Monday, August 31, 2009

Memoirs of Sha

Assalamualaikum bloggie ...

the last 2 enteries were encapsulation of memoirs from the conservation trip. In real was long and loaded with stories to share ....but due to unavoidable circumstances and work load not able to present it all here... after all, there aren't much words or thoughts can be said upon submitting ourselves in front of the Creator's Miracles... we were Speechless.

I hope it's not too late to wish all Malaysians ...SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI KEMERDEKAAN YANG KE 52.

I know my Father is ecstatic and patriotic each year it's being celebrated. Having lived for 71 years ...he has abundance of stories and memories to share with me. From the Japanese Occupation years the British's, the Declaration of Independence by Allahyarham Tunku, the May 13,1969 and the present days. To me he is like a walking history. His ability to vividly remember all the significant dates and occassion is Allah's Blessing that we are all proud of. He is my Idol. Next to Tun Mahathir. I know many said am more of his protege...tho I can never be like him. He'd naturally trained me since I was born but I do not think I have the niche as he does. My Father's mind is not easy to infiltrate. He needs not to verbally say things much yet it is comprehensible. (to me and some who are dear in his life, the least...)

I thank Allah SWT for giving him another year to spend with me and cherish this Merdeka day. I do not know how my life will be without him...but I do know ...I want nothing but the best for him or thereafter...

Dear Ayah...
I Love You more than any men in this World...
Selamat Menyambut Hari Pahlawan & Kemerdekaan Tanah Melayu ke 52.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Turtle Memories II

tekunnya...menjawab ...they slam-dunked into the sea to find clues ...and complete the tasks collectively. This is the Leatherback's group...missha's proteges! we rawk baby huhu

turtle rangers ....see at the back? omar was so excited and jumped into the water way before we started the Turtle-Race ...such a notty boy...

my beloveds ....this is Olive Ridley's with their group formation task. well done guys ...ya'll did a good job ...cik sha is impressed! I Love All of You...

Will You always be Next to me Through Thick and Thin....?

sempat lagi ..after morning tazkirah on the beach with the Subuh was magnificent ...and Nida juz had to capture The missha-moment *winkies* macam balik mekah... pun ado... ha ha

Leatherback's Formation Presentation... touched and Love the way you guys put it together ...job well done rangers!

Always The-Moment ...we were there Together ...and If I'm Gone ...I'll Cherish it ...Forever
Each and everyone of them has a Special Place in My Heart ...

Turtle Memories

Omar naughtiest boy....without him our world is silent...with him's overwhelmed...semua benda dia nak amik gambar..including ..."disturbing" this mummy turtle that is about to leave after nesting.... nasib baik dia tak keghabat ataih belakang green turtle tu ja....

my notty-loveable boys....they were "helping" me fillin up the sand for the clue bottles to be hidden in the sea.... helping la sangat..main je lebih ...

Mommy Kodok with Kodokians ...and baby Turtles...a few minutes before we release the hatchlings to the sea.... awwww.... I Love You...

Siapa lagi ..notty boys la ni...with missha depa...cun-lah hehe [over ...ha ha ha]

Friday, August 28, 2009

Submission to the Almighty

Dan jika kamu menghitung-hitung nikmat Allah, nescaya kamu tidak dapat menentukan jumlahnya. Sesungguhnya Allah benar-benar Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang(16:18)

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I just finished my Liqa' session with Ustazah Mai ..when ...I received The Call. Sadiq was on the other line ...telling us (bic and I) that Suhaili and Che Farhan got into an accident and in ICU. Astaghfirullahal'azim... wofsha rasa that time wofsha tak nampak lain...automatically Allah SWT lintaskan into my mind ....few days back talking to them in class and joking around with them. Then wofsha terlintas kan Syahmi. AllahuAkbar...jangan lah sekarang ...that's what my heart "negotiated" with Him. I picked up the phone calling all his friends...all unanswered...Ya Allah dugaan apakah ini .....ada kah aku mampu...Then I thought one of his friends, Kodok that might be around...Bic pun panic ...calling Emma K in student affairs ...for the info...rupa2 nya...dorang pun taktau...hati wofsha dah tak diam ..I grabbed my handbag and car key ..tak rasa pun berapa anak tangga aku lompat ..kain terselak ke ..mampus le ...bic was screaming ...weii..."hep tak tau lagi...ema baru nak call up.." - Tak pe Bic ..anything I let you know ..I go first...Ihya Ramadhan project kendian cakap" ..screaming on top of my lung from downstairs.

