Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Day

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

It has been awfully tired weeks. I was up to my neck with the schedule and programs. The hari Raya programs were reek. So many things to be done and so little time to work on ..due to ...attitudes. I decided to focus on the most important ones...and IGNORED the rests. serve them right.

I spent my last days with my mentees..before I'll see them again in Skudai for graduation this November 22nd. Am so excited. Will I be there? that's the problem...think and decide later la sha hor ...now can't think straight already. so many things to be done.

As always, there are abundance of photos ...yet ...little "effort" to put it up :) heee...

to sopek: dude ..miss u and can't wait to shop kek lapis ..soon! real soon!


Anonymous said...

asyik penat je.....takde ke yg tak penat

Sha and Forward said...

ada! rindu ary. tak penat. hu hu hu

pexky said...

nti kita shopping manyak² k..
kek lapis..umai..mee kolok.. ect..
miss u too..hehe~