Sunday, August 10, 2008

Post: The 3rd International Muslim Business Network Forum

Finally. The forum ended at 1.00pm earlier. One word- eye opener (isn't it a phrase?...hee) It was an informative session for me (plus with a plan of rearing chicken on my mother's land) Little did I expect it will be quite interesting for a person like me. Not that I exclude the business world, I do wish I can be as genius as those entrepreneurs (still having hard time to spell this!) out there who make money in a blink. I had this crazy thought, before going that I'll most probably see "the usuals". Well, I guess I was partially right. It's crowded with males. Aged, married, rich men (excuse me I wasn't hunting men over there). Enough about them, what interest me was the females are a mixture of all (how nice..) It was a pleasant ambience. I (DID) feel comfortable and somehow ..(fitting in?) at ease.
There were entrepreneurs and businesspersons from Sri Lanka, Phillipines, China, Indonesia to name a few. I was there with Khairi, Hassan and Atikah. Awsome people with awsome hearts.
Will return with photos later on. Now I gotta proceed on my delayed works :)

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