All I could think of was General Hospital. Have to get to the GH a.s.a.p. Then I couldn't find my car! rupa2nya pagi tadi aku park kat belakang...not at the usual's. hooo berlari pulak le haku ke belakang macam orang tak betul...people were wondering what is happening to cik sha. Emma K saw me running to my car "cik sha!! hospital ke? ikut!!" - Faster! all I knew jantung at that time ...was worst then hip hop beat. I rushed to Kodok's house ...screaming for his name and he juz knew about it too...from Bic who finally managed to call him. on the way out from that residential area..I managed to get sodiq back on the phone line ....masa itu juga la...phones aku ran out of battery....argghhhhhhhh...............emma K tried hers.. got him on the line ..yang aku dengar masa tu "cik sha...darah banyak....besi tercucuk kat kepala dia ...BERLUBANG!" - AllahuAkbar...masa tu I was 20km to the hospital. aku nangis macam orang gile sambil drive. kodok terdiam kat belakang ...emma K terkedu kat sebelah....when I heard myself honking at the cars....then i managed to istighfar...the 3 of us ...recited Holy Verses and praying for him....yet tears couldn't stop rolling ...Please Save them ya Allah.....itu je yang mampu aku minta. Aku tak sanggup ....dan takkan mampu melihat jasad menunggu aku di situ....aku belum mampu ....Kau Bantu lah Aku Ya Allah .....

I arrived at ER ...di Mudahkan Allah urusan parking (yang senantiasa full and busy itu)...seolah-olah tersedia menunggu kami..Shukur Alhamdulillah...the minute I parked, the 3 of us plunged out and ran to the ER. saw my others boys already there, saat wofsha nampak salehuddin ..kaki ni rasa lemah sangat...wondering what will I see. Alhamdulillah ...he was conscious. Tapi darah berlumuran ....pasir dan segala macam....dan The Hole? yes...jelas luka nya dalam ...di dahi....terduduk aku disitu...Allah....dia belum lihat wajah nya ...yang "shattered" itu ...mungkin suhaili dapat rasa darah di muka but he didn't know how his forehead is. Kami semua terkedu...tak dapat wofsha tahan air mata ni bloggie....wofsha biarkan kodok tengok dia ...and terduduk aku di situ mengenangkan semua ini....farhan came in later ...with an ambulance ...with broken thumb...terkoyak kulit bahu kanan...and couldn't straighten his right leg ...Allah...besarnya dugaan Ramadhan mu kepada mereka ini....

Suhaili was rushed to operation after Iftar...and Farhan was admitted to ER ward for further treatment. 1030pm...I sent Emma K and Kodok back. My dad had 20 misscalls on my phone ..wondering where I was ...which I did inform him earlier...a Dad will always be a Dad ... right bloggie... :) i juz felt bad coz my batts were out and he couldn't reach me...

Terima Kasih Ya Allah ...for ALL Your Mercy. Please keep me Close to You. Amin.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3 more of Me

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I wish I have 3 Mes, so I can do all these works on time.

I'm excited because My Project is a Success. BUT I need to calm down because isn't a smooth sailing ...anything can happen.

I ventured further to another project. KUIS is about to pull down its curtain soon. My schedule is packed. and the students need me more than ever.

How I wish ..if "you" would be needing me more than ever.. *lol* yahrite...tak ado makno nyoo..rite bloggie...

