Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good to be Back

The Reclining Buddha - I was tired of waiting for them to her butt has to be in this photo hehe..

Assalamualaikum bloggie.... has been a while isn't it bloggie.. Life has been excruciatingly busy and it seems like it won't stop. I miss writing here, dearly. I have not been able to keep in touch in any of my journals due to workload and programs of 2010. i did not even get the chance to visit my acquaintance's blogs too. seribu ampun dan maap ..for not keeping in touch.

oh well...Kem JatiDiri ...has drawn its curtain. and It was fun. I had fun with Guppy. Amazing, shy and exuberant kid. Those youngsters have a lot of potential in them. and I am juz glad ...eventhough I was not 100% there, but it's good to know what are my future students like. heh...

oh yeah ...Happy Chinese New Year 2010 to all. I almost forgot. I had fun dung dung cheng places and got to visit few places too. of course with my good friends. Actually I planned to go alone...but hey last minute change of plan...Let me check my PD ..if I have a copy of those trips.

This Fella is the so called...Guard of the Temple....the Story was Long....I shall ask Guppy to explain (if he remembers hahahaha)

This is actually on our 2nd day, before we sent our beloved Godson, Guppy back to his camp. A cakoi stall which was soooooooooooo Good.

Am tellin' ya...this drink..RAWKS. it didn't only Look Uber Good with the Crimson die-die Red-my-favorite..
It also tastes Awesome!

wofsha is no motorbike fan..but this Honda Scooter is to-die-for! so Sleek baby!

This Standing Buddha is Wickedly Tall and I juz Loveeeeeee the Stairs. Seriously. With the Breeze and serenity...I juz wanna grab someone to Love. hahahahha..cewahhh

The Sitting Buddha. Seriously, Uber-Grande.period.
and we were walking under his Tusch. -"Nice"

Guppy's Camp - Evening Riadah

The photos are as abundance..and will always be my personal collection of memories and good time with my friends and families. It's not a bad start of 2010 but am telling ya bloggie....this is the busiest year...thus far.

Look forward to bugginyapping here again, till then...
Muahs...Still Love You.

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A t i Q a h said...

Atiqah LIKES this entry. Haha. Paling rindu tengok anak dara dua orang tu lah. :D