Sunday, April 24, 2011

a wound that is too deep

salam bloggiie..

haa....tonite the air is pretty tight... and suffocating ....

tell me one thing would you feel ...when you are no longer wanted ? day by day you are subconsciously warned and hated through words and actions.

for those who do not know ....if they were to see this the first time.. they would say ..." oh she is teaching her..." "Oh she has all the rights in the world to do that ..."etc....

has she ever held her like everyone else?
has she ever touched her like everyone else?
has she ever spoken to her like everyone else?
has she ever remembered her like everyone else?
Does she even remember her birthday once?
Does she even remember to say "how are you.."?

- No. She has not.
- No. She Never does.

oh yes ...she is fully grown now, an adult ...she would know all....she is not a child...oh for cryin out loud...and there goes the weep and the despair ...

deep down ..there is a deeper wound no one has ever known, no one has ever realized will never Heal. Not even Time can. Not even Patience will Remain a Wound....

being ambitious is a good thing ...being ignored ...good luck with that .. heh :)
sometimes ...there is this wish make it all right ..again make it for the make amend....*sigh*

to even write about it heart wrenching...try living in one bloggie ....
you have no clue~

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