Monday, December 28, 2009

if Killing is Legal, YOU'RE SOOOO DEAD SUCKER!

hi bloggie...
i am so pissed at the moment.

really hate it being forced to do something i do not like doing!
everytime i voice out my say ...they'd think i want things to be done MY WAY! HELL NO!! U DAMN-PINHEADS!!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

wofsha discovers Sarawak

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Here are some of the things I did ...which I do not have the time and mood to update...hehehehe ..oh yea bloggie.... i just fell off from a chair...hohoho laughing+painful = crazy year end...
without further a due.... enjoy lah...

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Nice place to visit and see Wildlife, especially the Orang Utans living in a wild habitat and their connection to the rangers and surrounding place.

Delima and her baby...

I think this is Delima again..or Murray....forgot the's their feeding hours..although, at times they prefer to stay in the wild and depends on the foods and fruits in the jungle.

Orang Utans love coconut flesh. They simply rips it apart with their sharp teeth.
I enjoyed sitting there under the shades watching those wildlife...hopping and lingering around...

@ Little India.... I am so excited walking around this area coz ...there's sooo many people of different colors. I hear different dialect which I have no clue what on earth they are talking about ...Good sample for my linguistic research.

Breakfast...Lunch...Dinner...I can never say NO to :). hehe mee Kolok...yummmyy...
i completely fell in love with this dish.

we tried laksa sarawak too...but Mee Kolok is the best for me :)

to be a woman to Live like One! hahaha ..indeed...this shop made me go crazy's like my dream closet! hahahaha

I was sooooooooooo exhausted from the walk and talk and whatnots :)
One thing I will always remember Sarawakians are tourist-friendly. period.

Nightwalk at Waterfront Kuching. Again..I have plenty of photos ....I don't even know which one to choose. This is one of 'em.

rambling around ...trying to figure out where is Sarawak Plaza. we found it. we enjoyed the food.
we met one nice man :)
and the rests were History.

The journey to Sarawak is not complete if one did not go to the remote areas and self experience the life of the locals. and Guess what? We are definitely going there again...for more cultural lessons.
In the meantime... I need to go put some waist is starting to ache from the fall...huhu....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Silent but Nervous.

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I'm quiet. and Nervous. Wednesday morning will be The Day for me to fight in yet another Battle. Unlike the previous ones, this time I'm feeling more nervous and agitated compared to before. Aiya...why ah....normally when I have such a feeling..something not-so-good will happen...*aishh* istighfar Him. Ask from Him.

*sigh..* i'm still nervous. as of writing this.

i promise to put up some photos of my so called..trip..yet ...tah la dont feel like it...last nite I was up till late thinking of Nothing. I couldn't focus on the tv...and i opted for fb instead..which to a double-bummer...sucked too.

Now am sleepy. in the course juz now I was trying very hard to stay awake. even the foods can't wake me up. there's something that made me offended yesterday. especially when it involves mutual understanding. when i look at it again...why is it that when OTHER people do it ...wrong can be right....and it comes to ME...not doing anything is EVEN Wrong!? - I don't get it. Juz because that Wrong is so called "justified" by certain "approaches", one can get away from it a snap! am having this muka toya ...pissed...bengkek...geram..u name it. even the Red-damn-nice Teesside University sweatshirt given by my students couldn't make my day. I was happy for like 5 seconds ...and was ruined. plain ..simple...Ruined. - How'd they feel if I do it to them instead? - Bloody makin' the "headlines" before Maghrib....that am pretty sure of. *sigh* another Dugaan that is sooooo..unbearable at the moment....

why is it when it's others' misery, they call it ... Takdir ..and when it's Their Turn they say "it's unfair.. you're not dealing with this the Right should have oughta do this ...that.....bla bla bla......."? and Yet ...they talk about professionalism...maturity... - f*** off!
There, I've said it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Great Expectation

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

tonite i got to take a breather after a day of reading and watching AXN's in between. huhu ... i woke up a bit late to make up the time I spent last nite.  I have gained more confidence in day time.  Now am ecstatic to focus and heat up the "engine".  this is it sha.  No turning back.

i had dinner at the moon's, my favorite place for kasturi drinks. i was enjoying dinner with my books when suddenly my former BM teacher walked in.  Cikgu Zul.  he was my BM teacher when i was in 4th n 5th form ( i think hahahahah's been ages...sorry).  the "best" part was ....when he remembered my name..he remembered my last name too.  and the rest was history. the minute he said IT...i felt a burden on my shoulder.  it's tough living this town with this name. i wish to remain under the radar.

am proud  to be one but sometimes ....i just want some time alone.  sigh. oh's life.  take it..or leave it. obviously i cant leave it ..keep on living sha.

i have photos to share with u bloggie...but i didnt have much time tonite. i gotta get back to my reading. and cappucino and keindahan kampung dengan ombak sepoi2 gorjes iteww.....

laterz..muahs! i miss u.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Glorius Weeks!

assalamualaikum bloggie...

woooweeeee!!! my invigilating work is done n over with! finally i can concentrate on my other project.
and today ...the day was nice......Nice................

