Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Place Fondly at Heart...

I won't mind waking up to this everyday. Pure, sincere, honest, love and time.
Life is a layer of seasons. It comes and goes. Surely, it will return. Convincingly, it will part. A cycle of hope and fond memories which are quite unseparable to us human.
I learned mine, the hardest I have ever felt. Still, I'm surprised with many new levels and interesting tests. At times, I got confused, scared, lonely, fulfilled and diversified.
Everyday, I discover new values. Right before my eyes, of which I never thought it'll be. I thank Allah SWT for giving me this chance- to Live. An ustaz was saying, how lucky humans are, to be able to embrace another Ramadhan. What if we didn't wake up tomorrow? What if we didn't get to reach another Ramadhan? What if this is my last time blogging? What if ..this is my last time uttering thoughts and mind on this screen? What is my life unto?
Suddenly, it started to make sense. Life's the best teacher whilst experience provides undeniably amazing judiciary council. One moves forward. One fights. One evolves. One stands till it Ends, no matter what it takes. Faith is in the blood. Not just the mind nor actions. Faith is in the Heart and Allah SWT is always there to Bestow His Blessings on us. To Keep on Looking onto us, ensuring our path is not being misled. and may He keeps on wanting to Look at mine as I'll be Damned if He ever Changes His Glance. Nauzubillah..
Living in this path I have adamantly chosen, is incredibly astounding. I fight for what I Believe. I stand for who I am. you bet I will. Whoever you have become and whomever you are with, will not weaken me. Neither will it weeps nor destruct my Faith that I have been embracing. It will be my Personal Mission to further discover myself, my faith and my posterity. Thus the pandora's Box of yours are no longer enticing to me.
There is always a fullstop for everything, I mean ...E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G

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pexky said...

mengikut sebuah hadis..''perbandingan antara kehidupan dunia dan akhirat adalah ibarat setitis air terhadap seluruh samudera''