Friday, January 13, 2012

magic Wand

salam globs..

haish...the opening of 2012 wasn't that great for me. it's shitty. heh~ well..i dont wanna be called as ungrateful...coz in no way i meant that...i was frustrated. (or may be still am).

2012 marked the year where I found that my Trust has been Betrayed. big time. big this one Biatch. really...when it hit me first...i did pray for the worst. to be Punished upon her. but then again..its wrong to ask for such thing from Allah...

Dear Allah.. I am hurt. way to deep. I cannot pretend the case did not exist. I cannot pretend the person is not there. How am I going to walk thru it...without this hatred and sick feeling inside?

to be sick to my stomach..for whatever happens...I pray Allah Gives me Patience..(berkeping2 patience aku perlu kan buat masa ni ..) Give me Lights Ya Allah ..Give me Strength.....

I'm Weak~

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