:) i am still smiling...and i wanna continue smiling .... thinking about it....hihihi :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Frozen Heart

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's The Season! where Love will be Embraced in cold and cosy feeling. The first time I was introduced to it..I fell in Love. 'twas so beautiful and full of wonderful memories. it stays in my Mind ....till this very day ... and everytime I spoke of it'll ponder a wondering Heart'll prick a Curiosity Mind..... and I'd say - it's TOO beautiful to even won't be the same....

As am sitting here ...thinking how beautiful back there in my used-to-be-hometown, my heart melts upon seeing a photo I came across in the net yesterday. It's a portrait. Again, it's Beautiful. The Smile and The Confidence...complete The Mysterious, Small but Lovely Soul. Deep inside ...there is a tiny spot of regret....for being Ignorant... *hah!* :) Time will indeed Fly Sha....You have Missed The Train. - 0h well ...

my upcoming weeks will be hectic with exams. how i wish i can shorten the years ..and make things ever so wonderful twenty-four-seven. that portrait is bugging my mind... *shake 'em off!" huhuhu...

Christmas is near ... so is the pain. Every year, it's like a Revisit to a Misery Lane. Coincidentally it's a major celebration around the World....and I can't pretend I did not see.

Alas, it will always be Me. *sigh*

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Come Undone

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

I bumped into my ELAC ranger earlier on and he claimed that yesterday's question was taken from the mock test we all had during ELAC training. I thought he was kidding. I went up and checked.'s exactly the same...they juz swapped the blanks. How lucky they are. Section B and C were a copycat of mock's.

Should I be happy? Thankful - Yes. Happy? hmmm...

I slept with swollen eyes of no-one-knows. Except Allah SWT.

Now, I wanna stay away from all these mess....and rejuvenate meself for my papers in 2 weeks time.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

haa...if kawaii she'd say " lega nya memerut.." i guess the same with me.  I have been getting upset stomach since afternoon.  too much of beef during eid ..probably.  Today we had Korban jamaie..3 cows were slaughtered. nice. I was in the kitchen with the soup team ..ended up ...with fried beef team.  all in all was swell and fun.  we had fun cooking and the food turned out ...great la..hehehe as usual my manager would be busy taking photos.  and he did.  will claim from him later. though he insisted on  tagging in fb ...and i just realized..i didnt add him ...(not gonna...hehehe). Rule no 1. NEVER mix work and personals.

the routine in the office and the korban today were fully occupied.  i spend the later half of the day finalizing my coursemarks.  i was not satisfied with the graph..hence the last minute editing and summarizing. bic call it ..magicking...hahaha...i say...only those who deserved it.

"It's fun to add a secret flavor so that no one knows. But... it's more fun to find it."

it's worth to have students who are born-extraordinary...but it's much worthwhile to see a mediocre develops and blooms to BECOME one.

In this path of life...I have stumbled upon myriads of learners' background.  a few were fortunate...most were the other way around.  i salute those who seek education.  i take pride in sharing experience and knowledge in helping these type of human.  Likewise, I too am learning Life from them.  The hardship they've to pull through, the god-knows-what they have to endure to reach to where they are now and ...not to forget ..the battle they have lost before they even Fight.  In our jargon terms, we call it ..mati Syahid kedudukan Gagal either from first semester of bersyarat for three consecutive semesters.

Tomorrow I'll be witnessing a few of those bersyarat ones fight for their last Battle. A student who had  challenged me that I will not be able to "do" anything regarding his 'attitude'. Another, who think I shouldnt "bother" his life coz he knew what he was "doing" and a few others of no-shows for the semester and claimed they are "good" with their "behavior".  I did not bar those "parasites" coz I do not want them to know what is it like when education opportunity is being snatched out ..right under your nose. I'd rather have them do it themselves, naturally.. It's their Calls. I will be there tomorrow morning to see the Look on their face. Somehow..I will feel sorry for them, despite the fact I was annoyed by their attitudes.  How shallow their Minds when they chose not to believe in Education.  How terrible I am for not showing them the Light.  Have I not?- "One that drowns in oneself will eventually fall to darkness." How can there be Lights when the Darkness path has been chosen? Poor little Souls.  They have yet seeing the Colors of Life with Education.

"Children are treasures. The greatest sin in this world is to damage those treasures."

