Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Babble of 2010

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's only the first week of January ...but am already babbling to my KUIS students. :) what a nice teacher i am. thing is ...they started off new year with a blast in the xplorerace...and I would like to sustain that rather losing it. They had to deal with stern me. 2 of the siswis were locked outside the lecture hall ...because they were late. I haven't been strict lately with punctuality (with them) because I do not want to freak them out. But today ...they felt the pang. I feel sorry inside for having to be too rigid on them ...but it is about time I teach them a lesson. Time is not going to wait for you. Learn how to Respect Time. Especially when I have to prepare a Test paper and ended up having to wait for extra minutes ..like a mak guard there. Nope. Not Gonna Happen. Ever.

They were pleading to enter but I refuse to accept. For the first time in their semester I am TOO serious. What did I get out of that? They FINALLY managed to memorize 165 words that I have been trying to make them understand how important those words are for their knowledge, took me 2 weeks yet it failed. and today they did it in less than 1 hour to understand the usage and its meaning AND spelling! It is somehow effective! so no more nice sha eh? It's tough being nice ...people do not know how to juggle that. after the lecture....guess what? I still pity them ..inside. ngeee :)

but i pretend not to care. *trying hard*

Looking forward to Next week. Bowling!!! with friends.

to farah: Happy 30th Birthday Dear sista! Have a Wonderful three O year :)

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