Sunday, July 18, 2010

16 - Not my Age

Assalamualaikum and hello bloggie..

this week has been so generous towards me. I have been so crazy around FB. I owe Zuckermen like super a lot ...for my friends back to me!

for sixteen years we were separated. for no apparent reason. everyone finished school and moved on. we left high school not knowing when to meet again. and worst case scenario i did was...not taking my friends' address and NOT KEEPING IN TOUCH.

I found my ex classmates ...zairul...mike...maziah...bahijah...nik...and many other friends. They started to pour in there's no tomorrow. beyond expectation.

after almost a week now...we are already planning for a mega reunion this eid. i hope everyone can join. this new discovery is awesome. i wish i can write more of it ...but am very much sleepy and tired right now. i have so many things to write....

to Mike, thanks for being an honest friend. i savor that trait in you.
to all my lost-found friends....welcome Home.

-where the Heart is...- [somehow]

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