Ditto.  It will be my continuous Mission to spread Knowledge and Will Power to those Children.  It is my utmost duty when I vouched to make a different in my society and Ummah.  I shall not bear the Sins of damaging the Treasures. 

If I can be Sunshine to A Person...and Cheers his Life...I might as well Learn to be The Sunshine..who can even make the Dirt shines.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

We 'R' Us @ The Moon Celebration

Happy Birthday Ijat and Best Wishes Tiqa who has to leave for Johore's Quest....
Ganbatte Kudasai girl...

talk n eat. Things we usually do in the weekend or weekdays ..whenever we're stressed out or merely hanging out with cool companies.

Edy and DD-FC : Two naughty buddies from Sabah...

Cheers! Time to Cherish and Moment to Remember.
The Foods were surely filling and yummeh...

We 'R' Us with DD as the photographer and full stomachs
In front: Edy n KC
From the left: Ijat and The Fish, wofsha, Tiqa, babyboi, Cisco

It's Farewell's and Long Live's.
Love the green beetle at the back, so hippies...akekekeke

we talk ...A LOT. hence the faces and hands and whatnots.

-We 'R' Us-

Keep On Giving

Assalamualaikum bloggie!!!

how happy i am to see you again.  Now that I have a lil bit more time to spend with you ... i wanna make this beautiful and full of good thoughts. like this one saying  i came across ..."It is enjoyable to eat something delicious, but the greatest joy comes from the time spent waiting for it." - It's enjoyable to read blogs...but the greatest joy comes from Writing it!  :nice:

I found it rather enlightening.  A unique personality introduced me to this quote family.  he's beautiful on the inside but not many is able to see it. oh well I guess that's how the world is.  You won't see Beauty unless Allah SWT Allows you to.  It is His. None others.

I spent my day with quite a dutiful day.  i did my groceries earlier and bumped into DDE senior boys.  They were so shy upon encountering me. Me? as usual buat bodo like seeing nobody.  I wish they do not have to act that way. I wish not to be known outside office hours and they shouldnt feel obligated to "Assalamualaikum Miss" me ...all the time.  Sometimes, it is really funny when you are busy enjoying your ice cream and outta no where hear "Assalamualaikum Puan" aiyyooo...usually the Puan  thingy would choke me la. and everyone nearby will start looking and wondering who the hell are u? normally i would say to them "if you see me outside..pretend you do not know me- I need life too u know.." hehehehe what an advice ...

True what...I have Life too.  You do not have to bow to me every single time you see me.  I have this one particular student who has this habit of "bowing" everytime he greets me. Sheesh ...I mean I know it's humble or whatnots..but hey the last time my mom gave birth to me ..I was not a Princess... :) so stop bowing're making me feel Rotten inside *hahahahahha* It gets worst when it happens in public ...coz people are definitely looking at you like you're having a conehead!

Apart those tit bits of life ...I like what I am having/doing now.  I get to meet people who are motivated by me, people who are scarier than me, gorjesser than me...much more talented than me and best part is ...people that Teach me the Meaning of Life. The Bittersweet's.  Coz of them ..I still want to Give...and keep on Giving.

coz...Even in a world full only with enemies, there will always be someone you must protect.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Beauty of Azan

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

as i was getting ready for my class tonite, the maghrib hour seeped in. The Calling was so beautiful. I Felt it.  It cringed inside upon hearing and engulfing my mind into it.  So Serene. Can't even describe it here.  It moved my Heart.


Earlier on, I spent some time off thinking and sulking.  There are few things happened lately and some actions that were made towards me ...were heart wrenching.  I seek His Peace and Calm and cried at night, thinking how much further do i have to go through this.  The more I ask ..the more confused I have become.  I have agreed prior to this not to question too much of Life.  Sometimes, I couldn't help it.  Especially in times where my Good Deeds are being tested.  I do not like what I have been feeling these past few days. and when my best friends advised me. They are absolutely right.  Previously I countered their advices because I thought other people in Life ..need my Help, need my Support....However, now I realize, what other people need in Life..does not necessarily come from me.  I am not the Sole Provider.  There are plenty more outside.  Truthfully. As a human I have felt obligated to carry out these humanity onto others until I did not realize, it'll eat me in return.  I am not sorry for what I have done. On the other hand, am proud of me.  I have been taught by my parents with the most "perfect" education.  I have gotten Love out of the ordinary more than anybody else I knew in the family. I have been the center of a group of people's Heart since I was born into this world.  I am by far, Lucky.

The purity of the azan, taught me something.  I cannot govern the world.  But there are a little part of this world I can try and assist.  The rests, Leave it all to him to Decide.  I am not mortal in this Quest and I am not Absolute.  All I know, as a human i am willing to share what I have to extend of what I can only afford to Bleed. I still need to Govern My Central Life which I am responsible for. Each and everyone of us on this Earth is responsible of our own self. 

