Thursday, April 23, 2009

Panick Attack

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I am currently invigilating an internal exam (and wiFi-ing). What an un-ethical thing to do. hehehe I got really bored coz of this gassy feeling inside ( thanks to my protein drink this morning!). I got myself fully bloated with that hard-to-get-rid-off GAS inside. I nearly hit the dustbin off which I surely can't fit myself in ..(luckily!)

Then, I simultaneously decided to kick off this exam with blogging! trying very hard to stay conscious in this room. The students have been studying and preparing very hard for this. They deserve a pat on their shoulders...yet I still cannot convince them to be FULLY confident with themselves. They get easily influenced by other students' word of mouth and 'senior dulu cakap' -story....oigghhh....I already have angin in my badan ...still want to make me hangen sato badan ka....yennadeii....

The Rule of Thumb to Release your anxiety...
  • Take the Deepest breath
  • Think of a nice place you've been.....(if it's a free paid vacation..even better!)
  • Ask yourself " I have come this far...why da hell should i bail?!"
  • Think of the good thing if you pull this one through, rewards, bonus, increment...etc
  • Do you deserve to succeed after ALL those hardworks? - Hell YEAH!
  • The best thing in life when you manage to pull through the obstacles is UNDESCRIBABLE. No one can tell you ...what HAPPY is. ONLY YOU will know what is it Like. Therefore, WALK this path through and Find that Light in every Tunnels you are in!
Live to tell your own story of Success and Inspire many others to unfold their Pandora's and share the Confettis of Life with the Mankind.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sha..kawe tensen gak bila ada org ckap senior cakap...senior cakap.pang sat lagi kang...hahaha

Sha and Forward said...

en_me: amin...jangan quit ek ...your blog is a "kopitiam" for others to hang out ....*pujuk niee* =)

ary: elo daling (yikes!haha) you know that this is actually the FIRST time u're AGREEING with me !? hahahaha (kah kah kah magic kans?)

Anonymous said...

darling?..demam sekejap..hehehe..terharu rasa...nak muntah2 la..janji darling tu hahaha

Sha and Forward said...

wekk...sha masa taip tu dah nauseous gaban dah ....bwekk hahaha
btw sapa panggei ang daRling ...orang kata...daLing ..hoh..sarat perasaan ha ha ha