Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera

Hello everyone, Assalamualaikum. First and foremost, thank you (oh-so) very much for visiting this new cocoon of mine. I was invited by my lil-sista to join her in facebook, my remark to her was "tak nak la...kat situ banyak artis" hohoho macam bagus je statement ..Instead of facebook, I opt for blogspot!

So here I am, starting a new world of my own, The World of Sha, encapsulating memories of the past, striving the present world and aiming for a miraculous future. Coming from a small family of 5, I have been the "unfortunate" child in the family, YET I'm living life, feeling soooo fortunate-like-there's-no-tomorrow and loving every single minute of it!

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shikin said...

cik sya...i'm da 1st person comment ur blog nihs.....xsabor nak nengok "isi" di dalam nyes...tapis yerk...miahahhahahhah