Monday, November 30, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

haa...if kawaii she'd say " lega nya memerut.." i guess the same with me.  I have been getting upset stomach since afternoon.  too much of beef during eid ..probably.  Today we had Korban jamaie..3 cows were slaughtered. nice. I was in the kitchen with the soup team ..ended up ...with fried beef team.  all in all was swell and fun.  we had fun cooking and the food turned out ...great la..hehehe as usual my manager would be busy taking photos.  and he did.  will claim from him later. though he insisted on  tagging in fb ...and i just realized..i didnt add him ...(not gonna...hehehe). Rule no 1. NEVER mix work and personals.

the routine in the office and the korban today were fully occupied.  i spend the later half of the day finalizing my coursemarks.  i was not satisfied with the graph..hence the last minute editing and summarizing. bic call it ..magicking...hahaha...i say...only those who deserved it.

"It's fun to add a secret flavor so that no one knows. But... it's more fun to find it."

it's worth to have students who are born-extraordinary...but it's much worthwhile to see a mediocre develops and blooms to BECOME one.

In this path of life...I have stumbled upon myriads of learners' background.  a few were fortunate...most were the other way around.  i salute those who seek education.  i take pride in sharing experience and knowledge in helping these type of human.  Likewise, I too am learning Life from them.  The hardship they've to pull through, the god-knows-what they have to endure to reach to where they are now and ...not to forget ..the battle they have lost before they even Fight.  In our jargon terms, we call it ..mati Syahid kedudukan Gagal either from first semester of bersyarat for three consecutive semesters.

Tomorrow I'll be witnessing a few of those bersyarat ones fight for their last Battle. A student who had  challenged me that I will not be able to "do" anything regarding his 'attitude'. Another, who think I shouldnt "bother" his life coz he knew what he was "doing" and a few others of no-shows for the semester and claimed they are "good" with their "behavior".  I did not bar those "parasites" coz I do not want them to know what is it like when education opportunity is being snatched out ..right under your nose. I'd rather have them do it themselves, naturally.. It's their Calls. I will be there tomorrow morning to see the Look on their face. Somehow..I will feel sorry for them, despite the fact I was annoyed by their attitudes.  How shallow their Minds when they chose not to believe in Education.  How terrible I am for not showing them the Light.  Have I not?- "One that drowns in oneself will eventually fall to darkness." How can there be Lights when the Darkness path has been chosen? Poor little Souls.  They have yet seeing the Colors of Life with Education.

"Children are treasures. The greatest sin in this world is to damage those treasures."

Ditto.  It will be my continuous Mission to spread Knowledge and Will Power to those Children.  It is my utmost duty when I vouched to make a different in my society and Ummah.  I shall not bear the Sins of damaging the Treasures. 

If I can be Sunshine to A Person...and Cheers his Life...I might as well Learn to be The Sunshine..who can even make the Dirt shines.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

We 'R' Us @ The Moon Celebration

Happy Birthday Ijat and Best Wishes Tiqa who has to leave for Johore's Quest....
Ganbatte Kudasai girl...

talk n eat. Things we usually do in the weekend or weekdays ..whenever we're stressed out or merely hanging out with cool companies.

Edy and DD-FC : Two naughty buddies from Sabah...

Cheers! Time to Cherish and Moment to Remember.
The Foods were surely filling and yummeh...

We 'R' Us with DD as the photographer and full stomachs
In front: Edy n KC
From the left: Ijat and The Fish, wofsha, Tiqa, babyboi, Cisco

It's Farewell's and Long Live's.
Love the green beetle at the back, so hippies...akekekeke

we talk ...A LOT. hence the faces and hands and whatnots.

-We 'R' Us-

Keep On Giving

Assalamualaikum bloggie!!!

how happy i am to see you again.  Now that I have a lil bit more time to spend with you ... i wanna make this beautiful and full of good thoughts. like this one saying  i came across ..."It is enjoyable to eat something delicious, but the greatest joy comes from the time spent waiting for it." - It's enjoyable to read blogs...but the greatest joy comes from Writing it!  :nice:

I found it rather enlightening.  A unique personality introduced me to this quote family.  he's beautiful on the inside but not many is able to see it. oh well I guess that's how the world is.  You won't see Beauty unless Allah SWT Allows you to.  It is His. None others.

