Sunday, March 28, 2010

wofsha & Convo

tadhaaa! assalamualaikum bloggie....
saja nak tayang kasut terchentaa....amongst of the myriads of terchentas...bak kata Dolfy..."kotak syarikat tanah kot...takk...kotak make-up kot..."

Now I know Why I Deserve the name B.whale....
I am so Blue...
Go BB!!!
I Love My Shoes.'nuff said.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Endurance Part 3

assalamualaikum bloggie..

AllahuAkbar....i am sooooooooooooooooooooooo vulnerable. he he ...oh yes...i am STILL hit. nothing changes. In fact it's getting really worst....and best part is ..I can still endure. Though inside I am acutely in Pain. I do not know how Much Longer Can I withstand this ... Hear Me God.....Please......

I had a Blast day despite of the Hurt and Agony inside. ELAC made a good closing deal today. in fact it was charmingly good. Kudos to all ELACians who have worked so damn hard pull this One through. It's not an easy thing to do. With the continuous efforts .. We Made IT!

hmm... IndahNya Life if it is delightfully like this (all the time). *sigh..* :)

It's time for me to Take My Long Rest.

au revoir'taime.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Endurance Part 2

assalamualaikum bloggie...

guess what ...i am still getting hit ...aiyoo..i dunno how much longer can i stand ...all these....sometimes i feel like pouring acid onto the face and vanish... hehehehe ganaz gitew...tidak le beydah oii....
ha ha ... when both of the sides aren't siding me ..I excruciatingly feel the pain. and when this agonizing heart feels it ever longingly been waiting tears...would wanna drop out .... i didn't even know how did i become so hard inside. Time to time, I tried knocking those blocks out..yet to no avail. For all the challenges you're testing me in Dear Allah.....I shall try to Endure ...this pain again and again .... I am sure YOU Know Why. it's just that sometimes's kinda Offensive wen You didnt wanna Let me know Why.... he he he .... i've been askin too much,aren't I Dear Allah?

i shall constantly endure the rough waves long as u keep in Your Faith. Amin.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie..

i am soooo tired. and i cannot complain.

this is the path i have chosen and i will strongly stick to it.
along the way i am constantly challenged and tested by the neverending obstacles. The more I held up high..the more it keeps coming. and it comes from the people surrounding me, the people that i Love and want to Love ...that is the path i chose.

even now am stricken by it ...i gotta move on.. i have so many things in store for me and myself. i shouldnt let the minor devilish acts to obstruct my Dream. i will fight. i may not win you in my life...i do not mind anymore. it's My Life i'm concerned of.

to those people who constantly hurt me ....have fun ....what goes around ...comes around ...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sha 2010

My life in 2010 is pretty much hectic and fully occupied with works. I enjoyed it very much. I have less thing to think of personals and I like it that way. Since last year, I was given a team to coach, learn and share with, the UTM grads. Tiqah, Ijat and Tinky. Each and everyone has their own nicks...given by me. I like using nicks. people whom I gave the nicks are the ones who are closer to My Heart. 'nuff said. oh and above is my team mate, ijat...or fondly known as anchovy among us ELACians. btw, am a B.whale. :)

Here are Tiqah and Tinky. Or I love calling him Jert-Jert. Coz it sounded so Cute and comel. Tiqa, whom we have yet to name her has left us for Johor service earlier this year. Occasionally she'd come down and join us in programs or merely hanging around over steamboat cum laughing event this. hehe ...above all ..she's always in our thoughts ..wherever she may be. Tinky is fun to tease at. he's very patient with my crankiness. And he has this real malay man thingy ...that made me respect him. huhu...mellow!

and this is tiqah and faezah, Faezah is new to us (as in me & elac) as she joined us in our Pergau Program early march. i haven't got the chance to really know her yet, i guess time will tell.
so far, she's handling me well...some people knew how crazy i am in testing others in works...and I, too along the way meself tested by Allah SWT in making all these duties worked.
All of us will be congregating again end of this April in BLM Challenge 2010 and Returning to Ma'Daerah for July Semester. Man.... I can't Wait.
Pergau Program was almost heaven. The drowning part was enlightening.
I am looking forward to more outdoor programs this year. who knows... I can shear off a kilo or two...huhu
In the meantime, allow me to complete Solbani's write up that supposed to be dued tomorrow.
hee.... I will start my Official writing with One Professor that I admire most ...after all these grandiose events are over.
Wish Me Luck bloggie.
Thank you.

