) - in this festival itself there are 6 stages to be completed ...and the best part is surely the finale ...the selection of Unduk Ngadau - the Harvest Festival Queen. Why Queen ..not King? shut up la ..women rule these days ..hahahahaha lah ....that is to signify Huminodun the sacrificied daughter of Kinoingan the rice spirits.

If you ask me it that good ah? well...i myself is adoring their beauty....almost-flawless :) again lies on the eyes of the beholder. To me I found their beauty is pure kadazandusun authentic-ness. what could be the completion of it ...are definitely ...the brain and the attitude.. voila...

This is Tambunan's 2009 Unduk Ngadau. believe it or not...see the dress? need to flip it open like Miss Uni-reverse aye...? *winkies*

KC texted me yesterday asking how I was doing while she was training her people the dance for this tadau. I told her...i envy you. I wanna be there too. she said " come la..asmaa and nia are coming on first of june." i said " aiyoo only now u wanna tell me ...cannot la leave wont be permitted ....i have duties here to complete...." KC said "when are you coming to Sabah then?" I said " planning for a short vacation this christmas...dunno where ..but definitely taking time off....need to return to nature ..."
That's how the conversation ended, after all she's busy with her dancing. Oh..I wish am there. Again ...i thought of year end ..and Sarawak came up! hahaha aiyo ..Sarawak lagi Sabah lagi ...since when I opened a tourism office? hahahahaha...I checked the ticket and's wickedly tempting ....cikgu hussaini ...i dah imagine your chicken hertz hahahahah ...haishhh...then i thought of that scenic and indah views of mount kinabalu at sabah national park.....oighhh......i can go insane! huhuhu. And thanks to Balqis of Terengganu ...she added one more list by November ..megasales shopping with our KEMAS friends! hahahahaha woman! I am going nuts!
One solution will come up by year end ...inshaAllah.. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dalam Kenangan by Kaer

Assalamualaikum bloggie...
This only happens when I :-
1) miss my friends - too much
2) temporary lost my students due to semester break
3) have ample time to berangan and merindu (hahaha)
4) am attacked by virus and sitting down n doing nothing is all I wanna do while pouting :(
5) kangennn bangeeettttt....ama past times...
6) kangennn jugaa....ama situasi-situasi sekarang ...
7) drown in my own thoughts....and thinking of my friends' agony ...*sigh*
8) have abundance of things in mind ..and tete-a-tete won't do good.... either....

Virus Attack

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

hurghh...another virus attack to my pendrive! all the photos with my students are GONE!

:( ......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wake up with No Regrets

Assalamualaikum bloggie...
I received this via email from my pal, Mally and Kak Zu. I didn't even realize it was Happy Close Friends Day on May 22nd.
To all my friends in here ...Pa, Kcynodia, Ary, En_me, Xeaa and all of you whom I couldn't enlist the name here coz i Can't sit straight at my chair right now. Please accept this flower on my behalf to your warmest and kindness in Life unto me. Merci. Shukran.
Friends are the Best Gifts in Life that make your Mornings worth Waking up For ...
Jazakallah....for being who You Are to Wofsha.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dear GooglyBear - This One is For You

Assalamualaikum Googly...

When you smile, you're so cute...
When you're mad, you made me mute..
When you're away, I feel in a loot...
How can you be silent ...when you make others Nuked...

When you're around ...every things around you move...
When you're gone ... the air you left still feels oh soo smooth...
When you're not here... I think we're all gonna be moved ...
Coz your presence... is confettis in the air ..that floats and soothes..

How can One forgets a Googlybear...
as you're dearest to us a throne to an heir ...


Assalamualaikum bloggie...
I dropped my twins off at the airport and headed to the office. Thing that I Hate most about Malaysians at the airports IS they (SOME) like to frikkin-damn park at the dropping off zone. aiyooo why so Gundu One....cannot read the sign meh? ishh...bak kata Dr Asri ....kang kate bongok ngok ..maghah....I gotta agree with him this time. It really pisses me off when a civilian could not even adhere to ONE simple rule. -eiii..pagi2 dah buat haku "windy"...then suddenly the radio tuned to a sound i was quite familiar to...ghazal-like song ....urghhh....u gotta be kiddin me ....I tuned to Sorry Dato're not my forte in this hour... *creepy*

Airport KB dari depan ...lawa le pulok ...heee...time aman...cuba time landing n take off...huh...


