Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aidilfitri Bloat-ness

Assalamualaikum bloggie..
Hari Raya is over, but the celebration is still on. Today we had Eid Potluck in the office. I brought my Chocolate Fudge dabomb. I'm glad everybody liked it. I feel a bit edgy this week. My work routine is undercontrolled, my research is stucked and my dateline is SOON! Few of my underrated students are giving me headache of my life. Stories of encouragement is like a deafening tone to their ears. I spoke to them the truth in lecture today. What do they want to become and what can they become within this short term based on the rate they're going. It's pathetic. It's heart wrenching to see my Anak Bangsa is deteriorating. It also requires efforts and patience. Too much I'd say till I do not know how much longer can I withstand.

haiii....letih nya...i'm still lethargic from eid's cookout and hangouts. Makan kek skepink tadi pun ..buat haku rasa nak pengsan....too heavy...hahahahahhaah

anyhow ...cameron I am cominggggggggggggg...

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pexky said...

cameronn.... tejupppnyerr..