Saturday, July 30, 2011

Work this Ramadhan

hi bloggie ..salam!

I am being Tested. and Gosh I did not know much longer how am I gonna walk thru this. Redah je la....aku da tak laratttttttttttttttttttttttttt.. and with this Ramadhan coming am gonna walk thru this ..I hope Allah Gives me Light.

my bro in law's mom passed on yesterday.

nor came back today to celebrate Fasting.

I had good time with ELAC. canoeing.

I am so not eating Kambing anymore. serious! Kambing buat ku mengantuk gila...and tak dapat siapkan kerja ku.. ( yeahhhh blame it ALLLLLLL on the kambing...)

now i'm resuming my work. hopefully I will complete it by tonite. So tomorrow I can just send it off...hoyeah!

time to work the midnite oil again! and fight the sleepiness!


Thursday, July 28, 2011


hi bloggie ..salam..

i was very upset with office today. therefore i decided to head out ...renew my insurance and roadtax...since it's already a day late. previously i did not have enough time to go after office hour because everything is closed by then ...i finish my classes at 7pm daily... and start lecturing at 830 every day ...and make my way to the office by 8am...i devoted my time to Office...wholeheartedly. and today.....I am adamant to make it the Otherwise. No more Loyalty. First of all, I deeply Offended by the System. and second of all, I am just plain offended by The Attitude of Most people. therefore I decided to Un-do my loyalty to the office. I had enough...

I took off and went to do my stuffs..and returned to the office late in the evening settle my work and left for the day. This time around I am not gonna look at the Office ..the same way again.

pity huh?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

canoe yay yay

hi salam bloggie .. usual routine didnt stop ..i need to trash something out in this that i'm no longer yearning for YOU...people around me keep reminding of YOU...haiii...takde keje ke korang....i'm happy being me... sudah2 la tu ..move on ...I know I did....*sigh* some people....

i had a good time with my muet this evening. i didnt even notice 2 hours juz passed. like lightning. hehehehe next thing i knew its 630 ...and nadhirah was anxious to go back ..and timah was tired from day chores.... he he

and tomorrow...ada open day la plak...adoii...korang ni tak penat ke? yg pasti ..I capek like no tomorrow u know...mkn nasi pun dalam polisterine...tangan kiri tekan keyboard...tangan kanan suap nasi...haighh....sat lagi aku kena pakai kaki lak nak jawab phone ...huhuhu...seb baik aku takdak tanggungjawab keluarga lagi...kalo tidak ..mau terabai semua is hectic nowadays...i bet lynn wouldnt believe me ...right senget? nye ko da nak kawin ..lagi ...i'm happy for u nget-nget....nanti jgn lupa cari mat salleh kat aku sowang...nguahahaha...poyosh~

haigh...cik pa ..i wonder what is going on with you..long time no hear news ...How's yr house? must be silent without our langsuyoq giggles...he he ...I miss The Time~ kan? I miss varsity days....mcm orang gila...haha

in the class earlier I was telling my students cherish life ..and be humble all the time matter who they are...or who they are married to.

and I have just received a news ..tomorrow our beloved niece will send her papa here ...Dear Allah...i'm Speechless....but I am looking forward to Tomorrow....hope everything will be Fine.. :)

now aku tak lena tidoq ...thinking of tomorrow...hish~

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ramadhan Eves...

Hello salam bloggie was hectic as always. I love my days ..but I need to have more exercises in the future. My running beach will start next week after my weekend canoeing with my ELACians. I am looking forward to complete the regime and treat myself to outdoor activities somewhere around next year. Uncle and I are working on nature project at national level. This is my passion People. I no Longer yearns for YOU. Alhamdulillah. I am so thankful to Allah SWT for helping me through this Phase. There’s Phillipine ...Sarawak...Cambodia ...and Jakarta to cherish anyways ...Life is too short to dwell on the past or even sadness. Make the best out of it Others ...Share with Others...coz I never Know when will this Life of Mine ...Stops.

Again, I keep praying to Allah ...may you take me in the safest and calmest situation ever. That’s all I ask I could Return to HIM in peace. InshaAllah. Doa itu tidak pernah Putus.

Oh Nice that Ramadhan is approaching soon. So soon that I almost forgot that I did get to prepare much this year. No time for baju raya dah ...its okay ..I have my shorts n shirt for dapur duties. I feel like cooking special dishes this year. Celebrating dad’s birthday and anniversary with Mak. It’s a Different and Miraculous year after all...we should commemorate it with Something....shouldn’t we?


And Me is already making a list....