Last night ...I was awaken around midnight...thanks to the heat.... :) not a problem coz "Leverage" was on, I pampered meself with syrup mak and chocolate fudge. YUMMY. Then I settled for this Malaysia -Topgun...WiraAngkasa...zaman dulu punya citer..when Yusuf Haslam was so called "hot" hahahahaha. Of course it wasn't as WICKED AWESOME as maverick in TopGun ...yet..can be applauded la....oh Maverick've had me at Hello.... *lol*

this baby and its pilot ...NEVER cease to amaze and "melt" me.....oigghh....*blushed*

There you have it fleeting moment dream ...when can I fly this baby? Never! huhuhu... I have been coaxing my couzin Jeff to fly me at his airbase...and he said "ko saper..." hahaha siot tul couzin aku ...One Fine Day .....tak leh terbang ...leh duk dalam tu 5 minit pun jadi laaaaaaa uwaaaaaaaaaa.....hmm.....end of this month I'll be up to my neck with PnP and July preparation. Oighh...another misery coming right up ...I shalt foresee...huhuhu....what ever it is, I absolutely agree with Kecik when she said "U R in your own league..." -YOU can do it SHA! amin..

*due to unavoidable circumstances (i.e: having ary pickin on my calling name with kecik) i forbid anyone to call me by that name ..including you Ary.. :P


Currently listening to : Pachelbel's Canon in D- Piano and Flute : Nice

to sopek: I finally found the Perfect Matched tudung for the rhubarb-red dress you gave. It's sooo comeyyyy...thank u thank u ..thank u.....i'll wear it again when u're back in July! hohoho reddilicious..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Godek Here and There

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I finished my session with the freshmen slightly early today due to the closing of UTM exams. It was exhilirating cum be in a session filled with ustazs and ustazahs ...hohoho ..their expectation was high I presume as of Mine towards them, per se.
Again, I need to urgently be twice steps ahead than them, and I'm already geared. I met the so called "new team" today. three of 'em, 1 gentleman and 2 ladies. Was I nice? - Hell No. I learned my lessons - hard. No more nice goody-2-shoes Sha. Ya'll wanna learn life..? Learn it the Hard way ....I ain't babysitting ya'll like the Previous. No Frikkin mothernature way.

Sometimes, one needs to be cantankerously annoying (too), in order to get things done. hahahahaha...says who life's easy? he he he he ....

I am very much elated in finalizing the exam weeks. Bic asked me to join her to Cosway earlier on and I was like lah ...tired. am sleepy. I really am. I woke up at 2am...reading sms from sopek. i thought it was 4am. then again was hard for me to fall asleep these day as it was really heaty...don't be surprised if I lose 4-5 kg in a month due to sleeping!hahaha....

godek-godek with DSLR at PCB with the layers of colors...

Eclipse at Melaka....godeking with Pa ...before we're lost to find A Famosa hahaha

Gong Xi Gong Xi ...shin Nin Khwai lerr...zoom in to Life and bird's poop...hahaha

Do not let these 2 people come close to you....unless you are Prepared...muhahuahuhauha

A'an kesayangan auntie cha...betul..betul..betul....
atu...uwer....gerrr.....tul tul tul...
A'an turned 2 last May 16th. Happy Birthday shayang auntie..Muaaaahsss!

Those were the kaleidoscopes of my life ...if am not busy with classes and activities...i'll be snapping here and there...visiting places...locally...spending times with my 3 googlybears...a'an, wanie n hazwan.....or I plainly enjoy sleeping n reading at home in my cocoon... :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Silent Morning

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

It's too quiet this morning. I was up early...and got myself ready for the session. All my children had left town. In september some of them will be in Teesside...and a number of them will spread across Malaysia. I'm uber-excited looking forward to their convocation. Skudai ...I'll be there ..InshaAllah. Yesterday evening Hajar treated me for our last dinner @ Sizzling House. Nice and sedey to part....(i've never been great with farewells ..anyway ...hoh...)

It's not a regular morning. No more ..Hi Cik Sha! No more Jom Cik Sha! No more ..Cik Sha ..amik gambaq! hmmm.....It's the semester break to many and graduating farewell to some. My Kodokians will only return in July. I'll be midly occupied with freshmen. At least I have few things in my calendar to make me busy. (seb baik...)

I came to my desk with a wedding invitation card written on it - Pn Sha & Keluarga.
say what??? it THAT obvious meh....aiyyoo....I miss the days where people addressed me as adik- hahhahahahaha....*sigh* I'm not so LITTLE anymore .....ha ha ha .....back to the invitation ...bila masa la pulak haku jadi Puan ...PUAN?!? - come've got to be kiddin' me ....aigghh...why don't you just shoot me ...-that was my alter ego saying upon reading the envelope....

