Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You are so Sweet :)

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

haighh....One Soul made me really happy today.  I took Lisa out ...smiling and squeaky (as always) and got meself ..mingomingo strawberry.  it's my First January 2010 sweetness. is too beautiful bloggie...not like it is a big deal....but really makes my day.  I just did not want to go to sleep yet.  if I can stop the time... I would. Hmm...YOU are so Sweet.  Never failed to entice my Life with Your Spontaneity and Charm. *aiigghh.....sengih sorang2 aku nie haha*

hmm...had a meeting with The Team today ..regarding Pergau and 2010 Calendar.  In fact managed to stop by SA to check on how is M doing. haha to my surprise, he bought me chips! ( haha of allllllllllllll things....chips?!- ary would undeniably laugh his head off if he reads this). Updated program calendar with M and off to Home and Made The Best bean noodle in cream sauce and crispy sausages. yummyy...( perasan nya puji masakan sendiri- oh requires confidence ...isn't it? - oh saratz...haha )

Even after dinner ...i am still Godsmacked smiling like some idiotic fool. ahahaha...well doesn't get around this type of good vibes often you see bloggie...after is the new year week, still, so whaddaheck.....cherish it sha ...while you still have it...ho ho...
My bicmate is finally moving out from my precious cubicle.  She will be re-located and there I am now ...thinking who is the best person to fit that throne next to moi...( did I tell you I get to pick the person who can "reside" next to me bloggie? oh yes ..) I know there will be many "unpleased" people with my act....but's my Kingdom, I have The Say.  Though, am gonna miss laughing and joking around with bic ..I have to bite this bullet.  after all, it's only 2 cubicle away from me...not like 90 kilometers like M said. (geez...thank u...)

dear bloggie...damn it still smiling! ha ha ha Life IS a Rollercoaster. Indeed. There's Ups and Downs.
In the meantime, I'd like to treasure this Feeling :)


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