I spend a few minutes watching all those photos from the project. Indah. Sweet. Boleh buat tak tido malam nye la bloggie ...terlalu sukar to describe it ... Especially the part when we all busuk together...ha ha ha ...

in the meantime i have to finish my dateline for tomorrow ..still unable to paste the photos...time isn't on my side ... :) till then...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Awakening

 Assalamualaikum bloggie...

i just finish making a cocktail pudding.  I can't sleep. I keep thinking about the sanctuary I left a day ago.  I woke up ...thinking I was still there. Looking for everyone under my wings to care for.  not to forget Gorgon the cake-thief. ehehehe

While waiting for my pudding to mind lingers. To happy moment...watching the baby turtles coming out from the sands miraculous. I have like 1000 pics to share and selecting those are tedious work ...wait aaa bloggie...what upsets me a bit ..was the video shot where dd jr, kc jr, sha jr and hassan jr were born, was corrupted! aiyaa...ya'll should see how cute we all were...sungguh comel dan gigih makhluk Allah itu.  and Wofsha is now officially a Ranger. suka sangat...we are the new hatchlings....I love it. very much. especially when I get to share it with people I Love.

the 3am singing on the beach at night ...with snapping was Heaven. Indeed. those were moments we couldnt trade with anything. it was soo precious till I didnt even want to share it here bloggie.... :)

i will after i load the selected photos.

in the meantime ...i wanna dream my moment...good night bloggie...I Love You.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Assalamualaikum bloggie!

Happy to be back. We arrived last night around 9pm....and there goes our Terawikh...The Project was a Hit and Alhamdulilllah ....Allah Izin perjalanan tugas and activities lancar....with a little hiccups je....

The Experience? Amazing..SubhanaAllah ..tak dapat di gambar dengan kata-kata bloggie ...permulaan Ramadhan kami yang begitu indah ...A Bliss...

Miss Sha found her Love. :)
She is Happy.
Allah is always There to Hold her hands ..throughout this Journey.

Banyak lagi wofsha nak share and of tosh ...kongsi the photos ....nanti la ..Ibadat ramadhan perlu di utamakan ...kerana belum tentu besok pagi ...kita akan menerima udara ini....

yang Pasti ...wofsha shukur ...di beri Itu ...di antara Hari-Hari yang Terlalu Indah....di Kurniakan ..Dia.

Siapa? Hanya Allah yang Tahu.

As for you? Hargailah Alam dan Khazanah yang di Amanahkan sebelum terlambat.
Tiada yang Indah melain kan diri Kamu yang mengIndahkan nya.

Nikmat ini MilikMu ...Amin.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Pain of A Sword

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I took a long sigh after the clock reached 5pm (so soon?). promised my mak to accompany her to get her new sewing machine.  happy to see her happy. :)

i still have many more things to focus on ..and my mind is distracted. deep inside ...i juz wanna scream on top of this healthy fat juicy lungs...(how did i know its juicy? err....hehe) my smiles are so fake lately.  if only  i can spare it all laughters were sooo not it. i think Bic sensed it. She juz allowed me in my comfort zone. reconciling thoughts...probably...

i can never tell.
that is merely...plain...Fate.

Now I Know

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

today is The Mask day for wofsha. I am on fever and irregular sneezing and coughing. Went to Doc Sheikh last night and Alhamdulillah shukur's not H1N1. *relief*

however, the fever is somewhat contagious...I got it from my sons, Najib and Que who eventually had fallen sick earlier. Alhamdulillah the three of us are free from H1N1...I felt like giving a surgery lecture today huhu :)

Kini ku tahu bagaimana rasa nya ... :) kenapa tiba2 wofsha ngantuk nie bloggie.....dizzy amat rasanya kepala ini ....petang ni wofsha ada session lagi ...esok ada quality visit dari kuis. wofsha dah lembik dah ...file dah macam mount everest dah .... tadi dalam kelas kuis ..i suggested dorang buat field trip to Gunung Stong. sungguh indah di sana....but i told them to ask Ustaz Hafiz to lead the program :) tak terbawa beban di bahuku ini ....

hmm...the presence was just an illusion... I should've Known...sabar Sha....Allah hanya Menguji Hamba-Hamba yang Dia Sayang. Aku pasrah Ya Allah...Terima Kasih di Atas Nyawa Ini Kau Pinjamkan Kepadaku...Amin.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Support The Telur Rangers!!