Monday, July 25, 2011

meow meow

hi bloggie...salam...

from now onwards my schedule ends at 7pm daily except for Tuesday! whoaaaaaaaaaa! hou tong ahhh~ tuesday adalah hari Impian ku ..kekdah nya lepas ni....aiyo ma aiyo pa....kadang2 rasa penat yg too much....but when they managed to understand what i teach them....the penat worth everything....kadang2 am just dead. coming home sudah tak mampu nak buat benda lain except for mandi ( tu pun nyaris tak kene merangkak) i guess after this i should practice sembahyang duduk la plak ...coz am seriously tired dengan schedule this semester. hectic.

thank God I managed to berjimba with pa n lynn earlier this month. therefore ..tak ralat sangatlah if i did not have vacation sampai hujung tahun pun ...obviously i do not have that privillege now..huhu...sodih kan kodok?

tak pa la ...lagipun this year i plan to celebrate ramadhan se-humble mungkin...and eid se-biasa mungkin...then InshaAllah if ada Umur ...I wanna celebrate this year's Birthday alone ...making a few resolution. :)

there is nothing more than longevity that I am praying for. Moga Allah Gives me the Time and Glory to Reach the Finishing Line. Amin.

Now what am i supposed to do ? oh ....basuh baju ..huhu kerja bibik ku belom selesai ...and tadi dapat adiah from UK...cekelat lagi...hadei..apsal tak kasi cincin berlian ke ..buku citer ke...perfume ke...hahahaha bra ke ...perghhh ....ngehehehe...gatai..

oh tak jumpa stalker ku ...dia busy kot. hahahaha legaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...tak payah nak layan ceritera dia ...and tomorrow My Engineering boys will perform their Sketch!!! Tidak-Sabar Occay~~

amin amin amin ..moga semua lancar tomorrow...huga!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

oh ya?

salam bloggie...hoyah~

hehe ...i was about to shut Luke up when I eh .. I haven't written about the chomel today. hihihiks....kekdah nya...i am having so much fun with my students. yeah they are new ..still appreciative ..come semester 2 ...they'd forget me ...ha ha ...

i appreciate some of them who are very kind and intrusive towards me. they would pop out of nowhere walking with me to lectures...appearing at the gate wishing me good morning ..(haha seriously) and tagging behind me when I turn with the Cutest smile ever..."hi miss.." hahah so getek...

i knew they were just having fun and mengada ngada with me ...and i juz play along. it's been a while I giggle and enjoy days with my students. and now ..? am doing it ...Again. :)

they put smiles to my face. honestly. their "Assalamualaikum Miss", "good morning Cik sha.." "Pagi teacher.." Hi..Cikgu...(pun ada ..haha) and all whatnots they're calling me and complimenting me ....those are the voices I will Miss One Day.

This morning Syahmi was bodeking me .."nanti beautiful like my teacher, Cik Sha.." haa banyak la ko ..that one I already know I sokmo beautiful. he he Faiz , Muiz, Norm, Uwais comey, Dan, Amirul , Arwinah, Izzdihar...and all of 'em are all my Beating Heart for 2011/2012...

*sigh* I Love days when they Embrace me. If it's not because of Mahram thingy ...they would have hugged me every day!

Having instant kids are fun too! *wink*


salam bloggie..

huu ..tadi nenok criminal minds of my favorites...sedey prentiss died...kunun ....ngalir ayaq mata aku ..sekali expected....cover up! haiyoh ..penat si reed nanes...penelope nanes...seme orang nanes except hotch ...I knew it!!! hahahahahah no Emily is hiatus and witness protection as Doyle is still on the run ...haigh....betapa nak panjang lagi series itew....hoga! free jek ayaq mata bergugoqran..hahahhahah...

and is the FIRST day for International Students' Registration! wuyeah!! eh ngomong2 ...enak ya kalian di bawa ke sono kemari ..makan free...perghhh ..lumayan gitu...hahahahha i love the fact that now we are adding Colors. and I'm enjoying bicara Bahasa Indonesia.....

rindu bopren lama! hahahahahahha *koya*

neways...WELCOME! and we are having more coming from south east asian region..hoh ..i better start pickin up tagaloq and thai now ...nguahuhauahuah....talkin abt's time to go Back and check on those boys, they're expecting baby sister soon...and I'm excited!

mek norr!! let's go Kelik Bangkok! huhuhu

Saturday, July 23, 2011


salam bloggie ..
this morning i made another attempt of watching malay drama ...and AGAIN!!! hahahaha why la the plot is so damn slow meh? urghhh~ i ended up switchin off everything and went to backyard and plucked on kelapa muda. MUCH BETTER! our not-so-tall kelapa madu tree is ripening and i took the liberty to enjoy ayaq nyoq muda and chill with some advance beskut raya...dont ask me's my mom's thingy....sample ke apa aku tatau lah...but ada sebotoi ..hahahahah so kita taram with fresh coconut juice...ermmmmmmmmmmm so refreshing on this wicked HOT day!

