Sunday, May 2, 2010

Never Stop Believing

Assalamualaikum bloggie... has been almost a week now. i am really down with zero ideas to write. Let alone to think. I am tested with a new human in life who is such a pain-terrible-freak who'd messed with my Integrity. I can never easily believe in human....when thing like this occurred. It'll take probably another years...for me to start saying hello to newbies ...ever..again.

what is it with Trust that is so important to me?

1. Trust Gives you Honor.
We do not simply born with talented life. well at least not ALL of us. Some has to earn it...hard. People from all walks of life...hailed from different backgrounds and lineages. when you can give your trust..and the same time earning it with yr honesty and sincerity, it builds your humanity even more. It supposes to humble you down with manner and puts you high up in Integrity.

2. Trust Gives you Respect
When you trust the person you are involved with, be it personal relationship or work, there comes the respect. MUTUALLY. it shouldnt be forced to exist. You are willing to sacrifice for life to these types of people that will strengthen your respect and bond you even closer, AS HUMAN. not pigs.

3. Trust Gives you Longlasting Friendship ( I repeat, LONGLASTING)
From the initial incident, one can go far with friendship. There is no smooth rides in this line, you go up and down TOGETHER. (got that?) You are there for each other through thick n thin and giving supports and encouragement to complete each other ( of coz not in a gooeey mushy kinda way demmit!) A friend would do ANYTHING for a Friend who is willing to take the Risk of Trust unto others. and it's not a waste if WE try!? am I right? Each and everyone of us Deserve that .....

4. Trust Gives you The World.
How else can I nicely put it in words? Trusting a person or group of people or who-ever, is not easy. Why can't we give ourselves THAT space? Put the little Ego of ours aside and feel the Bliss of Believing in People, Human. When we are willing to do all that...many happy returns for us...will slowly reward the waits. For every hurt and pain we cause onto Others...We will Surely Get it Back...Sooner or Later....InshaAllah.

In times, I constantly question myself why do people are obsessed in hurting others. Why can't they put a trust to it and Believe that Honesty will Prevail. Good Mankind is the Guarantee for a Better Posterity.

-and I'm still wondering-

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