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

As I was glued to the screen working on my papers, I came accross this blog.

what is it for? - to support Turtle Conservation in Malaysia and pledge for a STRICTER law to be imposed. I AGREE.

who's behind this? - Huey Meim, Nell, Grace & WWF plus many other supportive group of people.

what's their aim? - to collect 100,000 signatures from ANYONE who cares about the Nature and the World we are Living in.

How to take part? - surf OR for further info.


will be turtle-liciousing at Ma'daerah Kemaman
on 19-21 August 2009
Turtle Conservatory Awareness Project
led by
Miss Sha (KTD), Miss Rahayu (WWF), Mr Halim (JPT)

Rakan Auto Help Line

Assalamualaikum bloggie....

tiring day. I started my morning with a longggggggggg yawn. couldn't sleep well last nite. I was wide awake till 2a.m *sigh*

mengapa masih ingin di takik getah di daun sha ...mengapa? mengapa...?

and some of my friends asked me why...i gave my answers...yet they keep wanting me to give it a chance ....sudah lah .... BS ajee....craps.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie ...

haven't been writing via here for a while... those were my previous posts I kept in notepad while resting and following orders of no-Internet weeks. My conclusion of having to stay away too long from what I love doing is ...No Way am Gonna do That Ever..again. It reeks.

Glad to be Back. and Hope to write more ...Soon.

take care.

menyigai ilmu sampai ke langit ..mengapa di takik getah di daun?

Assalamualaikum bloggie...
kebiasaanya kcy yang akan came up with all these it's my turn. I remember using this proverb during secondary school ...(when was that?) let the past tense remains a past...hahaha..anyway..that was Pantun years school ...when I was ...hahahaha (keep on denying ...) what is it with women and age anyway? ho ho ho

Mr Lim texted earlier nice of him. that's the different. he has always been nice. I really hope my dream one day will come true. I really respect people of his like..Mr Joe too, one down-to-earth chap who's really an expert in what he does ...but humble. I love learning and experiencing life with these people. they are my master in knowledge and humanity. Puan Nashimah of GPK is another mentor I look up to..and utmost saluted confidante and motivator...dear bloggie...did i not tell you how i despise the usage of lappy....i am such a whiner ..aren't I bloggie...

there was something in my mind juz now when i decided to write. i am actually working on my write up. usually when I have few points pop up..i'd stop and think and have it written. while am recalling .... let's cakap bahasa pertama wofsha ...

tadi ada sesuatu terlintas di fikiran ...sbb wofsha ada buat sesuatu yang wofsha ingatkan wofsha akan jadi "ayam-keluar" sebab tu la frasa di atas menerjah minda ni...mungkin ini yang di kata .."apa yang datang bulat..pergi bulat" hahahahaha sabar je la bloggie kan...

ouh yeah ...saturday nephew's wedding reception. believe it or not. Rasa macam baru semalam je aku dukung dia ...babysat dia...tukar lampin dia ...bertatih ngan dia dia dah kawin. he's only 24. wife dia? God knows....wofsha belum kenal ...coz the day of his akad ...I was busy - battling Life.

reception is gonna be held at my sister's house. pasti grand banget kan bloggie...cucu menantu sulung. betul la tu agaknya terminologi nenek plak dapat...cicit menantu sulung...aku dapat? anak sedara ipar? yikes...sound so odd....bwerk..ntah le ..yang pasti bertambah lagi SATU kerusi waktu makan and hari raya.yay.

remembering Mr Lim's sms tadi ...I was touched. ni baru betul 1Malaysia. wah...wofsha dah 1Malaysia since birth..

tadi bloggie..wofsha nengok news at RTM, TV3 and Awani segala channel berita aku flipped. benda sama ..-demonstrasi jalanan. - B.O.R.I.N.G. jangan tanya kenapa ...sbb I have my own personal reason. i'm not against differences or fighting for the Earth so called. ...but there's a limit to everything.

