Monday, March 5, 2012

Where was I? kampung katanya!

salam globbie!

huhu has been a while hor? ya no suck one lah! hahaha ...but all in all... my first quarter of 2012 is not really nice. so to say. therefore. ..i decided to leave this "country" kampung gegerl ni skejap. taking a breather...and where was i ? ho ho ho....frankly became the talk of the town! hahaha giler meriah ...tetiba ramai bebenor keepies *short for keypochees* nak menjaga kain aku...*tettttttt* hahahaha

bak kata si sopek..."Kelik Kapung!" hahaha yeahhh...we kelik kapum alrite...we were ...

erkk...apakah? he he ni la ..people in My world call it ..Kalimantan...bordering Bau, Sarawak. It was a weekend getaway for us. we simply wanna go makan-makan and nothing else...oh okay..sleeps too. we enjoyed observing culture and merely standing in the crowds of people who spoke the language of unknown, and yes apart from the remote areas, we love the town too where I really enjoyed my nites at Tune's. they have the best best thus far..( of course u can't compare it to New York The Plaza....but hey...for a budget hotel, it's super comfy :)

i love the off-white sheet...gebu! berlapis2 mattress. and it's fluffy too! i can't stop thinking about sopek's friend, si Chu. it's funny how he called me "speaking london.." hahaha ....what to do ...nasib la Jah ..janji kita happy ...kan? hahahahaha it's actually kinda hard to get rid this habit ..because a ticer..always gotta be a ticer. annoying in some sense! hahahahaha

and last nite before i meredah tangga ERL putrajya sentral tu ..I went out with my former student, si Casse ( chu..mmg nama dia gini..bukan omputeh...sabahan he he he ) and she brought me to hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....*konpom Chu merembez!*

empty table. habis sudah! hahahaha ...amcam?

hahaha ..those are Salted Eggs Crab and Thermidor apa benda cheese tah...Prawn! gile heaven! and do not have to Fly all the way to Kalimantan to get all these! of tosh....nor menjelajah kelate even! it's in your DOORSTEP! of Kuala Lumpur je pown~ hahahahahhahaha....

Here you go :
the owner is Franco Yong. happening guy. friendly too. knock yourself out with the DELIVERY SERVICES TOO! but sorry hor...dua orang rakan ku...sopek and soChu, Putrajaya takdak orang nak kayuh beskal they only deliver within the vicinity of KL be specific..please refer the website. altho i would like to remind you....blazing thru the site will definitely KILL your brain. trust me. tak pecaya....pi la ushar...ha ha ha ...(jgn cerca aku lak pasni ..hahahahha)

Since gambar2 chantek at Sarawak are with soPek I shall just wait for her to update it for me via FB. in the meantime....uolls....ENJOY that KETAM upthere! i dah makan....korang? hihihihi nguahahahahahhahaha ^_^

oh the way was an honor n nice meeting you ..awak memang chomel dan daring...kita suka cara awak cakap..memang geboo habis! sia-sia la sapa yang selalu suka menDURJANAkan Chu...orang tu takkan bahagia ....apaPun...DiriMu always Berharga pada Mereka yang tahu Menerima mu Seadanya. (hahahaha euww ...mcm cerpen !) be cute and be bold! nanti May ni banjer mek sha ketam fattycrabs deh? ngehehehehe~


nota kaki: flite AA dari 31May - 4 June...hahahah


chu-E zHuL said...

owhh my! jeles gile okeh and i adore and love this entry very much! muah muah muah!

Sha and Forward said...

hamboih! hehehe ketam dia sedapsss....marilah kita berjemaah nanti....

pexky said...

i loike too...
may nie.. kalo berkesempatan kita qiamulail skali lah.. lebih afdhal kan dr berjemaah.. ;p ahaks!
" kelit kapung" - still tringak katil tune yg geboo itue.. wohhhooo..