Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 1

assalamualaikum bloggie...
huh..kinda long n boring day for me. why?

1. i slept my whole day through.
2. i was in pain most of the time.
3. streamyx sucks. i can't log on to kill my yet another boredom.
4. no good movies on tv.
5. no pizza or buffalo wings for delivery! ha ha.
6. no work.
7. not much things to do besides sleeping.

those were the pretty-much-things i did today. not really progressive.

i slept on my daytime. now i cant sleep night time. aiiyaa....why look for troubles sha oii...

then to kill my time ...i ...

8. daydream about many things.
9. was thinking of a prince charming to come and rescue my days with huggies and smoochies ... ( yah rite!) hahahaha
10. laughed at myself for being so Old and Romantic. hahahahahahahah

conclusion: life sucks today. I wish I am never awake till morning. hoorghh~~~~~~

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