Macam what happened to me sebentar tadi. there is a Limit Sha. Did you not see? Did you not Feel?
Suara Hati ku berkata... TAU ..TAKPE.

'nuff said :) peace and a cooler earth!

August 5, 2009 9:48pm
The Kitchen Table

wofsha rest days

assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's a longgggggggggggggggggggg week for me. I am STILL on leave. Today bic and I went for lunch at this one kedai bawah pokok (err...ada ke kedai atas pokok?dowh...) well I named it ..Kedai Bawah Pokok (KBP) coz ada banyak pokok kat situ and kedai dia very the teduh.siap ada laman belakang...dalam sawah..tepi pokok homiey nyaman....and I Love.mucho! and the food? enak banget...ayam bakar dia is to die for ...sup tulang dia..perghhh...satu marhalah dah bau ..( over la tu kan...hahaha) and harum amat...lauk pauk lain ...macam-macam ada ..semua ...SEDAP. Almaklumlah dah banyak hari asik drinking air kosong ....mau nye tak starving ...ho ho ho ...batu celup tepung hias kicap pun wofsha akan kata Sedap.

that's how I fulfill my days ..besides working from home. but next week wofsha kene masuk kuliah dah bloggie...terpampang muka-muka kodok-kodok kesayangan wofsha etc. macam mana la agaknya tell you the truth bloggie...coz of them...I'm fighting this. Sometimes I do not have any energy left...but to spend more times with them...recharge my strength. Would it be too much if I say ..I love them? -aighh...the melancholic in da house. :) hu hu

jgn la si KC bleh xs blog wofsha ni sure the twins ..muk and hariz pandai simpan rahsia. they knew my they read it? I wonder...muk and hariz are two busy people...with games :P tu pasai i do not think they have time to layan my bedtime stories nie. huk....

i saw mu'adz again usual laughter provider. asked me where I was for the whole week...i said ..ada lee....ouh ...tomorrow...will go to KBP with emma her a treat. tak pernah belanja dia ...eversince she works here. nice girl. positive thinker amat. naive? a bit ...she's like my digi cuddly sayang-sayang awak jugaaaaaaaaa-buddy. people around me these days are so cute miut and comel comel and sayang-sayang-awak-juga types....*freaky...* hehe

ada baaaaaaaaaaaaaanyak bende wofsha nak write to bloggie....but bukan bloggie bleh jawab balik kat wofsha pun ..hehehehe....its the thought that count ....yite vloggie... :)

p/s: i miss buggin midget around.. somehow. huhuhu ..kc will gelak tergolek-dok if she reads this.

lots of work waiting I have much time Left?

August 5, 2009 7:09pm
The BeachYard

I Forgot to Wish Nuar Kamaruddin

hmm...assalamualaikum bloggie..
i hate using lappy because the cursor always runs from my the keys are quite small..and my hands and fingers are u know la kan ..the contradictory. hehehehehe byk sungguh komplen wofsha kan bloggie? tak serik2 lagi tu ...i dont know what to write as am really exhausted from my _______ dunno what coz i have been resting since.

terasa like so much benda i nak write ...tapi hati wofsha kebas. hmm...effect drugs kot...hoh...melets...dah pandai amik drugs sekarang...dulu..kau la ratu natural herbs....sungguh poyo...hehehe...dah lama actually wofsha stays sober from medicinal drugs. I have trained my body to heal naturally and rely on antibodies....seperti mana wofsha rindukan antidotes wofsha ...wah...melankolik bagai...

di kesempatan ini wofsha nak wish anuarkamaruddinDOTblogspotDOTcom...HAPPY BIRTHDAY YANG KE 17! (wah...) stay creative and luhur ...pergh...that's me saying sincerely to you bro ...semoga nuar and family ...di dalam Jagaan Allah SWT sentiasa...teruskan berkarya ...eventho we have never met before ...u are one of the saluted-bloggers around. cayouk!