With that, I am satisfied with my decisions.  Friends, I know you are there when I needed you and Forever I pray you will be there...for I'd do the same to all of you. Thank you...for your Love and Support.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

hi xea! hehehe masih ku ingat kenangan kita bertemu di eskalator sunway ...kocik nya dunia ...huhu thanks to cfu peliharaan kesayanganmu.  hmm ..i have so
many things to write. ..tapi am numbed. too much beef kot..hhahaha but today i made one of the best sup tulang ever..huhu puji diri sendiri ...perasan bagai ...saratzzz...hahahahah well nak harapkan siapa lagi puji kans ..

I spent my evening socializing with bicmate n her children.  as usual the auntie of 3 lovely children.  i finally managed to get hazwan's football.  he went ballistic the minute he saw the ball in  the passenger's seat and i locked the door! huhuh ..sorry dear ...saje nak tease u ..i know u have been yearning for that ball...auntie tgk yr face pun auntie kasian " auntie..nak bola..." hahahahah ..if only auntie ni ada 3 or 4 orang yang sama lucky u to be able to get things on time. kan uncle kan ? hahahahaha

i am glad u like the ball dear. main la puas2 jgn pengsan dah.

talking about sacrifices in this holy month...i reminisced my life in 2009. indeed ..i have painstakingly did all those i think i did. sigh.

oh this year too I am tested by Allah SWT with a diagnose.  and this year too I solved a mystery I have been trying since a year ago. and this year too...i almost go into comatose thing that was destined to be...segalanya MilikMu..

i thought 2009 would have slowed me down.  Truth is ...not a second less.  Its fast and now we are heading to 2010 already!
I am looking forward to being older ...hmm next year the number change again...and did i forget to tell you bloggie..that i have gotten a full blast official sermon from The Mother about the big M.  there's no way for me ...No Way...I guess my 2010 will be filled with the M questions.  aigh...annoying...

why cant i be single for the rest of my life?
That is another sacrifice am making for meself too.

and many more sacrifices to come next year.  Now that I know why all those were happening....the more grateful i am to Allah ..for giving me the gift of Life. errmm..what is it? are u wondering bloggie..? Don't be.. coz you too will not gonna know what was it.  But because of those ..I am still alive and Kickin' and I will still be ...till My Time has Come. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

It has been quite a while since i last wrote in here. eversince i came back from my vacation, so many things happened to me. From the sweetest to the most painful that almost put me in ..coma. literally. I had an accident. a very unbelievable one and I can never thank much to Allah SWT, for saving my Life - Again. Shukur Alhamdulillah.

as usuals, from the trip, I have like a thousand photos to share...yet my condition and work schedule are putting me on hold. The ever-challenging monsoon is here too, hence the gloomy update mode that is constantly there. heee..

My heart is aching. Seriously.
Apart from nearly losing my brain, I am Losing my patience with people whom constantly hurting my Humanity. I hate being Lied to. Why human like doing that? Aren't they tired of it?

I know it's not really nice to help and later be Grumpy about it, but who the Hell THEY think I am? a sober-machine? It's enough that you are stupid, do you have to dumb-foundedly involve me too? *huhhh...*

The act that they put is really annoying and freaking disturbing. call yourself a Friend? An adult? *sheesh....*

Ok, i better stop fidgeting meself... :) I on the other hand will start writing my Travel Journal I had gone to earlier of this month. It was magnificently fun and inspiring. Meeting those new people and engulfing in their culture were memories I could never Forget. Let alone I got to share it with my buddy, pek.

In the meantime...ya hang on ya bloggie....I'll be back...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Heads Up

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

what a journey. I have many stories and write ups to share. again...wait. I have to focus on my students first.

am currently at oja's place leisuring for another 2 days. I made a quick stop here to see how things are with her and the rests. we passed by midvalley earlier on and she was like " oi..bukan ke sapa nama kawan ko tu ..hairi? ari? tinggal sini kan?" and i was a lil bit tired from the journey ...and i said ..hah? tah kot. .takkan dia dok lam mall ni...ko gile ke aper..hahahaha togel tul..." outta nowhere she'd spoke of nget-nget. the mysterious ngets. as long as he is happy in what he ain't my thing to bug. our conversation was switched to dinner at ...somewhere at Jalan Conlay ...apa nama tah .. I forgot ...however, that place was rather gloomy and probably closed...we headed to Kg Baru. food was okay..edible and worth paying. hehehe...