even Joni was enjoying his fresh coconut juice in the bowl....sipping like there's no tomorrow ...haha i am such a kampung girl! confirm nget2 and cik pa cemuih aku bila baca neh! hahahahah korang ...bes tau ...minum ayaq kelapa muda fresh from the pulp neh ...ari ni aku rasa cam kat ateh survivor island pun ada ...da la ngan kaftan neh hahahaha duk kait kelapa tak hengat punya ...haha..lagi satu pokok is better...bulih amik ngan tangan ja...hahahahaha gilo best ah..nanti aku nak cucok stro besi direct into the kulit kelapa..hahahah

haighh... i have works to do but i dont feel like doing ..siyes lazy's been 4 days of lazinesss...nguhehehe....and my Mak is busy in the kitchen making acar buah kedah style yang ...aku pun tak reti nak describe lagu mana ..but she normally buys it in pekan rabu or have our menakan there to post whenever she wants learns to make it...and she's making it the moment of speaking....siap duk gebang list nak bagi orang tu orang ni ...and it's like one small kawah occay...haiyoo mom and her and my kebun kelapa work aku dah tersadai...kene paneh...penat woo~ hu hu...

esok dah jadi Cikgu balik...hoigh...can I not go? lately am very sensitive ...and easily offended by people's remarks. this is because, I am tired with the work and no one seems to be understanding. They juz keep hurting my feelings with their ayat2 bodo. ayat2 bengong...hello..enough that I'm tired I don't need your shits. If tak bersimpati....then shut up. I would rather have my peace of mind. alone and finishing all the works. ALL BY MYSELF.

it's not that am Emo, but if You can't help Others, move Aside...don't make people more serabut with your so called trying-to-tunjuk-concern. seriously...i do not need such hypocrisy. Especially when I can smell it MILES and MILES away!

Being Emo and Being Sensitive are both different. coz u need to look at Reasons. If the Reasons are ridiculous and Stupid ..then you can say it's worthlessly emotional and deserve a slap. However, if it's for the Right Reasons and justifiable, suck-it-in before I, yes ... I... Miss Sha, make your day, coz I Stop at Nothing, Except Allah's Rules.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Tahajjud Cinta - My 2cent

hi bloggie..salam..

since I got nothing to do tonite...and My Mak made me watch Tahajjud we go ...huhu. Do bear in mind ...that I am never an opponent for Malay Dramas...and YES ...i Do watch ..(sometimes...and I chose the storyline...:) ) therefore, if you hear people or ( some of my friends say -She doesnt watch malay drama...that is ..Not-Right haha)

Tonight is the first time am watching it. he he usual ..baru 5 minit ...I started to look for Luke...browsing abt it in the Internet.. ha ha ha. This is due to 1) tak sabar nak tau ending! 2) tgk characters...interesting...storyline......menarik....terdetik inside...nur kasih wannabe ke ni? or ketika cinta bertasbih...? 3) rimas with the plot upon knowing ...the Ustaz is the manipulator...haigh....

hhahahaha its so typical malay story ..there must be The Swindler! ha ha ..was it my fault for not finishing malay drama whenever watching? he he he :D I can't deny the Islamic messages in the series are interesting and thought provoking fact I wont be surprised if there's Tahajjud Cinta The Movie to follow suit...ngeh~ ngeh~ even My Mak is an Addict already...there goes my Jumaat Malam Rondeivuu hihihiks....

ok back to Tahajjud Cinta (TC), all am wondering how far will Malaysians "want" to look and analyse the message. is it juz gonna be some kinda hu-ha like ketika cinta bertasbih..or ayat2 cinta....or even Maher Zain where they were just drooling over him n his voice...instead of Islam Itself.

I have to agree with one blogger who wrote ..who are we to Judge...? ditto...but then again is made to be watched....and like it or not ..human would wanna talk. and i just hope i am not one of them who is criticizing ..religion. Nauzubillah..

Here are some of the reasons why I won't resume watching TC:-
1) slow plot.

2) annoying characters ( i guess he played it well coz he is good and that has just been manifested in his acting? heh~)

3) why wannabes? coz.. i dunno why i felt like watching Nur Kasih (of which I didnt finish it, too he he :) - this because I didnt have enuff time, I think..)

4)draggy script. Islamic touch is not as much as I expected. explore more. go philosophical. high order thinking... napa? takut tak laku drama ke? he he he ...(mai dah ayat puaka aku..haha)

5) however another blogger made a point when she claimed there must be hidden agendas when erma fatima made this. an indirect cynicism to SOME people who are doing it in Malaysia.