home i can curi2 drive though...sometimes i got tired n bored sittin around ..jadi couch potato yang sememangnya dah couchy itew...kan....walaupun...i spent times outside.watching the skies...muka wofsha pun dah jadi kelam TNB potong bill je color kekdah nya....tambah lagi dengan project end of august nie...rentung lee....

eventhough am resting at home, i still get to do my work. the team is communicating with me thru calls and smses. Tonight ..everybody is leaving to KL...workshop. tinggai wofsha sorang je...bic pun i bet must be kosong la....and tomorrow wofsha dah instructed the helper to invigilate paper wofsha. kasihan dorang....first time amin was really quiet in class...last tuesday. coz he saw how pale I was ...the whole class was quiet. I hope they have studied hard (enuff) for the MT.

using notepad is no fun either...when the cursor keeps running away from u. uwaaa....
k la bloggie ...wofsha ciao dulu ....for now wofsha write in notepads je la...wofsha tak larat...


August 3, 2009 9:36PM
The BeachYard

Sunday, August 9, 2009

wofsha & wedding

wofsha and buah nephew's Wedding la ..yang boy tu ..bukan wedding wofsha ..hahahaha..ahaks ...i can still smile dengan bahagia nya eventhough ..hati menderita yah...I love THEM very much. Allah saja yang tahu....kak lin the cheeky one ...esham the Groom...kak min the gorjes...awin the datin hehe and adik ya the baby.....and cu yahh...the gorjes auntie Ever. Saya Sayang kamu Kamu kaMu kAmu kamU and Kamu..... :) muahs!

My brother, BoJi with The Nieces... sempoii....saya Rindu Kamu! *bighug*

My sister and her newly wedded daughter in law

Monday, August 3, 2009

Salam Sunshine

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Alhamdulillah ..I can still write. I can still think. I can still smile.

I'd never thought I'd see Today.

Friday morning ...I was getting ready to my presentation ...when suddenly I had a sharp pain...somewhere on my body part...and I collapse to the floor. conscious ...but sweating like there's no tomorrow....i reached the phone and called up my doctor...outstation....of all the days ...and time ...the on-call doctor ..urged me to seek ER's. Eventually ...we did. The pain was so sharp ...I thought I won't see tomorrow. On the way to the hospital... I was half n half. I texted Bic to alert my Team of my condition. I texted few friends save a Prayer coz I was nearly losing it. Dear God...*Sigh*

In ER... I lost it. Couldn't hold the pain anymore. I was rushed with a Doc...I didn't even remember the name. It's a Lady Doc. Asking me few things I can recall telling and the rests were given by My Mother. All I remember I kept asking for my doctor and reciting, and ask for His Mercy. if I didn't get the chance to see my doc....that's it. I was jabbed. Twice.

Next thing I Know mother is by my side. :(

she said calls were pouring in.

i said... " am I still Alive?"

long story short. I have to go through a series of test.....and waiting for the final diagnose.

I requested to stay at home than the hospital....coz it's kinda eerie and spooky to be there alone. Plus I didn't want to trouble my parents.

now? I'm on extra-leaves.

kcy...Allah SWT masih berikan peluang untuk saya ketemu kamu n wife... mungkin :)

Pek...terima kasih for every single thing.

My Kodokians... thank you...

Irwan, Izzat and Tiqah ... jakaAllah hikhairan..kathira...

Mu'adz ... thank you for the smiles.

Ema K...thank you for being you...

Pa'ah ... you still owe me Dominos *winkies* ...

K.ja and Azol...thank you for the Words...and Encouragement.

Bic... you're appreciated.

those who are directly or indirectly involved with my Life.... shukran jazilan...

Oja.. you're my Laughter even When I'm Hurt.

Allah SWT... you're my Creator and You will always be The One... Never Allow me to Forget YOU.