Monday, December 14, 2009

Silent but Nervous.

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I'm quiet. and Nervous. Wednesday morning will be The Day for me to fight in yet another Battle. Unlike the previous ones, this time I'm feeling more nervous and agitated compared to before. Aiya...why ah....normally when I have such a feeling..something not-so-good will happen...*aishh* istighfar Him. Ask from Him.

*sigh..* i'm still nervous. as of writing this.

i promise to put up some photos of my so called..trip..yet ...tah la dont feel like it...last nite I was up till late thinking of Nothing. I couldn't focus on the tv...and i opted for fb instead..which to a double-bummer...sucked too.

Now am sleepy. in the course juz now I was trying very hard to stay awake. even the foods can't wake me up. there's something that made me offended yesterday. especially when it involves mutual understanding. when i look at it again...why is it that when OTHER people do it ...wrong can be right....and it comes to ME...not doing anything is EVEN Wrong!? - I don't get it. Juz because that Wrong is so called "justified" by certain "approaches", one can get away from it a snap! am having this muka toya ...pissed...bengkek...geram..u name it. even the Red-damn-nice Teesside University sweatshirt given by my students couldn't make my day. I was happy for like 5 seconds ...and was ruined. plain ..simple...Ruined. - How'd they feel if I do it to them instead? - Bloody makin' the "headlines" before Maghrib....that am pretty sure of. *sigh* another Dugaan that is sooooo..unbearable at the moment....

why is it when it's others' misery, they call it ... Takdir ..and when it's Their Turn they say "it's unfair.. you're not dealing with this the Right should have oughta do this ...that.....bla bla bla......."? and Yet ...they talk about professionalism...maturity... - f*** off!
There, I've said it.

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