Saturday, October 25, 2008


Assalamualaikum bloggie..
I thought I could wait from pouring out my heart, but despite the loads I'm having, I totally have forgotten that THIS is my medium to write whatever I feel and whatever I want. I was in my class yesterday when Aisha my colleague sms-ed me and said someone was looking for me. My mentor. A person whom I have a big look up to, eversince I work here. I forbid aisha to not give my new number because he already has it. Why is he STILL asking for my number? I'm already hurt by what Fadhli did to me and now him? What is sooo dead wrong with me until people love hurting me time to time?

I am down with my own thoughts. Why is it when others are doing it on purpose they got praises and compliments in the end? Why God ? Why..again...why me?
I'm not talking intimacy here. This is WORK. I have my utmost respect to my mentor when he listens fairly. Now on his birthday and on that i-know-who's wedding, he appeared. Is it being purposely done? does she want to tell me she wins? BS. Why is she showing it off to me? She can take it for all she wants! but having it on his birthday ..that's just IT. U BITCH!

I want to scream badly now. Really bad.


kawaii_desu said...

wo wo wo...

apa dah jadi ni???

Sha and Forward said...

long story short..she's a BITCH!

pexky said...