Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 First Move

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's 3 am and am still wide awake.  i slept earlier on and woke up few hours ago to TWO unfinished fiction and Curtis!'s kinda nice to see him at this hour...soothing and urghh...why haven't we met earlier? LOL. yikes.  don't mind me juz sleep-blogging i presumed. haha.

in few hours time too...i'll be helping bic out to move into her new room.  how i wish she did not have to do all this. but a PHEA gotta do what she's gotta do...i have to agree on the fact that those infos on her desks are mostly pnc and need locked room.  albeit the fact that i really do not like the idea of having a new bicmate....i guess i gotta make do with the only option I have left; which is to invite Ijat to join in. it's a plus to me since she's already in The Team.  I do not have to worry walking back n forth juz to have meetings or discussion with her. now that she'll be in the same bic with me...we plan to convert that area into ELAC's gallery and Headquarters! hahaha isn't that nice? huuu huuu....i knew i am making SOME people burning inside. oh well...reality bites with it.

i have finished reading Kinsella's and currently proceeding with Archer's.  I still have a week or so left to enjoy this so called ..short vacation.  Though, am pleased to received early birds messages from my elacians and students.  It's slightly comforting to know they still remember the way back here.  I usually kid around to them by saying come back in one piece....or don't forget to Find way Home ya kodok2...

Life will definitely be triumphant with loads and piles of works soon. Real soon. In the meantime, I am enjoying most of my time doing ..merely nothing.  The least would be spent on reading and the most kickin back n relax or cooking somethin in mom's kitchen.  The rainy season in this side is slowly fading and sun is out again.  it's good that i can finally have those comforters out and dry in the sun but's frikkin hot n crispy.  huhu....human...never settle for less huh...hihi...with the Bowling fiesta around the corner and potluck next thursday, I am planning a bbq with my friends out.  Serving gourmet homemade burgers is kinda awesome too dont u think bloggie...thinking of the homemade fries and the homemade ketchup...already! huh...yumz...

ok..think of something else. :) yes ...You. I still think of You. what to do. Who told You to be extra Nice.. and Sweet...and Kind...oh well...Stop! I think I should lie down and get some sleep.  There's a lot of things to do in the day and need to save up some rests.

Till then bloggie...muahs!

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