I spent my day with quite a dutiful day.  i did my groceries earlier and bumped into DDE senior boys.  They were so shy upon encountering me. Me? as usual buat bodo like seeing nobody.  I wish they do not have to act that way. I wish not to be known outside office hours and they shouldnt feel obligated to "Assalamualaikum Miss" me ...all the time.  Sometimes, it is really funny when you are busy enjoying your ice cream and outta no where hear "Assalamualaikum Puan" aiyyooo...usually the Puan  thingy would choke me la. and everyone nearby will start looking and wondering who the hell are u? normally i would say to them "if you see me outside..pretend you do not know me- I need life too u know.." hehehehe what an advice ...

True what...I have Life too.  You do not have to bow to me every single time you see me.  I have this one particular student who has this habit of "bowing" everytime he greets me. Sheesh ...I mean I know it's humble or whatnots..but hey the last time my mom gave birth to me ..I was not a Princess... :) so stop bowing're making me feel Rotten inside *hahahahahha* It gets worst when it happens in public ...coz people are definitely looking at you like you're having a conehead!

Apart those tit bits of life ...I like what I am having/doing now.  I get to meet people who are motivated by me, people who are scarier than me, gorjesser than me...much more talented than me and best part is ...people that Teach me the Meaning of Life. The Bittersweet's.  Coz of them ..I still want to Give...and keep on Giving.

coz...Even in a world full only with enemies, there will always be someone you must protect.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Beauty of Azan

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

as i was getting ready for my class tonite, the maghrib hour seeped in. The Calling was so beautiful. I Felt it.  It cringed inside upon hearing and engulfing my mind into it.  So Serene. Can't even describe it here.  It moved my Heart.


Earlier on, I spent some time off thinking and sulking.  There are few things happened lately and some actions that were made towards me ...were heart wrenching.  I seek His Peace and Calm and cried at night, thinking how much further do i have to go through this.  The more I ask ..the more confused I have become.  I have agreed prior to this not to question too much of Life.  Sometimes, I couldn't help it.  Especially in times where my Good Deeds are being tested.  I do not like what I have been feeling these past few days. and when my best friends advised me. They are absolutely right.  Previously I countered their advices because I thought other people in Life ..need my Help, need my Support....However, now I realize, what other people need in Life..does not necessarily come from me.  I am not the Sole Provider.  There are plenty more outside.  Truthfully. As a human I have felt obligated to carry out these humanity onto others until I did not realize, it'll eat me in return.  I am not sorry for what I have done. On the other hand, am proud of me.  I have been taught by my parents with the most "perfect" education.  I have gotten Love out of the ordinary more than anybody else I knew in the family. I have been the center of a group of people's Heart since I was born into this world.  I am by far, Lucky.

The purity of the azan, taught me something.  I cannot govern the world.  But there are a little part of this world I can try and assist.  The rests, Leave it all to him to Decide.  I am not mortal in this Quest and I am not Absolute.  All I know, as a human i am willing to share what I have to extend of what I can only afford to Bleed. I still need to Govern My Central Life which I am responsible for. Each and everyone of us on this Earth is responsible of our own self. 

With that, I am satisfied with my decisions.  Friends, I know you are there when I needed you and Forever I pray you will be there...for I'd do the same to all of you. Thank you...for your Love and Support.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

hi xea! hehehe masih ku ingat kenangan kita bertemu di eskalator sunway ...kocik nya dunia ...huhu thanks to cfu peliharaan kesayanganmu.  hmm ..i have so
many things to write. ..tapi am numbed. too much beef kot..hhahaha but today i made one of the best sup tulang ever..huhu puji diri sendiri ...perasan bagai ...saratzzz...hahahahah well nak harapkan siapa lagi puji kans ..

