Friday, May 11, 2012


Salam globbie..

it has been a while since i last post.  and same with others whenever they ask me where have i been ? i would say " i kan sedang sibuk bercinta!" oh well...that is my sarcasm actually....

how do i say ? life is indeed beautiful and challenging..else ..we won't be here today as HIS Khalifah ..and ruling this earth. 

I am going through a lot at the moment of writing this and I didn't think it's a nuisance in my life. however, i did feel tired and Tired. at one point ..when am overly stressed ...i just hope God would take my life. *does that sound right? heee * but seriously .. i am tired and stressed out.  i have no one to turn to except Allah. cliche isn't it? but that's the truth.

i have no more idea to write. i need to focus and work on my TQ12 project. Dear Allah...Let it happen in COLORS...lots and lots of them...aaamiinnn..