Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cameron Highland and Its Journey

Assalamualaikum bloggie..
I spent my weekend at CH with family and close friends. It was a worthwhile trip. Although I wish it had been longer than weekend, I had to return to my classes and assignments. The pleasant journey I have had was something to remember for long. We left home at 10am and by noon I was already at the foot of the highland. Coming from Gua Musang is actually much better than Tapah. The road was wider and the sceneries were simply amazing. It was breathtaking and I had to convince my mother that it was safe for us to stop by (so I can snap photos hehehe).

Mother was excited and worried at the same time because our car was the only (ONLY) car on the road from GM to CH. I really enjoy the drive. First we were greeted by the land and wet amosphere, later the aboriginal settlements and stinkbeans (petai) trees ushered us through, and immediately after that we were a quarter away from on top of the world! MasyaAllah, the view was impeccable. By that I was accelerating at 30-40 km/h. Imagine how snaily I was.

We past through Pos Brooke, another settlement area for the aborigines. The next thing we knew when we looked out the window, we can LITERALLY touch!!! the tip of the tree. OH MY GOSH! I was screaming and squeaking in astonishment. My mother had to stop me. Who'd ever thought? me!!?? I'M IN THE CLOUDS!!! Upon reaching Lojing, I was in CLOUD NINE! There were no images of trees AT ALL. My mother and I were in "heaven" - well, for a second, that's how we felt. There were no greens surrounding us. Simply white, simply clouds and fogs. My mother praises God and Chants silently in awe and Gratefulness... what was I doing? (heee....I didn't manage to snap photo IN the cloud) because mother STRICTLY prohibited me from stopping in that steep road. She was scared and excited, I presume. I was "oh my God...cantik nyaa...lawo nyaa...alaa....lawonyaaa... BUT ..since she's the orang tua in the car, I had to abide. Words of A MOTHER are damn MIGHTIER than any swords in this World - trust me.

Bicmate and family were far ahead by God-knows-how-many-kilos. They waited for us in Tringkap. The minute I crossed the border of Lojing -Cameron, I got squeaky again and as usual My Mother couldn't understand how this dotter of hers was sooo excited. The minute I saw the gigantic uber-RED-licious strawberry right in the midst of the border, I was in Cameron BABY! Blue Valley is the first area we passed and Mother was frantically crazy by now. She saw vege plantationS!!! She CAN get excited...but not me...haiyooo so cruel. She is just vege-lover I'd say. and NO...I didn't stop to take those photos at the plantation ..BECAUSE, it looked like the shades of a scary alien movie I saw when I was young. Scary maa...the alien looked like honey dew, enter your body and branak pinak in your stomach ...oiiighhhhvyy...yeeekkkkkkkkk...what a horrible scene..considering I was only in Primary 3 then. (NEXT!) Finally, we crossed Kg Raja and straight to Tringkap where Esi and her family were waiting. MY mother stepped out before I could even unlock the door automatically, and headed straight to those stalls alongside the road and indulged herself in...THIS!

I thought it'd be as sweet as what I had in Mars. To my dismay, it WASN'T. When people speak highly of CH fruit bearing, I thought it'd be the same, well I guess, geographically and land fertility-wise...they aren't the same. Oh well...doesn't matter. I am here. With family and friends, what more do I want? I have L.O.V.E. (truth is, I converted those not-so-sweet strawberries into wicked -smashin' smoothie! and who says you can't enjoy Life when you are not at its best? hehee...I just LOVE myself)

and How did I lavishly spoil myself in Cameron? tadhaaaaaaaaaa....

What can be better than wicked steamy, creamy, X-tra foamy hot Cafe Latte & Cappucino served with blueberry danish and chicken pie from Starbucks. I was really into IT, till I forgot to snap a shot on the delicacies when it was first served. (i was starving and cold hehehehe) My starbucks coffee moment with Mom and Nor was unforgettable. It was a special momento for touched and what better way would you spend good moments other than with a woman who gave birth to you and your confidante? Ayah didn't come with us, that's the only person I missed at that time. :)

What I learned from this trip is that, when you share it with most important circle of people in your life it spiced up everything. It means a lot. I wish Oja, Pa'ah, mct, Sinoun, Pet, Sokna, Sopheaktra, Bella, Virginia and few other good friends of mine can be there, but they all have their obligations..and it will remain a wish of mine until The Day come for me to meet up with them.

Below are SOME of the photos taken in CH.

It was a journey full of hope, friendship, love, faith and wisdom. Thank you ya'll for sharing it with Me :)

and with THIS best shot I have ever taken, I wrapped my CH trip with a promise - I'LL BE BACK! (hehehehe)


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