Sunday, December 13, 2009

Great Expectation

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

tonite i got to take a breather after a day of reading and watching AXN's in between. huhu ... i woke up a bit late to make up the time I spent last nite.  I have gained more confidence in day time.  Now am ecstatic to focus and heat up the "engine".  this is it sha.  No turning back.

i had dinner at the moon's, my favorite place for kasturi drinks. i was enjoying dinner with my books when suddenly my former BM teacher walked in.  Cikgu Zul.  he was my BM teacher when i was in 4th n 5th form ( i think hahahahah's been ages...sorry).  the "best" part was ....when he remembered my name..he remembered my last name too.  and the rest was history. the minute he said IT...i felt a burden on my shoulder.  it's tough living this town with this name. i wish to remain under the radar.

am proud  to be one but sometimes ....i just want some time alone.  sigh. oh's life.  take it..or leave it. obviously i cant leave it ..keep on living sha.

i have photos to share with u bloggie...but i didnt have much time tonite. i gotta get back to my reading. and cappucino and keindahan kampung dengan ombak sepoi2 gorjes iteww.....

laterz..muahs! i miss u.

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