Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pre: The 3rd International Muslim Business Network Forum, 9-10th August

Why me? Exactly, that was the phrase popped out of my head upon hearing my name being mentioned to attend "that". I wasn't freaking out, but more on the flabbergasted version 'cause for me to even be shortlisted is like..NEVER..( da'ahh..)

Although, it's an honor ( though I have no clue on what will I be seeing or should I say WHO will I be meeting..) Once in a while I chuckled when I thought of it. Goodness Gracious ..ME? ( I know! I still can't believe it.... deal with it haha) Again, I'd daresay It's an absolute honor to be able to meet new groups of people (or Free Food as Fadhli was rephrasing it for cruel...) Ok, before I keep yapping let's checkout the primary objectives of THE event..

  • to gather and unite all Muslim entrepreneurs in various industries and expertise ( this is where I don't mostly fit in *lol*) to generate a rocklike (huh?) ummah's economy.
  • to create an international information network for Muslim entrepreneurs ( I always dislike spelling this word...OMG...)
  • to serve as platform for Islamic business transaction ( this is me....yeah...hush..hush..)

Frankly speaking, where entrepreneurs are concern, I'm nowhere near the field. I suxx at business-like ..stuffs (see..didn't I tell u...) IT is my brother's and sister's field. I can picture myself having the hardest time ever to digest all the information and "exchanging thoughts" session, let's just hope I didn't make a fool out of myself...(or others...he he he..)

This more or less similar to what I attended in New England back then on the honor of Dr Khattak's invitation. It was a wonderful event. Surrounded by extensive Muslims from all parts of the world. I mean that was really awsome..(and the Baklava gotta eat, right?)

Let's just pray I don't screw up. Thing about me doing the write up for K.E is that, I knew how particular he is (meticulous? heee ...I call it professionalism). Working for K.E in some matters freak me. To hear him suggesting MY name ..was concurrently exhilarating and shocking! I have this so called K.E-phobic thingy... not that I did things that contradict him, it's just the expectation and the must-push-to-all-limits, the u-can-do-it Sha! (yeah baby!) *grins*

Anyhow, we'll see how it goes, if you're lucky, there will be some images.. (IF..)


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