ELAC, My Passion.

Two Crazy Advisors of ELAC. on Xplorace 2010 day
motor courtesy of cilok student punya hahahaha

Edy, is struggling with his 3rd checkpoint task. Do-or-Die
This is the best Checkpoint I've ever Done.

The Winning Team Dolf and Edy is solving the clue at checkpoint 6. very Funny.

The Winning Face of Mr President. Tired aye? He had fun. Good Dolfy.

The Winning Hearts and A whole New Experience of ELAC Xplorace 2010.
Congratulations you guyz ...I'm gonna miss this.
Muahs and More Muahs.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie...

this week has been a tough one for me and some of the people around me. It is eventually still is a tough week. My Suhaib is currentl struggling his life over the traumatic accident he had last week on Sunday morning. Today I received the news of him being transfered to Penang GH by 930am. It must be very painful for him to be moving in that speed and distance.

I pray him well..pray that he will succeed in this battle. He is still in comatose mode due to the severe injuries he has. He needs to be really strong. and To his family, I would like to wish them a deepest condolence from my heart. It must be wrenched for a mother to see her son in that must be devastated for a father to be strong. Yet... those two people are the strongest Human thus far, reported to me. They are even pepared to Surrender him to The Almighty. MasyaAllah ...Agung sungguh Kuasa Mu. Maha Pengampun lagi Penyayang. YOU gave them Strength...that I have Wished. You gave Them Iman...That I have Wished. Akhie Suhaib...You are Indeed Lucky and Forever Will be Protected by Allah SWT. Should He Chose to Call You Back, I will Try to Be Strong. ( though I have no idea how to at the moment).

I believe in YOUR Decision. I will Keep my Faith on whatever Result YOU give. If Possible, Can I still have him with us? Can You bring him back to my Class? Pleaseee...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Not A Second Late

Assalamualaikum bloggie...
it has been a while ..again and again..

the reason i locked wofsha: not because I hate this.
I was too busy to update. and i am thinking of changing its template. havent got the time to learn and actually do it. Now. I have all the time and excuses in the world to stop me-self from giving excuses of not doing it. I will make time to learn how to change it and I promise you. It will change!

I recently came back from Pergau Project with my children (as usual). I was enjoying my tired weekend yet happy phase. then by sunday am strucked with the news, Suhaib has got into an accident. Parah. I was numbed. to the very core of my not-so-alive-Heart.

today is monday and i still have swollen eyes. Suhaib is now losing his left eye. The eyeball broke during the accident. Last night the doctors tried their very best to save it ...but Allah is much Greater. HE took that and sent to Heaven. Suhaib is now still in his "sleep". I wish he could hear my heart. I wish he could touch my hand. I wish I can trade place with him.

Ya Allah Ya Rabbi ...The Merciful Creator...Teach me to be strong for him and myself. Teach me To be Faithful to YOU. Never Let Go.

I have so many things to write here. But I need to settle on my works. Do know right now My Heart Bleeds....Tremendously.

Monday, March 1, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie
i juz had a long talk with sopek. finally its good to have a chance to talk and talk.  life has been quite frustrating lately..with so many unfinished deadlines.  it's quite depressive to be working in this mode where PEOPLE assume and piss u off continuously. they do not seek clarification ..they juz judge. when i do the same towards them, they'll be pissed too.  how;s  that make me feel? do they ever think of that? No.

that's how it is working in this environment.  it's suffocating and annoying. yet, it is part of life. one can never easily say no too. it exists everywhere.   i am wide awake. i guess this is the best time for me to work on my papers.  it is such a shitty day when u cannot really work on your schedule due  to obstruction of feelings inside. it's a jinx.