Monday, August 4, 2008

My Baby Lala

Lala passed on last night. I went home from work, finding him laying and whining upon hearing me calling his name. I knew somehow yesterday when he glanced at me that was the last. I patted him to "sleep" and he refused to see me cry. He moved under the bed and "rested" there. I cried ( as usual..) I bond too much with animals than human. (yes...Lala is my beloved tabby...) My mom and I are attached to him like our baby. He's our smiles and my friend at home. He loves to tease my mom by walking backward everytime she wants to put him outside. He wasn't scared of the rain. He loves his uncle tum-tum dearly and jumps on his head everytime they play together. He likes to snuff on awouk's ball whenever awouk is enjoying his meals and pisses that guy off... that's my cheeky Lala. I'll miss him..

I stopped taking photos of my cats long time ago. Keeping pictorial memories hurt (to me) I know some would find me freaky for bonding with animals, though I find it very peaceful and comforting to be surrounded by animals. This entry is a tribute to my endless loves of my "companions" previous, current and future....


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