I nonchallantly ignored the card and got myself ready for afternoon session. - Much better. At least knowledge keeps me myself. (ha ha ha...) so much of A Silence...


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pearl drops...

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

very tired...these days always trap in traffic jam.


Bersama some of anak-anakku...merekalah Nyawaku...Kekuatanku...merekalah Jua Kasihku...

Tu Amor

wofsha and batch 1 Beloved Family
My Seniors
Mi amor I'm not sure of the right words to say
Maybe these simple words will do best to best explain
What I feel in my heart
What I feel more each day
How to make you see
How to let you know
How to say how to say how I love you so
With words you understand
Words that get right through to your heart
Here's the place to start
Assalamualaikum bloggie...
I personally dislike Goodbyes. My babies will be leaving me soon and every day is like a time bomb...counting days for a Farewell I do not wish. :)
I remember once ...a person told me - "for every goodbye there are new hellos" I still don't quite agree with him.... sorry dear.
My days are currently filled with write ups and question making. I'm tired and now am on my way to get my Tower burger....huhuhuhu...lapaq ...

Monday, May 18, 2009

KUIS Rendezvous

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Since I didn't bring E420, I wont be showing (off) the photo here in the Cairo wannabe-land. hehehe was serene and fun to be here actually. I got to meet warm people from my so called "faculty" team, and though am pretty much tired and cute with my baju kurung- I tried to stay awake and mengorats here and there hahahahaha.

Am in the library and this screen is damn huge ...practically the whole KUIS can see whaddaheck am i rambling here to all of you.

The Breakfast was great... and the sambal kicked in while i was in the meeting ...damn it was wicked hot. Everywhere I go ...i will always look for a library ...coz that's where i'll stay for the rests of my day because it's COLD there. Got aircond maa....not that the Senate Hall is not grande enough ...but i need to get fresh air ..more of a .."fresh view" HAHAHAHAHA.

I need to get ready for another sessions. - Eating session! ho ho ho...
C ya around bloggie ....and to my pillow. ..I'll be home tonite ...and damn I miss my Lisa.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Journey to Life

Enjoying Cendol in a Board Room ....ha ha ha damn nicee....

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

how is everyone doing? cewahh macam la ada berjuta readers haku neh....i'm still away from my workplace. currently with Pa talking over cendol and mamak hensem's fried rice. cool mamak btw.haha

I just disembarked from my train journey. It was adequately short and tiring. I haven't recovered from the Pang of life (yet). I miss Adiff so much. He got himself into an accident last night and injured his front teeth. I felt sorry for him...upon listening to him crying n bleeding his gum n probably broke his tooth. he is soooo cute and adorable. talkative...and veryyyyy lovable. I fell in love with Adiff's crankiness. :)

After a nice mild spicy nasi goreng, i felt very sleepy. Remembering the buffaloes I saw somewhere in Rembau..put a smile on my face. :)
it' s yenbowww....i love this view ...who would give this privillege often? None hahaha

Life is wonderful when you have to think of Nothing. Isn't it...? *sigh*

Friday, May 15, 2009

Alfatihah for Uncle Abdul Rahman

Assalamualaikum bloggie ...

I was already asleep when I received The Phone call from Oja last nite. Uncle dah takde. and she cried ...wrenched me there n then not knowing how fast can I be there for her. I really wanted to be there for her...real bad.
I was in agony, stricken shocked ....and tears were rolling down my cheek.
Ya Allah ...Kau tabahkan lah hati Sahabatku ini....dan Keluarga nya ...Kau Lindungilah mereka dan Kau Tempatkan Cikgu di kalangan orang-orang beriman dan di sayangiMu ya Allah.

For the first time in my life ....I felt so Alone. Though I knew Allah is with me 24-7, but for a few seconds ...there's this Loneliness moment...that crept in and left my body, a feeling of Loss - similar to what I had before ..a feel of my Heart ...being ripped apart and I just stood there motionless.

Doakan perjalanan ku selamat .....Doakan kesejahteraan ku (and all of us) di Akhirat. Amin.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exam Mode II

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Though I'm most of the time occupied during this time of year, I still have free slots. Of which I should be preparing for my 'new season' :) But ...I don't feel like it ..Yet ...hahahahaha am savoring my last moments with my students self ...and I.

Having lunch with my beloved Kodokians - Anas, Taufik, Wan and Mang

Farah and I yang sememangnya ..suka mencari "kerja" to do when we team up.hohohoho We like.

