Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Syawal 1430H

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Eid mubarak from us! my sis and her daughters. My only nephew is celebrating his first eid as a husband on the "other" rawk! :)

our Annual faces of Syawal...and by 4th Eid ..I was already in the woods of Jeli in Empangan Pergau area...having my vacation and full blast of fishing Tomans and absolute bliss of being alone with nature and my buddy Sopek. Sorry no fishing photos are available due to un-observed dress codes :) on that private island of ours. It was so serene and beautiful and no other humans ..except US and Allah....and Nature. - and the best gile lompat ..Ikan Toman....perghhss...we practically owned that island ...for a while. Amazing.

There were tonnes of eid's photos but ...too lazy to upload. still have few coming from my couzy Najmi. facebooks were flooded by photos. awsome. totally. I have always like beraya in kampung. always. and the piles of dishes i've to wash ..will always remember that too... *winkies* I like this photo too... so tomei.

my ever so-always-sempat-to-snap nieces with their mother-cum-my sister, Eda. Everyone was home...even BoJi managed to have his last Iftar with us. perfect.

How's my Eid? ecstatic (I still get the ang pow! can u believe it? he he ...guess am not That Old ...kan bloggie? eheks...yikes)

owh...since I've started yapping this..I have something to write for arytopia : weh? where's my ang pow?

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