i am excruciatingly tired from my project. I plan not to wake up tomorrow morning. actually it's 4am now..and i do not feel like ...closing my eyes..yet. did not even have a plan for breakfast....can I sleep and not wake up meh? he he he ...i need to update my journal though. and simultaneously craving for handbag shopping!!! yeah!

may be later on. well...i gotta find something to match the shoes..aren't I bloggie? he he he hee

I need to take a rest. I miss lychee blended...oighvyy...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bumblebee's Moment

Assalamualaikum bloggie....

huwargghh...such a busy week. I can't wait to "run". So many incidents this week. Some were Good Some were so-so, all I know I'm thankful for having a moment to look back (eventhough I actually don't have much)

I spent 2 days ago at a beach kokak with little couzies. it was really nice sitting there ...glancing back to the ma'daerah days ..where ..everything was so "perfect" and Blissful (am never gonna get such a feeling ...ever again..i think...hehe)

Towards the end of 2009, am tied up with so much commitments and less time to think of my own Life. I miss (yet) another appointment ... :) not that I did it on purpose. I just didn't realize the time. A friend told me ...."rehat laa...take time yourself..." Oh so Indah kata2 Beliau. - tetttttttt...Not Seindah Realiti. Makanya....nggak ada off deh for the meantime.

jap lagi at 4 am heading for another presentation...yikes.. earlier on I was at the clinic with kodok and I kept yapping then savoring meself to TWO pieces of ayam bakar. Heaven. :)

tonite, ELACians will be sitting for their mock test and I'm excited to see how will they perform. It's gonna be a night where (most) Truths will be revealed.... jeng jeng jeng..

KUIS-Pergau event inshaAllah will be coming true ...(pray hard) Although am not as excited as before to go but I have responsibilities to carry out.

Did I mention am ecastaticly uber-frantic-happy? I found my LONG lost buddy via Facebook. What can I say ...thank you FB for reuniting us? it was an unforgettable moment. i cried. i miss her SUPER a lot. and Allah swt...juz Give me. Her. Cool. Alhamdulillah.

we've been FBing each other and write lengthy messages. seronok.

many things to write n share. Little time to Spare.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday 26 October 2009

Assalamualaikum wbt bloggie...

juz wanna wish A person who will celebrate his birthday next monday ...

Happy Birthday

I know I will not be able to wish you or even talk to you anymore. But at least now you know ...occasionally (i think i lied) I do think of you and hope that you are in a pink of health though your pink may not be as blushy and wonderful as it should be ... do take care of your "pinkness".
May Allah SWT Bless you with a Happy Heart and Warm People around you; to provide you Love and Eternal companionship.

Take care.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deepavali Vatekel!

Assalamualaikum bloggie....

it's October already? yeap! how time flies... and to all Indian friends who are celebrating the Festival of Lights, Happy Deepavali! then I thought of Mr Rama. He must have been feasting with his family in Negeri Sembilan. Cool...

One thing that I like most during this festival is the Food! :) the music too... and yesterday there I was enjoying every single Tamil songs. It brought back to the memory lane of UKM where I used to involve with Indian Students Society. seriously ...awesome. they brought me to their dance festival...and taught me so many things of Indian Culture. I even got to put on the stick-on "nande" on my forehead and my prof was having the toughest time ever trying to understand what was I. hahahahaha that was fun. I still smile..everytime the thought of those crossed my mind.... me and my crazy time back in college. Farah and Vedder would freak.

Now, it has been a years I think? passed ....and those moments will still make me smile....I did not regret the road I have taken. I'm Blessed with so many friends and moments. Thank God.

My conscience is thinking deep...of something that is seem distancing and hurting. I do not want to think of that as I know the impact. Yet... I still ponder. I don't even know why should I. Sometimes I blame myself for being too nice till I miss Reality.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

2 days ago I received a (yet) another visit from Grolier. Aiyo ..every year they must come ah? that's what striked me inside. No offense ..I Love Books. But Now I'm tied up with many things ...a visit and more talks of books ..will literally KILL me. *sigh*...

if people are nice to you, you OUGHT to be nice to them in return...that's what my Mak always reminds me. inside I was like ...mother...can ah if i do not want to be niceeeeeeee........waaaaa...tired la being nice ..when got prawn behind the mee.......hypocrite nama nya tu... and am sure you can guess la what i did bloggie....Yep...I became NICE. :(

Look on the bright least I got to meet Humans ( of better ways to communicate.....)
Was that a consolation Sha? uh....dunno la...just be nice la ...

Yesterday, I had a meeting with ELAC's committee. I halfheartedly poured my dissatisfaction towards the performance of the club. well...everyone did too. The President's remark, stabbed me right the lungs, heart, kidney, name it ...all hit...dushh! That's what I have been feeling and he just completed my sour-face. -Nice- I seriously think I need to lie down at that point of time. Never knew my head could spin that ..uber-fast. frantic. Can I stop the time?