This what happened ...when I have nothing to do. I'd do the whatnots! hahaha...testing macro ..kununnnn...

The Princesses of Kodokians - DD and KC with Stacy. We're snapping while bowling and KC is trying very hard to look The Cutest! hahahahahaha..mana boleh beats Mommy Kodok bah..

The usual Me yang takde keje ..trying (very damn hard) to look slimMER in a photo! hahahahahaha

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exam Mode

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I have been trying to look up for this song for quit a while and finally today after luncheon at Sizzling House, I got it ! whenever I got into the car ..the radio keeps playing this song and I had fallen for it. Mad by Ne-Yo. Love the arrangement ....Uber-Love the piano...some of you might know why. The flickering thoughts and smiles ....go all the way Fine Arts Center where I found The Beat. :) nice ..and soothing ....even better ..tranquilizing......hmmmm.....

My seniors were sitting for SKI paper this evening when I dropped by and we started to giggle away and snapping photos. Oh My gonna miss all these moments. All over me ...crushing me in the middle for some "gedix" photos hahahaha. Who could love Me more than them? theyre my precious melting again.....*sigh*

Mr Azlan from Utm was good looking and strict. hahaha sempat lagi puji ...yeah ..he reminded me my Uncle Azhar tho. for a fleeting moment...I thought we were related! hahahaha he must have been wondering why on earth this boston creme dunkin donut damn chomel lady was smiling at him half of the day? hehehehehe .....Uncle Azhar is one of the nicest uncle in our family. He passed on few years back to cancer. hermm...I still remember growing up with them. Odd yet ....classy and full of smiles. When he's like so soothing and! hehehe...Alfatihah to him...May he Rests in Peace...Amin...

What do human look in Life? - I suddenly have this thought in my Mind.
At the spur of a moment...I look at my Life. Surely has missing pieces come I didn't realize it's Gone?...hmmmm......

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mr Ary ..Sila Gigit Jari... hahaha

Assalamualaikum bloggie....

first thing when my beloved students done with the photo scaping I was like "muhahahaha Ary your heart out ...." Yesterday I was having a blast with my graduating seniors...if u noticed, we managed to slip in a note for ngets in the photo. hahahahahah happy ngets? actually there are a few more ..but am rushing to a welcoming event...will add later inshaAllah...

Baked Macaroni and Strawberry Whey

In fact, I'll continue writing in the evening's a cloudy day today...alhamdulillah ..after God knows how many weeks of heat .....
Don't get me wrong with the note for ary thingy in the photo started out when ary challenged me to cook. coz he thought I bluff and buy foods at stores ALL the time ...hahahahah I decided to prove him wrong! haha your fingers and heart out now ngets ...muhahahhaha
I came back from seing DNH today, with the news- she's off for Umrah soon! Lovely! splendid! and i told her not to forget to spare some Doas, and she said " oh yes..I'll doa for Everything in your Life - aiii ..macam perli jek hahahaha..anyhow ...wish I could be there day ..InshaAllah...wait for me aaaa Kaabah....U-just-Wait... :)
I'm still a bit mellow from the event with my PA yesterday. I'll miss them dearly. Three years are too short. According to Salimah ...she'll miss the halcyon days of our time....oh man ..I was almost in tears....She'll be in Teesside, UK this nice...a few of them will ...the rests will pursuit locally I presumed....*sigh* it's queer ..when a person you have never met and known ...will unexpectedly grow fond in your heart and eyes...Salimah, Fiza, Ain, Iqa & Solihah- ya'll have a special monument in my Heart and my Soul. I Love all of you Unconditionally.
I spent the rests of my evening - thinking. Most of it are relaxing actually coz I had a fairly long day under the sun. Tho it was pretty bit gloomy later in the can still feel the heat. Predominantly not going away ...even with the heavy pour yesterday warming is gettin' worse...
Then, My Mp3 ...tuned to Lagu Kita Aizat.....aiyakkghh....Dan aku Terus ..menyanyi lagu ini Untuk mu ...Walau berjuta mendengar ...lagu ini hanya Untuk Mu... - the persona in this song must have been very special to him. Composing a song soo not easy. I tried before with Mbak Yanti, Vir and Bella....and it turned out quit funny..Instead ..we sang the ever so famous hit by Kahitna entitled Cantik one of the potluck gatherings we had. Did we manage to mesmerize the party? hahahahaha ...I hardly remembered....All I knew...Bella, Vir and I were extremely happy to NOT get it off-key and Mas Utama and Mas Urip were surprised to see and probably hear me ...sing. hahahahaha thank you Mas....i took that as a compliment! haha...It's pretty melancholic when a simple song ...can bring one down to such a deep and long left memory lane... :) kan? I miss my singing buddies ...they're like The Best Ever!
hmm....uih? it's half past seven ...i should get going...I got carried away with the thoughts I supposed. Of late, I frequently reminisce. I guess when you have lived long enough like me tend to have an encapsulation of everything of your Life that'll not stop you from smiling when you turn back, once-in-a-while... :)
Thank you Allah SWT ..for giving Hari ini Indah and meringankan Gundah ku...u-know-who-u-are.... :)
wofsha has left the building

