Saturday, June 12, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie!

2 days ago marked our 10th anniversary. and it was not celebrated. not really in the mood anyway. and yesterday after coming back from my sessions and a spree at giant...i came home to a shocking news! i passed all the papers with FLYING COLORS! was a wonderful month indeed. all my sorrows and pain were juz buried with this wonderful feeling. i am currently down with flu, fever and cough...but that somehow was forgotten as i was leaping with joy..calling my buddies and sharing with them the news.

it's awesome. and that shall be rewarded with Bangkok Rendezvous next year ..inshaAllah..wahai sopek...i cant wait for that. May i still have the Time to jalan-jalan with u.

at the moment of writing this, my parents are about to leave for Mersing. haigh..home alone again. i wish i can take more leaves to stay home and look after the pets and house chores. luckily my cousin will be coming in the morning to settle the foods for the pets. I juz need to come back home for lunch and see to it that every thing runs smooth. and dinner for tonite? i was thinking on cooking pasta! spaghetti bolognese. yummy...been craving for that. and eating it out..was no fun. the taste did not fit me at all. i bought 2 packets of canelonis last week when i was in klcc. looking forward to bake canelonis and bechamel sauce. yummm...i smell victory along the way...inshaAllah.....

and lasagna on monday. yeeehaww....i am so in the mood. now let's go do some groceries. :)

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