Saturday, January 2, 2010

Farewell 2009, Welcome 2010

 Assalamualaikum bloggie...

Have I not been excited for 2010?  this year I did not post any excitement entry about 2010. well...technically we muslims have celebrated Awal Muharram way before the New Year's mood somewhat came in early...Looking back...

2009 is fast for me.  i Found The One. But I lost it. Again. :) things weren't meant to be...and I am still smiling to see him in front of my face every single day. How am I holding up? simple- Did not Hold. Exhale. Done with. Been holding up for 10 years already's about frikkin' time to Exhale Sha. Good Woman. ( i wanted to type Girl..but then I looked at myself in the mirror...u gotta be kiddin me right?) hahahaha ...among other miseries in 2009 was when I had a work conflict with one of my teammates.  oh we "kissed" alrite ...but I guess we didn't make up. It happened for the second time ...recently. *sigh* 2009 too saw Lisa a.k.a my car, involved in minor accident and got scratches here n dented was ramadhan. i dare not bragged much about it.. huu...and 2009 too, a year where I almost...ALMOST loses ME.  2 major visits to ER and 1 diagnose. Have I not had enough? :)

Despite all the misfortunes, I am somewhat Gifted and Protected by Him Above.  HE saved my Life, Again.  HE gave me a wonderful moment in classrooms. He Gave me Wonderful Students (well...not all...) HE too...resurrected ELAC to my Life....HE Gave us ...Ma'Daerah Turtle Conservation THE BEST fieldtrip EVER.  well personally, That was my BEST moment, eversince my return 10 years ago. I can still remember vividly...THE MOMENTS ...I can never trade with anything...i mean it ..ANYTHING. Shukur Alhamdulillah for that Dear Allah SWT. 2009 too shared with me its Glory when I got to fly off to Sarawak for my Orang Utan Conservation Program in Semenggoh. It was absolutely amazing trip. and there's nothing better than sharing it with my Best Friend, sopek.  2009 too gave me one phrase of "The Most Beautiful Woman" in this World by someone I had never expected.  Thank YOU. I won't forget that (you bet haha)...

and 2010? 2010 flips it curtain with a Blast.  Thank You Allah SWT.  Our KUIS-Xplorace event went Great!  With the help of the Ever Ready Ijat, my teammate, it was A Success on 1/1/10.  What a kick-off. and Tiqa, we did miss you while doing it.(if you are reading this...don't cry..) but we DID miss having you around doing all this crazy things we are doing and will be doing.  May be one of those days you'll be able to sneak in ;)

what next?'s only Jan 2nd today, I'll be clocking in tomorrow morning to Work. Somehow I'm looking forward, very much forward...for all the things I did last year...I wish the setbacks could be Forgiven, For all the Glories..I Thank YOU Allah SWT, for Blessing me with Love and Friends.

And for all the days to come...I wish it'll be Merry and Bright. Amin.

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