One after another problems ...peeps through my daily teaching routines. I'm lethargic ( bak kata ary ..penat je ..citer penat takde citer lain ke?) not physically tired la my dear brain is tired. my patience is running thin (if only the fat that perish) and I do not know how else can I help these people. Conflict of interest and philosophy have somewhat diverged our methodologies and those poor souls were undeniably affected by it. Why do we wanna ruin our own Roots where we could have flourished and sustained its posterity? Why must we burn The Ethics for the price of Nothing? Did we not see? Are we Deliberately Blinding ourselves for the sake of impurities we Take as Dignity?

Truth is bloggie....I couldn't find The Answer.. Still.
I pray for Allah's Mercy .... to Lead me in this Misery....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie....
Last night, wofsha received an sms from celcom.
" Sebaik-baik Iman adalah amal, sebaik-baik amal adalah insan, sebaik-baik insan adalah yang pemurah, semurah-murah sedekah adalah Senyuman, sebaik-baik senyuman adalah yang menyenangkan Jiwa"
Can our smiles Comfort the Souls? heee :) saja godek-godek with the photos taken on raya celebration and thanksgiving reception at Farhan's house.

macam-macam gaya wannabes...ish ish ish korang.... my engineering boys

hah....iyo lah tu...suddenly everybody wanna wipe the plates kan pa'an kan kan kan?

I Love this One ...heee :) with pa'an's Umi...smiley-licious...

the Chicken Rice day with the boys...huhuhu Mr. B ..we matched la that day ...huhuhu...very the..

The Boys ....being the boys ...and the camera....ish ish ish....

My sweet bumblebee pa'an in the middle...with wang and tok ki...
Stay Pink Bro!

SMILE! for the camera... Yeah!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tahana Syurga Cinta

Assalamualaikum bloggie ....

last night i was down with pain. had to swap my night session to tiqah's and friends. I miss my group and worried they couldnt perform well. I tried to sleep no avail...what to do ...

then i remembered earlier on i subscribe to payperview astro....i should be on already apalaga ...wofsha pun menapak ngan remote...tuned to 952...taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Syurga Cinta is on air....wa ha ha haha pain i was trying to laugh....because i remember my kenalan blogger who spoke highly of this movie. he liked it a lot. and suggested me to watch it ...and i remembered telling him .."nanti la gi kl hang belanja" kunun didnt happen pun ....and he did tell me " tunggu ko nak datang baik ko beli je la cd" which ...didnt happen also I "bought" the ppv astro la. ahaks...

i missed the movie by 45minutes ...i turned on and it's a crying scene...already?! sedey's like every minute of watching that movie ..i can hear my kenalan ini talking telling me the of that movie ..again. ha ha ha

what I learned from that movie?
pretty much the life am going thru now.

what's the tagline I like most?
"Hati dan perasaan saya untuk orang yang betul2 menghargai sahaja...bukan untuk DI PERSENDAKAN" - lebih kurang la ayat dia ....can't memorize as I was really in pain while watching it. hu hu..

What do I think of the film?
3 out of 5 la...I like the Religious Reminders from the movie a lot. that I gave 5. osom.

What else do I think?
Jodoh the coolest Ever.

So what am I waiting for?
wait la I have always the meantime ..Live Life with Him ..Next to Me...or at least ..Learn to Find Him....then I shall find The Rests. Amin..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Day

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

It has been awfully tired weeks. I was up to my neck with the schedule and programs. The hari Raya programs were reek. So many things to be done and so little time to work on ..due to ...attitudes. I decided to focus on the most important ones...and IGNORED the rests. serve them right.

I spent my last days with my mentees..before I'll see them again in Skudai for graduation this November 22nd. Am so excited. Will I be there? that's the problem...think and decide later la sha hor can't think straight already. so many things to be done.

As always, there are abundance of photos ...yet ...little "effort" to put it up :) heee...

to sopek: dude ..miss u and can't wait to shop kek lapis ..soon! real soon!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I heart my Butterflies

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

my kupu-kupus kesayangan ....they're my colors of eid .....

Batrisya ...counting pitih raya hu hu...cuyah's angel

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shells of Life

Assalamualaikum bloggie....

it's 7 Syawal time flies....
it's 9 years already.... how long that has been ...
9 long years of agony... do you think it's worth it bloggie?
friends and families are saying "you're crazy... you're loyal... you're pathetic romantic... you're're wasting time...bla bla bla"

Humans are never tired of snooping and keypoching of other people's business. Totally.
Sometimes, I wonder why they (some) are like that. Can't a person just respect other people's privacy and Feelings? ( the least to understand ..other humans also have Hearts...dowh...)

