Saturday, January 16, 2010

Funky Friday!

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

what a longggggggg and fun day.  sometimes when i looked back at my life..i do not really have Weekends...I have only Weekdays! hahaha....public holiday is just another fun, lovely and regular day for me to cherish.  i guess i love doing that.  since my parents were no longer arguing with me of not having a weekend of my own...i think i am pretty much secured in my Own World of Sha :) - which I Like.
what's more to Life when One is already loving it ..every second...after all....I am responsible of what I Feel and Do.

One can never be satisfied with Life. right bloggie...Can I this day-to-day basis is Wonderful enough? hmm....can enough be called Enough? So far in MyLife, Enough gives me Smiles that I Want, Flowers my Heart...all in all...Make My Day.  What more do I want? I have Almost Everything Now, though It may not be Complete...Allah SWT made me Feel Complete.  :)  Am I no Longer Greedy?*sigh* I don't know ...but I Feel It. Can you believe it bloggie.... I Feel The Beat Inside and I can't Stop Smiling knowing that It Feels ecclecticly uber-Good, despite of Not being able to Hold it Dearly.  God is Great. Thank YOU for This.

If you notice bloggie...I no longer attach the photos here...again ..not that I am stingy...I juz do not have the mood to upload. plus tedious. and I'd prefer to write in my Book Journal and have my photos collection 'safe' in my PD.  I did save some in facebook....yet my PD is my everything.  Am writing this in the midst of getting ready to my work.  and I Feel So big inside...thinking that my Path is set.  I'm gonna walk it through, I know I will Cry more and Laugh more...but hey....I still woke up this morning...Alhamdulillah....

Shukur Allah SWT.
and I will Always Love You.

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