I spent my evening socializing with bicmate n her children.  as usual the auntie of 3 lovely children.  i finally managed to get hazwan's football.  he went ballistic the minute he saw the ball in  the passenger's seat and i locked the door! huhuh ..sorry dear ...saje nak tease u ..i know u have been yearning for that ball...auntie tgk yr face pun auntie kasian " auntie..nak bola..." hahahahah ..if only auntie ni ada 3 or 4 orang yang sama lucky u to be able to get things on time. kan uncle kan ? hahahahaha

i am glad u like the ball dear. main la puas2 jgn pengsan dah.

talking about sacrifices in this holy month...i reminisced my life in 2009. indeed ..i have painstakingly did all those i think i did. sigh.

oh this year too I am tested by Allah SWT with a diagnose.  and this year too I solved a mystery I have been trying since a year ago. and this year too...i almost go into comatose thing that was destined to be...segalanya MilikMu..

i thought 2009 would have slowed me down.  Truth is ...not a second less.  Its fast and now we are heading to 2010 already!
I am looking forward to being older ...hmm next year the number change again...and did i forget to tell you bloggie..that i have gotten a full blast official sermon from The Mother about the big M.  there's no way for me ...No Way...I guess my 2010 will be filled with the M questions.  aigh...annoying...

why cant i be single for the rest of my life?
That is another sacrifice am making for meself too.

and many more sacrifices to come next year.  Now that I know why all those were happening....the more grateful i am to Allah ..for giving me the gift of Life. errmm..what is it? are u wondering bloggie..? Don't be.. coz you too will not gonna know what was it.  But because of those ..I am still alive and Kickin' and I will still be ...till My Time has Come. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

It has been quite a while since i last wrote in here. eversince i came back from my vacation, so many things happened to me. From the sweetest to the most painful that almost put me in ..coma. literally. I had an accident. a very unbelievable one and I can never thank much to Allah SWT, for saving my Life - Again. Shukur Alhamdulillah.

as usuals, from the trip, I have like a thousand photos to share...yet my condition and work schedule are putting me on hold. The ever-challenging monsoon is here too, hence the gloomy update mode that is constantly there. heee..

My heart is aching. Seriously.
Apart from nearly losing my brain, I am Losing my patience with people whom constantly hurting my Humanity. I hate being Lied to. Why human like doing that? Aren't they tired of it?

I know it's not really nice to help and later be Grumpy about it, but who the Hell THEY think I am? a sober-machine? It's enough that you are stupid, do you have to dumb-foundedly involve me too? *huhhh...*

The act that they put is really annoying and freaking disturbing. call yourself a Friend? An adult? *sheesh....*

Ok, i better stop fidgeting meself... :) I on the other hand will start writing my Travel Journal I had gone to earlier of this month. It was magnificently fun and inspiring. Meeting those new people and engulfing in their culture were memories I could never Forget. Let alone I got to share it with my buddy, pek.

In the meantime...ya hang on ya bloggie....I'll be back...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Heads Up

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

what a journey. I have many stories and write ups to share. again...wait. I have to focus on my students first.

am currently at oja's place leisuring for another 2 days. I made a quick stop here to see how things are with her and the rests. we passed by midvalley earlier on and she was like " oi..bukan ke sapa nama kawan ko tu ..hairi? ari? tinggal sini kan?" and i was a lil bit tired from the journey ...and i said ..hah? tah kot. .takkan dia dok lam mall ni...ko gile ke aper..hahahaha togel tul..." outta nowhere she'd spoke of nget-nget. the mysterious ngets. as long as he is happy in what he ain't my thing to bug. our conversation was switched to dinner at ...somewhere at Jalan Conlay ...apa nama tah .. I forgot ...however, that place was rather gloomy and probably closed...we headed to Kg Baru. food was okay..edible and worth paying. hehehe...

i am excruciatingly tired from my project. I plan not to wake up tomorrow morning. actually it's 4am now..and i do not feel like ...closing my eyes..yet. did not even have a plan for breakfast....can I sleep and not wake up meh? he he he ...i need to update my journal though. and simultaneously craving for handbag shopping!!! yeah!

may be later on. well...i gotta find something to match the shoes..aren't I bloggie? he he he hee

I need to take a rest. I miss lychee blended...oighvyy...