Wednesday, December 23, 2009

wofsha discovers Sarawak

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Here are some of the things I did ...which I do not have the time and mood to update...hehehehe ..oh yea bloggie.... i just fell off from a chair...hohoho laughing+painful = crazy year end...
without further a due.... enjoy lah...

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Nice place to visit and see Wildlife, especially the Orang Utans living in a wild habitat and their connection to the rangers and surrounding place.

Delima and her baby...

I think this is Delima again..or Murray....forgot the's their feeding hours..although, at times they prefer to stay in the wild and depends on the foods and fruits in the jungle.

Orang Utans love coconut flesh. They simply rips it apart with their sharp teeth.
I enjoyed sitting there under the shades watching those wildlife...hopping and lingering around...

@ Little India.... I am so excited walking around this area coz ...there's sooo many people of different colors. I hear different dialect which I have no clue what on earth they are talking about ...Good sample for my linguistic research.

Breakfast...Lunch...Dinner...I can never say NO to :). hehe mee Kolok...yummmyy...
i completely fell in love with this dish.

we tried laksa sarawak too...but Mee Kolok is the best for me :)

to be a woman to Live like One! hahaha ..indeed...this shop made me go crazy's like my dream closet! hahahaha

I was sooooooooooo exhausted from the walk and talk and whatnots :)
One thing I will always remember Sarawakians are tourist-friendly. period.

Nightwalk at Waterfront Kuching. Again..I have plenty of photos ....I don't even know which one to choose. This is one of 'em.

rambling around ...trying to figure out where is Sarawak Plaza. we found it. we enjoyed the food.
we met one nice man :)
and the rests were History.

The journey to Sarawak is not complete if one did not go to the remote areas and self experience the life of the locals. and Guess what? We are definitely going there again...for more cultural lessons.
In the meantime... I need to go put some waist is starting to ache from the fall...huhu....


Kcynodia said...

wah wah wah...datang ke ctok sik padah ngan kamek (datang ke sini tak bagitau Kcy)....

tinggal kat siney ariya (tinggal kat mana hari tu?)

xeea said...

wow, mi kolok! how i wish i cud go to sarawak again n tis time around nak bwk my cfu sekali.

err, tak ngedate dgn kcy ke?

Sha and Forward said...

kamek nak padah to kitak cemano...kitak cannot be contacted hilang manjangg... hahahha (i dont think i should translate this kcy hahaha)

tinggal kat tune's depan waterfront and bessssssssss amat. 6 days tak cokop! :D

xea: huhu sedap sangat..ari2 menelan itu..and other foods..kecuali ..ulat hahahahaha

nak ngedate ngan kcy cemano...dia kan hilang...kalo idak ...dah ngepau chicken wings kg gersik ngan hu hu

jom la organize lagi trip gi sana ..