I got an opportunity to discuss an issue on educational psychology yesterday with a prominent figure. we spoke of many issues and scenarios in today's culture...kelantan to be specific and humans as Caliph at large. yeah well aware ..humans have differences n whatnots...etc etc ....what strike me was .... why SOME humans find it so hard to respect others despite of the differences. why "They" tend to judge and punish others in the hub of the society. that is simply ..wrong. ( again, this is my personal opinion...)

In this journey of teaching the younger generation the meaning of Respect and Humanity....I stumble upon many examples of lives. Plethora of shells ...were flipped and some were painstakingly empty ...a few were half-full and there were dead ones too...such a pity isn't it...

How far would I go this journey to share...?
as far as This Life brings me....
to Thee am Professing this Faith and Strength...
as Thy Love breathes in me...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Syawal 1430H

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Eid mubarak from us! my sis and her daughters. My only nephew is celebrating his first eid as a husband on the "other" rawk! :)

our Annual faces of Syawal...and by 4th Eid ..I was already in the woods of Jeli in Empangan Pergau area...having my vacation and full blast of fishing Tomans and absolute bliss of being alone with nature and my buddy Sopek. Sorry no fishing photos are available due to un-observed dress codes :) on that private island of ours. It was so serene and beautiful and no other humans ..except US and Allah....and Nature. - and the best gile lompat ..Ikan Toman....perghhss...we practically owned that island ...for a while. Amazing.

There were tonnes of eid's photos but ...too lazy to upload. still have few coming from my couzy Najmi. facebooks were flooded by photos. awsome. totally. I have always like beraya in kampung. always. and the piles of dishes i've to wash ..will always remember that too... *winkies* I like this photo too... so tomei.

my ever so-always-sempat-to-snap nieces with their mother-cum-my sister, Eda. Everyone was home...even BoJi managed to have his last Iftar with us. perfect.

How's my Eid? ecstatic (I still get the ang pow! can u believe it? he he ...guess am not That Old ...kan bloggie? eheks...yikes)

owh...since I've started yapping this..I have something to write for arytopia : weh? where's my ang pow?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eid's Greeting

Assalamualaikum wbt ..bloggie...

it's been few days since ...
i know this is a bit early to wish ..but am afraid I won't be having enough time to spend on blogging ...since I'll be preparing, cleaning, dusting, cooking, shopping (groceries) and entertaining my once-a-year Show..

I would like to take this opportunity ... to wish ...

1. Mohd Khairy a.k.a ngets @ arytopia
2. Lid @ kcynodia
3. nuar @ anuarkamaruddin
4. saudara azami
5. saudara shahadan
6. ZH-Ena
7. Miss K
8. mama Double A
9. ah Lian
10. Kawaii
11. mc T
12. Cengko
13. cik iza
14. kak emy & abg Jo
15.b'jue corner
16. nor
17. hajar kecik
18. en_me yang best
EID MUBARAK 1430H. May all of us find peace and happiness with the blessing of Syawal under His Grace. Salam 'Idul Fitri.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

there's a Pain inside

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

hati ini sakit amat...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pre- Syawal Rambling

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's a been a week or so ..since you-know-what. It feels like yesterday....especially when I hug the present to bed every night. he he he ....It is wickedly-beautiful. Uber-red. and the best part was to know ..the "story" behind it. Life is awkwardly-beautiful ....though I knew the End is near...*sigh*...

22 Ramadhan....and Muslim is a week away to leave this longfully-awaited month. I do not know whether I'll get another chance to see another Ramadhan next year. What if I don't? - I dare not think...if It's Time... I'll Go. I know i'll leave behind "you" whom I had missed. and I'll leave behind My Mysterious Fish whom I can't swim with.

To be honest, I do not know how to live on my days like its my last. Teach Me I am Confused.

To all my friends... Selamat Menghayati there's no Tomorrow.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Miss Sha Got Punk'd!

Bowlers Longkang Negara ...hahahaha...I Love All of You..Merci Boucoupe guyz..Muaahhss!

Assalamualaikum bloggie...
What A week! What A moment!.....I was cordially invited for buka puasa with my beloved rangers....In my Mind's Iftar...makan-makan ..then balik loh ....this is the only time I have left spend with them anyway ....

