Sunday, January 18, 2009

I need 2 more of Me!

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

whoaaaa........... I miss blogging! It seems that Now I have to Make time (more of a Stealing time) to blog! kasihan kan? I had to sneak out for a bite, and sneak back in classes. The minute "they" saw me they started begging for authorization of sections and whatnots ..."cik ..please this ..please that..." whoaaaaa.....tu la sapa suruh register lambat....some of them even had the cheek to bug me outside of my classes...eiii...

I woke up to the by-Election's result (actually since last nite laa kan..walaupunn...) a not-so-surprised result. had it coming. PADAN MUKA those yang bongkak and budoh-summong. No offense Pa, but the ill-politicking these days is too strong hence the frustration over the result. Mohd Said (shame on you for sharin' the same name of my Idol! dush!) it's about Time you look in the Mirror of your OWN reflection. Needless to say.. alahai D.a.t.u.k Farid, it's not a harm to learn to be humane...a better one (better luck next time?). The Wheel turns ya know...knock!knock! The datukship should worth Something...dontcha think?... All in all ...ANYBODY can be a Menteri Besar, BUT How Besar you are to your People in Governing to their needs...Use da Brain can Power lasts to a human anyway? In the End, you are facing Allah SWT. Stop bull-shitting around a citizen of Malaysia I Profess my Sickness towards people who keep their blind-eyes on the needy ones! who ever you are ..YOU SUCK!
I'm not surprised if One Day PAS/PKR/DAP wins more over the stupidity of MY OWN MALAYS.

There, I've said it. :)

My life moves on despite the result of the by-election. Kuala Terengganu moves on, too (they better..) I still have hectic routines and I'm looking forward to my post-CNY holiday heee :)

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