Friday, January 2, 2009

A.C quotes...

Life was Meant to be Lived, and Curiosity must be kept Alive.
One must Never , for whatever Reason, turn his Back on Life..
- Eleanor Roosevelt
Assalamualaikum bloggie...
Pouting my lips as usual, I ponder. My thought wandered to a person..2 actually..I wonder how are they doing now. I wish nothing but the best ..for both of 'em..
I made myself busy with laundry and Spring Clean. I wonder where is Cik Pa? I doink-ed her in YM but to no avail. Wehh...makcik ..mana hang? Chinese New Year ang cuti dak? I feel like visiting.... :) we haven't "menteke" together for a lonnngg time....
Among the Manis things today
  1. I cook and eat sesuka hati moi..
  2. became a P.I for Ayah..I had to secretly snap photos of hardcore poor's house (kesian...rumah dia ..sorry cannot show here..nanti Ayah marah coz this is official stuff)
  3. all my clothes dried up ...Alhamdulillah...
  4. movies...@ home jer..he he
  5. that's about it ..I juz feel Manis ...dunno-lah *blush blush*


kawaii_desu said...

Ac!!! by chinese new year kapai pecah no more mai la... aku tak pi mana pun huhu

lain macam bunyi???
sorila aku mengulaq tadi, was not at my place..

aku punya spring cleaning tak tersetel huhuhu

help?? hahahha

Sha and Forward said...

hahah aku dah agak ...spring clean mak lean ..hehehe weh ..tak pi terengganu ka..PRK hihihik..aku tengok lam news ..aishh ..tak bleh jadi ni...gian gilos nak pegi..that was once MY area..cewahh macam bagus la kan ..hahaha ..guess what? u-know-who at my Home has been "summoned" to K.T

p/s: sometimes I wonder ..when will this drama cease..ponet lewh..