So there I was ...with excitement and be able to sit and eat together with them....and This ..was What I got!
I got 3 languages of birthday song..English, Mandarin and BM! Best!
We looked like we're having a concert and everyone was enjoying the moment..including other customers! :)
It fits my taste ...PERFECTLY...
in deep conversation with KC infront of me..
one of the masterminds ..Omar who fall asleep on that day and upset the rangers for being late! *lol* serve you right babyboy ho ho ho...
When was the Last Time? When I Lost Your Smile...
Thank You Beloveds ...for your Lovingkindness.
My 2-supporting actresses Teaching Team Tiqa & Ijat who acted so well...
You guys had me big time baby ...big time....
hmm..what more do I want than being with my Love Ones on this Beautiful Day...
I will Cherish tis moment ...Forever ...
Sayonara & danke schon ...KFC for being kind enough to take our photo.
Love Lasts F.O.R.E.V.E.R
Everything sooo "Perfect..."
LoveLetters on a Lovely Red Birthday Cake of Sha

There's nothing MORE beautiful than full-stomach-Smiles :)

It was a perfect, beautiful and meaningful celebration. I had never thought they'd "threaten" Bic give them the date. When they asked me of the date, I keep saying "if you love someone ...the sky is the limit..." and what I have gotten on that day ...was Almost Heaven.

I Love You so Much ... Till I do not Know how Will I Let go...

JazakaAllah hikhairan kathira Wonderful Sayang People...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Pudding Day

Assalamualaikum bloggie ...

today wofsha got hooked up with pudding making ..huhu..excited...not because am that rajin to do ....i have tonnes of other important things actually  to be done ...and tadi jugak aku lupa nak amik answer script dalam bilik kebal..huhu ..jen is gonna have a "funtime" babbling at me tomorrow....what to do ..sapa suh datang spray aedes awal2 not the 4 o clock lady u see...huhu...

i just finished my last pudding ..and waiting for all of 'em to set.  earlier I had an online meeting with my ELAC top management ...sronok...coz i don't get to see them offline often.  so many issues came out ..from formal to ..nons...biasak la..pompuan...huhu..

I'm off to another project..another branch of ELAC's helping hands....seronok? no way ..penat gila ada...i am literally exhausted with syawal approaching and so many wedding invitations need to be fulfilled....aigh...can i not go ? uissghh. ..bab kenduri kendara ni le ..den malehh...tak larat den nak dongar...ekau bilo laeiii.....ekau ni momilih laa...ekau ni apsaal.....mengambang ka ma fun leiii....bwerk...

i'd rather be in Semenggah and orang utan.  Peace! Counting days to November...yay yay..

Monday, August 31, 2009

Memoirs of Sha

Assalamualaikum bloggie ...

the last 2 enteries were encapsulation of memoirs from the conservation trip. In real was long and loaded with stories to share ....but due to unavoidable circumstances and work load not able to present it all here... after all, there aren't much words or thoughts can be said upon submitting ourselves in front of the Creator's Miracles... we were Speechless.

I hope it's not too late to wish all Malaysians ...SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI KEMERDEKAAN YANG KE 52.

I know my Father is ecstatic and patriotic each year it's being celebrated. Having lived for 71 years ...he has abundance of stories and memories to share with me. From the Japanese Occupation years the British's, the Declaration of Independence by Allahyarham Tunku, the May 13,1969 and the present days. To me he is like a walking history. His ability to vividly remember all the significant dates and occassion is Allah's Blessing that we are all proud of. He is my Idol. Next to Tun Mahathir. I know many said am more of his protege...tho I can never be like him. He'd naturally trained me since I was born but I do not think I have the niche as he does. My Father's mind is not easy to infiltrate. He needs not to verbally say things much yet it is comprehensible. (to me and some who are dear in his life, the least...)

I thank Allah SWT for giving him another year to spend with me and cherish this Merdeka day. I do not know how my life will be without him...but I do know ...I want nothing but the best for him or thereafter...

Dear Ayah...
I Love You more than any men in this World...
Selamat Menyambut Hari Pahlawan & Kemerdekaan Tanah Melayu ke 52.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Turtle Memories II

tekunnya...menjawab ...they slam-dunked into the sea to find clues ...and complete the tasks collectively. This is the Leatherback's group...missha's proteges! we rawk baby huhu

turtle rangers ....see at the back? omar was so excited and jumped into the water way before we started the Turtle-Race ...such a notty boy...

my beloveds ....this is Olive Ridley's with their group formation task. well done guys ...ya'll did a good job ...cik sha is impressed! I Love All of You...

Will You always be Next to me Through Thick and Thin....?

sempat lagi ..after morning tazkirah on the beach with the Subuh was magnificent ...and Nida juz had to capture The missha-moment *winkies* macam balik mekah... pun ado... ha ha

Leatherback's Formation Presentation... touched and Love the way you guys put it together ...job well done rangers!

Always The-Moment ...we were there Together ...and If I'm Gone ...I'll Cherish it ...Forever
Each and everyone of them has a Special Place in My Heart ...