6) Yet, that is not strong enough to make me Glued. offense. But I will definitely look forward to more story of this genre as it is indeed Enlightening.

haha oh by the way ...My Mak dah mula buat skrip sendiri dahh...hahahaha she's really into it ...i guess it's a Good Air for her ...instead of si Capik 24-7. hahahahahhahahaha

Go Mak!

Coffee Kills

hi bloggie...salam

*yawn* i've had like 2 mugs of coffee and am still yawning. whats up with that? back then coffee kills? i cant sleep anymore...the more I sleep ...more fatigue I'll become. Plus.. I notice that my body doesnt want to sleep more than 5 hours these days. in fact yesterday I thought I would pass out till today ...yet I slept for 2 hours and I was up and awoke already...aa body clock tunggang terbalik...this is worse than jet lag ha ha

listening to music doesnt help either. LOL~

oigh ..hate feeling sleepy and drowsy like mabuk todi like this ....waaaaaaaaaaaaa....

Thursday, July 21, 2011


salam bloggie~

i have been a zomba for weeks now ...with average sleep of an hour a day ...or sometimes i just hit the table coz my head couldnt take it 10 am today the write up was least to me ..let's just hope ...everything is successful. the more i read...the more i know ...yeah ...and i didnt wanna stop writing actually ...coz i keep discovering more and i wanna write all of 'em :)

now that i have finished. i slept! haha but wasnt that long pun...about 2 hours ..and i was up and about. when am home i am not a log...but when am away ....i cant sleep like nobody's business! ha ha

i took the liberty to check on twitter ....who else...sengeet and cik pa la ...hahahahahhaha

i miss the time talkin and merepeking with them. no stress just laugh and pecah perut with carbs...gile byk consumed food ..i dont think i am done flushin them all out yet! hahahahah

no more social network ..not til 2012 appears... i have to rearrange MANY things in life these days gets tangled easily and i hate seeing my life disorganized.....

so my dear friends ...sabaq la na ...AA ada murah lagi..susah2 ..kita turun mess up kan umah cik pa needs the gegeriuh anyways ... :)

now i have to figure out what to do for this evening. tiba2 rasa mcm takde keje nak buat. ngaa~

Thursday, July 14, 2011


hi salam bloggieee

i havent had my sleep...i fell asleep while waiting for my supervisor. ha ha i was a dead log right in the waiting area. hihihi letih seiiiii.....BUT!

i love when she gave good remarks to my paper. yay..Ya Allah ..That Indeed Gave me Strength!

now..i gotta figure am i gonna work on nazihah's and Gooi's AT THE SAME TIME. hahaha

nguahahahaha.....bengong me~

but I know ALLAH is There for ME...Thank YOU. I Heart YOU sangat ....

Friday, July 1, 2011

A beginning of an End

assalamualaikum bloggie ...

haigh...i rarely wrote in here these years. not because I merajuk. am juz plain busy with works and non stop routines. i guess i will be coming here often then ..since i have no where to "go" now. heh ..pathetic kan ?

oh well...last week Izzati and I worked our head off for Program Khas. seriously, although i thought i was never ready...the event worked wonders and we had a Blast! we have Program Khas annually and each year it gets special and better. and This is my third year of PK and Thank Allah for makin it smooth and memorable.

and Have I become a better Speaker? or Trainer? :D i dunno...but I enjoyed every moment of it (although I was bleeding badly...inside) The Gift from Allah. He Knows. He Sympathizes Me.

I have many more tips to learn and endeavor along this journey called Life. and Learn I will. I had my last conversation with u-know-who. it was really agonizing.i just cried...and cried. not because I am weak or melancholic, the memories we shared were just abundance and it was played in my mind continuously till I did not know what to do... I just Weep.

Now? I feel much better. I let it all out. May Allah Foster my Heart with Strength and Courage. I have more Events in the future to kick-off. I am so Grateful for Allah's Gift to me - to have a beautiful, strong Heart. ( cewah ...berangan ke? he he ) but really...I found my Peace.

oh ya bloggie ...diam tak diam ..i came across ary's blog. kuasa Allah. but then until now I wonder why... what have i done? ada la tu salah aku mungkin..i must have been so hard on him sampaikan he doesnt wanna be my friend anymore. oh well~ life goes on. Semoga beliau melalui hidup yang bahagia n manis sokmo. he may not hear me, for whatever I did, I am sorry Ary.

as for me? kurniaan Allah sudah terlalu banyak...dan I need to be Thankful.

Time for me to get back to my Writing. and Tomorrow is a New, Bright Sunshinny Day.

I am forever Your Angel. Looking from Far. Godbless.