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Final Exam and JK-ing

Assalamualaikum bloggie....

This is to officially inform I'll be ...away with Exams and JK-ing.

Ary: Dont Miss me muhehehehehe

hussaini: jangan lupa update your blog ...nanti balik sha nak baca ...

xeaa: good luck with your new job and ...dah beli tiket balik kl lom? hehee....

kawaii : wehh..happy recovery ..c u soon!

all: semoga berbahagia selalu. amin....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Laughter is The Best Medicine

Assalamualaikum bloggie....
Laughter isn’t just useful for overcoming a case of the sniffles; it’s actually a powerful weapon against all kinds of bodily woes—stress, heart disease, and problems with the immune system. When experts claim that laughter is “good for the soul” or “the best medicine,” they’re not kidding. Scientists who study the physical and psychological effects of laughter are called gelotologists, and they are discovering that laughing, like crying, has irrefutable benefits for our physical and mental health. In fact, a chuckle (or two) a day just might keep the doctor away.
Well, I guess I have been doing the right thing all along then. hehehe...
Some researchers and gelotologists believe that laughter first developed as a way to make and strengthen connections between primitive humans. Sharing a hearty laugh is a social bonding experience, and the relaxation and calm that follows a bout of laughter can help people ease tensions and increase trust in their companions. Studies have shown that laughter has a strong social component—we are about thirty times more likely to laugh when we’re in a social situation than we are when we’re alone .
Of course la kan...who'd laugh alone? except me tho...upon reading Ary's blog this morning ..I was crackin-like-a-poppin'corn. hehehe sorry dear ..couldn't help it ...macam ter dengar-dengar je di telinga when I read your dialogue...I do wish I can call u up and laf big time ..hehehehehe

Laughing immediately raises our heart rate and blood pressure—and then lowers them just as quickly, leaving us with a feeling of relaxation and release. That relaxation is the key for reducing stress.
True...I've had this experience plenty of times. Though it didn't last long...but to have a minute of relief and relaxation indeed a blessing. Again...tak perlu la sampai melampau gelak..ada Hadith kata..bleh mati hati woo gelak too much ...therefore...berpada pada lah... :)

Prolonged laughter can be a physical workout, too. Researchers theorize that laughing one hundred times is the equivalent of ten to fifteen minutes of aerobic exercise, and works several muscle groups including the back muscles, core stabilizers, and—the best part—abdominals. Forget crunches!
hahahhahaha..ok now I am literally laughing. Really? Get outta here! They must be Joking! tah berapa kilometer hati aku kene mati be taken into workout consideration! ha ha

tengok langit aje release stress...hahaha ...anyway I still do believe in the real thing of exercises as compared to laughing though. freaky .....
Plus, there's abundance of things you can do to have a healthy life ...and in relation to this...having a good laughter with friends ...families and dearly beloved are the steps to morally balanced and gempak-life. takkan nak meraung 24hours rite? it won't kill ...hehe

People who laugh often are usually more optimistic and have higher self-esteem than people who simply don’t find anything all that funny.

That I gotta agree. There's this one student of mine who is pretty much lonely and living in his own shell. He rarely laughs either. Once in a while ..he would come out and see the sky. His soul is large and full of enthusiasm, Yet he does not know how to appreciate and balance his priorities. Complicated. I feel sorry for him. Still, he needs to discover this world by his own conscience, not Mine.

Of all the things in this world... I am thankful to Allah SWT for creating me of who and what I am today. I am blessed with so many things (though sometimes passes my medula without me realizing it...) Most of my friends are more or less the same. They are even luckier than me and I am more-than-ever happy for them. There are many things an individual would like to do, in his/her life, but to be able to reflect our happiness and concurrently spicing up the people around us, with a lil bit of smiles and laughters ...would give that Person a Milestone in life- The Enrichment of Heart.

credit of the excerpts : divine caroline's article in