Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pasta Fiesta!

assalamualaikum bloggie...

yeah! one caserole of baked lasagna AND deep dish of beef canelones! i finally did my canalones. been craving for it since years....wasnt able to cook it coz i couldnt find the placas. a short lunch at klcc last week reunited me with placas. i gave a few squares of lasagna to my colleagues today. happy to see that a few people can taste my cooking and hopefully survive :)

and yeah making Una happy too was a day i shall always remember. she has been wanting to eat lasagna and i keep telling her's expensive to make and tedious (truth is ...i was juz lazy...he he he) plus ...i normally choose to whom i would cook. I don't simply cook for strangers. na' cooking is from the Heart...hence the choosy-ness. ha ha. I do not treasure people who badly treated me or others to savior my delicacies. :) - wah! macam bagus...oh blog ..aint it? ha ha.

one thing about cooking, laura esquivel quoted in her book, “The trouble with crying over an onion is that once the chopping gets you started and the tears begin to well up, the next thing you know you just can’t stop!” That's what am feeling now. I already have marinated chicken wings ready in the freezer...for dinner tonite. :) and some baked potatoes wedges for the sides with definitely homemade coleslaw. I'm Happy. Dear Allah SWT, thank you for the Encouragement and Blessings You have Given me. I can never Thank YOU enough. You Gave me the Strength when I really in Need. You Hear me Out though You are Not Seen. I keep pray for You to always Be Near...and Inspire my writings and of course ... cooking :)

last night I was up till 4am. couldnt get my baby sleep as I was in pain from the non-stop coughing and breathing difficulties. the meds are somehow not helping. I should be checkin myself in to Doc Sheikh, may be later in the evening. I gotta make sure all the pets and housechores are done first. Even now I am still coughing my throat's sharp and dry. I think it's flaming inside.

will write more then. Need to rest.

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