Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tahana Syurga Cinta

Assalamualaikum bloggie ....

last night i was down with pain. had to swap my night session to tiqah's and friends. I miss my group and worried they couldnt perform well. I tried to sleep no avail...what to do ...

then i remembered earlier on i subscribe to payperview astro....i should be on already apalaga ...wofsha pun menapak ngan remote...tuned to 952...taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Syurga Cinta is on air....wa ha ha haha pain i was trying to laugh....because i remember my kenalan blogger who spoke highly of this movie. he liked it a lot. and suggested me to watch it ...and i remembered telling him .."nanti la gi kl hang belanja" kunun didnt happen pun ....and he did tell me " tunggu ko nak datang baik ko beli je la cd" which ...didnt happen also I "bought" the ppv astro la. ahaks...

i missed the movie by 45minutes ...i turned on and it's a crying scene...already?! sedey's like every minute of watching that movie ..i can hear my kenalan ini talking telling me the of that movie ..again. ha ha ha

what I learned from that movie?
pretty much the life am going thru now.

what's the tagline I like most?
"Hati dan perasaan saya untuk orang yang betul2 menghargai sahaja...bukan untuk DI PERSENDAKAN" - lebih kurang la ayat dia ....can't memorize as I was really in pain while watching it. hu hu..

What do I think of the film?
3 out of 5 la...I like the Religious Reminders from the movie a lot. that I gave 5. osom.

What else do I think?
Jodoh the coolest Ever.

So what am I waiting for?
wait la I have always the meantime ..Live Life with Him ..Next to Me...or at least ..Learn to Find Him....then I shall find The Rests. Amin..


Anonymous said...

y i feel so shy read ur entry huh?...blushing

kecik said...

fuiyoo cik sha u can remember what syuhada said..
ader ckit jiwang laa lect i nie...hehe
but part ikmal cakap tu lagi best cik sha " lemah lembut, sopan santun"
siap dengan badan2 lagi tu..

Sha and Forward said...

ary: why? why? tell me..tell me...

kecik: coz i watch betul2 from beginning to the hokie pokie beb requested by my blogger acquaintance...actually ..the exact line of hers is "Cinta dan hati saya adalah untuk orang yang benar2 IKHLAS ingin mengenali saya, bukan untuk di PERSENDAKAN." selepas tgk kali ke 3 baru ingat *lol* astaghfirullahalazimmmm.... :)

Anonymous said...

biarla rahsia..sukati la kawe nak malu ngan statement hang

Sha and Forward said...

ary: iyo la...rasanya by now dah immuned dgn rahsia2 you.. as long as u happy :)